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Date :Sat Jan 12 22:01:27 CET 2019
Database :PDB or NDB
Method :X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron or Electron or NMR or Other Experimental or Theoretical Model
Molecule Type:Nucleic Acid - all
Feature :

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  Molecule Type  Feature
 TotalProteinNucl. AcidProt. + Nucl. AcidOther Mod. ResidueLigand/IonPROSITE MotifSAP/VariantExonSCOP DomainCATH DomainPfam DomainOMIMAge Related
X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron81770205061270 189361492010738714230617061236943547
Electron4710304410 34247782918320144514
NMR1523012652580 21230913921531378868213
Other Experimental10100 0000000000
Total Experimental101720334668260 2139670522277887852475179413181009564
Theoretical Model159094650 36684614800081
Total103310344068910 2175677322738027932475179413181017565

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No.    Code           Method                     Mol.Type               Rel.Date   Header                                   
       PDB   NDB      Class                                                                                                 
    1  1C2W           Electron                   RNA                    10-APR-00  RIBOSOME                                 
    2  1C2X           Electron                   RNA                    10-APR-00  RIBOSOME                                 
    3  1EG0           Electron                   RNA,protein            06-MAR-00  RIBOSOME                                 
    4  1FCW           Electron                   RNA                    11-AUG-00  RIBOSOME                                 
    5  1FOQ           Electron                   RNA                    22-DEC-00  RNA                                      
    6  1LS2           Electron                   RNA,protein            26-JUN-02  TRANSLATION/RNA                          
    7  1LU3           Electron                   RNA                    26-JUN-02  RNA                                      
    8  1MJ1           Electron                   RNA,protein            01-NOV-02  RIBOSOME                                 
    9  1ML5           Electron                   RNA,protein            14-JAN-03  RIBOSOME                                 
   10  1MVR           Electron                   RNA,protein            01-APR-03  RIBOSOME                                 
   11  1PN7           Electron                   RNA,protein            15-JUL-03  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
   12  1PN8           Electron                   RNA,protein            15-JUL-03  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
   13  1QZA           Electron                   RNA                    04-NOV-03  RNA                                      
   14  1QZB           Electron                   RNA                    04-NOV-03  RNA                                      
   15  1QZC           Electron                   RNA,protein            04-NOV-03  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
   16  1R2W           Electron                   RNA,protein            04-NOV-03  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
   17  1R2X           Electron                   RNA,protein            04-NOV-03  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
   18  1RY1           Electron                   RNA,protein            20-APR-04  TRANSLATION                              
   19  1T1M           Electron                   RNA,protein            15-JUN-04  RIBOSOME                                 
   20  1T1O           Electron                   RNA                    15-JUN-04  RIBOSOME                                 
   21  1TRJ           Electron                   RNA,protein            28-SEP-04  SIGNALING PROTEIN                        
   22  1UON           Electron                   RNA,protein            13-NOV-03  POLYMERASE                               
   23  1X18           Electron                   RNA,protein            17-MAY-05  STRUCTURAL PROTEIN/RNA                   
   24  1X1L           Electron                   RNA,protein            17-MAY-05  STRUCTURAL PROTEIN/RNA                   
   25  1YSH           Electron                   RNA,protein            05-JUL-05  STRUCTURAL PROTEIN/RNA                   
   26  1ZC8           Electron                   RNA,protein            19-APR-05  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
   27  1ZN0           Electron                   RNA,protein            14-JUN-05  TRANSLATION/BIOSYNTHETIC PROTEIN/RNA     
   28  1ZN1           Electron                   RNA,protein            14-JUN-05  BIOSYNTHETIC/STRUCTURAL PROTEIN/RNA      
   29  1ZO1           Electron                   RNA,protein            14-JUN-05  TRANSLATION/RNA                          
   30  1ZO3           Electron                   RNA                    14-JUN-05  RNA                                      
   31  2AGN           Electron                   DNA,RNA                25-JUL-06  RNA                                      
   32  2FTC           Electron                   RNA,protein            11-APR-06  RIBOSOME                                 
   33  2GO5           Electron                   RNA,protein            13-JUN-06  TRANSLATION/RNA                          
   34  2IY3           Electron                   RNA,protein            02-NOV-06  RNA-BINDING                              
   35  2J28           Electron                   RNA,protein            08-NOV-06  RIBOSOME                                 
   36  2J37           Electron                   RNA,protein            08-NOV-06  RIBOSOME                                 
   37  2NOQ           Electron                   RNA,protein            21-NOV-06  RIBOSOME                                 
   38  2OB7           Electron                   RNA,protein            23-JAN-07  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
   39  2OM3           Electron                   RNA,protein            16-OCT-07  VIRUS                                    
   40  2OM7           Electron                   RNA,protein            15-JAN-08  RIBOSOME                                 
   41  2R1G           Electron                   RNA,protein            18-MAR-08  RIBOSOMAL PROTEIN/RNA                    
   42  2RDO           Electron                   RNA,protein            04-MAR-08  RIBOSOME                                 
   43  2VAZ           Electron                   RNA,protein            02-OCT-07  TRANSLATION                              
   44  2WW9           Electron                   RNA,protein            08-DEC-09  RIBOSOME                                 
   45  2WWA           Electron                   RNA,protein            08-DEC-09  RIBOSOME                                 
   46  2WWB           Electron                   RNA,protein            08-DEC-09  RIBOSOME                                 
   47  2WYY           Electron                   RNA,protein            16-FEB-10  VIRUS                                    
   48  2X7N           Electron                   RNA,protein            31-MAR-10  RIBOSOMAL PROTEIN/RNA                    
   49  2XEA           Electron                   RNA,protein            30-JUN-10  VIRUS                                    
   50  2XKV           Electron                   RNA,protein            15-DEC-10  PROTEIN TRANSPORT                        
   51  2Y7H           Electron                   DNA,protein            09-FEB-11  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
   52  2YKR           Electron                   RNA,protein            24-AUG-11  RIBOSOME/HYDROLASE                       
   53  2Z9Q           Electron                   RNA                    16-OCT-07  RNA                                      
   54  3BBV           Electron                   RNA                    21-OCT-08  RIBOSOME                                 
   55  3BBX           Electron                   RNA,protein            21-OCT-08  RIBOSOME                                 
   56  3BO0           Electron                   RNA,protein            09-DEC-08  RIBOSOME                                 
   57  3BO1           Electron                   RNA,protein            09-DEC-08  RIBOSOME                                 
   58  3DEG           Electron                   RNA,protein            19-AUG-08  RIBOSOME                                 
   59  3DG0           Electron                   RNA                    03-FEB-09  RIBOSOME                                 
   60  3DG2           Electron                   RNA                    03-FEB-09  RIBOSOME                                 
   61  3DG4           Electron                   RNA                    03-FEB-09  RIBOSOME                                 
   62  3DG5           Electron                   RNA                    03-FEB-09  RIBOSOME                                 
   63  3DKN           Electron                   RNA,protein            19-AUG-08  PROTEIN TRANSPORT/RNA                    
   64  3EP2           Electron                   RNA,protein            16-DEC-08  RIBOSOMAL PROTEIN/RNA                    
   65  3EQ3           Electron                   RNA,protein            16-DEC-08  RIBOSOMAL PROTEIN/RNA                    
   66  3EQ4           Electron                   RNA,protein            16-DEC-08  RIBOSOMAL PROTEIN/RNA                    
   67  3IY8           Electron                   RNA,protein            07-JUL-09  RIBOSOME                                 
   68  3IY9           Electron                   RNA,protein            07-JUL-09  RIBOSOME                                 
   69  3IYD           Electron                   DNA,protein            10-NOV-09  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
   70  3IYQ           Electron                   RNA,protein            20-OCT-10  RIBOSOMAL PROTEIN/RNA                    
   71  3IYR           Electron                   RNA,protein            20-OCT-10  RIBOSOMAL PROTEIN/RNA                    
   72  3IZ4           Electron                   RNA,protein            20-OCT-10  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
   73  3IZD           Electron                   DNA,RNA                01-DEC-10  RIBOSOME                                 
   74  3IZY           Electron                   RNA,protein            23-MAR-11  RNA, RIBOSOMAL PROTEIN                   
   75  3IZZ           Electron                   RNA,protein            30-MAR-11  RNA, RIBOSOMAL PROTEIN                   
   76  3J06           Electron                   RNA,protein            01-JUN-11  VIRUS                                    
   77  3J0D           Electron                   DNA,RNA,protein        25-APR-12  TRANSLATION                              
   78  3J0E           Electron                   RNA,protein            25-APR-12  TRANSLATION                              
   79  3J0L           Electron                   RNA,protein            16-NOV-11  RIBOSOME                                 
   80  3J0O           Electron                   RNA,protein            16-NOV-11  RIBOSOME                                 
   81  3J0P           Electron                   RNA,protein            16-NOV-11  RIBOSOME                                 
   82  3J0Q           Electron                   RNA,protein            16-NOV-11  RIBOSOME                                 
   83  3J16           Electron                   RNA,protein            22-FEB-12  RIBOSOME                                 
   84  3J28           Electron                   RNA                    16-JAN-13  RIBOSOME                                 
   85  3J29           Electron                   RNA                    16-JAN-13  RIBOSOME                                 
   86  3J2A           Electron                   RNA                    16-JAN-13  RIBOSOME                                 
   87  3J2B           Electron                   RNA                    16-JAN-13  RIBOSOME                                 
   88  3J2C           Electron                   RNA                    16-JAN-13  RIBOSOME                                 
   89  3J2D           Electron                   RNA                    16-JAN-13  RIBOSOME                                 
   90  3J2E           Electron                   RNA                    16-JAN-13  RIBOSOME                                 
   91  3J2F           Electron                   RNA                    16-JAN-13  RIBOSOME                                 
   92  3J2G           Electron                   RNA                    16-JAN-13  RIBOSOME                                 
   93  3J2H           Electron                   RNA                    16-JAN-13  RIBOSOME                                 
   94  3J3V           Electron                   RNA,protein            12-JUN-13  RIBOSOME                                 
   95  3J3W           Electron                   RNA,protein            12-JUN-13  RIBOSOME                                 
   96  3J45           Electron                   RNA,protein            23-OCT-13  RIBOSOME/PROTEIN TRANSPORT               
   97  3J46           Electron                   RNA,protein            23-OCT-13  RIBOSOME/PROTEIN TRANSPORT               
   98  3J5L           Electron                   RNA,protein            26-MAR-14  RIBOSOME/ANTIBIOTIC                      
   99  3J5S           Electron                   RNA,protein            08-JAN-14  RIBOSOME/TRANSLATION                     
  100  3J5Y           Electron                   RNA,protein            25-DEC-13  TRANSLATION/RNA                          
  101  3J7A           Electron                   RNA,protein            16-JUL-14  RIBOSOME/INHIBITOR                       
  102  3J7Y           Electron                   RNA,protein            15-OCT-14  RIBOSOME                                 
  103  3J7Z           Electron                   RNA,protein            22-OCT-14  RIBOSOME/ANTIBIOTIC                      
  104  3J80           Electron                   RNA,protein            05-NOV-14  RIBOSOME                                 
  105  3J81           Electron                   RNA,protein            05-NOV-14  RIBOSOME                                 
  106  3J8G           Electron                   RNA,protein            26-NOV-14  RIBOSOME                                 
  107  3J9B           Electron                   RNA,protein            18-FEB-15  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/TRANSFERASE/RNA      
  108  3J9X           Electron                   DNA,protein            03-JUN-15  VIRUS                                    
  109  3JAA           Electron                   DNA,protein            23-DEC-15  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
  110  3JAM           Electron                   RNA,protein            12-AUG-15  TRANSLATION                              
  111  3JAP           Electron                   RNA,protein            12-AUG-15  TRANSLATION                              
  112  3JAQ           Electron                   RNA,protein            12-AUG-15  TRANSLATION                              
  113  3JB7           Electron                   RNA,protein            28-OCT-15  TRANSFERASE/VIRAL PROTEIN/RNA            
  114  3JB9           Electron                   RNA,protein            23-SEP-15  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
  115  3JBW           Electron                   DNA,protein            09-DEC-15  RECOMBINATION/DNA                        
  116  3JBX           Electron                   DNA,protein            09-DEC-15  RECOMBINATION/DNA                        
  117  3JBY           Electron                   DNA,protein            09-DEC-15  RECOMBINATION/DNA                        
  118  3JCA           Electron                   DNA,protein            17-FEB-16  VIRAL PROTEIN                            
  119  3JCM           Electron                   DNA,RNA,protein        24-FEB-16  TRANSCRIPTION                            
  120  3JCR           Electron                   RNA,protein            09-MAR-16  SPLICING                                 
  121  3JD5           Electron                   RNA,protein            13-JUL-16  RIBOSOME                                 
  122  3ZN8           Electron                   RNA,protein            06-MAR-13  PROTEIN TRANSPORT                        
  123  4A2I           Electron                   RNA,protein            02-NOV-11  RIBOSOME/HYDROLASE                       
  124  4ADV           Electron                   RNA,protein            15-FEB-12  TRANSLATION                              
  125  4ADX           Electron                   RNA,protein            08-FEB-12  RIBOSOME                                 
  126  4BBL           Electron                   RNA,protein            05-DEC-12  NUCLEAR PROTEIN                          
  127  4BKK           Electron                   RNA,protein            30-OCT-13  VIRAL PROTEIN/RNA                        
  128  4C3G           Electron                   DNA,protein            11-SEP-13  HYDROLASE                                
  129  4C4Q           Electron                   RNA                    30-OCT-13  RNA                                      
  130  4CE4           Electron                   RNA,protein            18-DEC-13  RIBOSOME                                 
  131  4CSU           Electron                   RNA,protein            04-JUN-14  RIBOSOME                                 
  132  4CXG           Electron                   RNA,protein            16-JUL-14  TRANSLATION                              
  133  4CXH           Electron                   RNA,protein            16-JUL-14  TRANSLATION                              
  134  4D5L           Electron                   RNA,protein            04-FEB-15  RIBOSOME                                 
  135  4D5N           Electron                   RNA,protein            04-FEB-15  RIBOSOME/RNA                             
  136  4D61           Electron                   RNA,protein            04-MAR-15  RIBOSOME                                 
  137  4UDV           Electron                   RNA,protein            31-DEC-14  VIRAL PROTEIN                            
  138  4UE4           Electron                   RNA,protein            09-SEP-15  TRANSLATION                              
  139  4UE5           Electron                   RNA,protein            09-SEP-15  TRANSLATION                              
  140  4UER           Electron                   RNA,protein            11-FEB-15  TRANSLATION                              
  141  4UFT           Electron                   RNA,protein            29-APR-15  RNA BINDING PROTEIN                      
  142  4UMM           Electron                   DNA,protein            25-JUN-14  NUCLEAR RECEPTOR                         
  143  4UY8           Electron                   RNA,protein            29-OCT-14  RIBOSOME                                 
  144  4V19           Electron                   RNA,other,protein      08-OCT-14  RIBOSOME                                 
  145  4V1M           Electron                   DNA,RNA,protein        04-FEB-15  TRANSCRIPTION                            
  146  4V1N           Electron                   DNA,RNA,protein        04-FEB-15  TRANSCRIPTION                            
  147  4V1O           Electron                   DNA,RNA,protein        04-FEB-15  TRANSCRIPTION                            
  148  5A2Q           Electron                   RNA,protein            15-JUL-15  RIBOSOME                                 
  149  5A2T           Electron                   RNA,protein            22-JUL-15  VIRAL PROTEIN                            
  150  5A79           Electron                   RNA,protein            02-SEP-15  VIRUS                                    
  151  5A7A           Electron                   RNA,protein            02-SEP-15  VIRUS                                    
  152  5A8L           Electron                   RNA,protein            02-DEC-15  TRANSLATION                              
  153  5ADY           Electron                   RNA,protein            14-OCT-15  RIBOSOME                                 
  154  5AJ3           Electron                   RNA,other,protein      22-APR-15  RIBOSOME                                 
  155  5AKA           Electron                   RNA,protein            25-MAR-15  RIBOSOME                                 
  156  5AN9           Electron                   RNA,protein            21-OCT-15  TRANSLATION                              
  157  5ANB           Electron                   RNA,protein            21-OCT-15  TRANSLATION                              
  158  5ANC           Electron                   RNA,protein            21-OCT-15  TRANSLATION                              
  159  5BK4           Electron                   DNA,protein            25-OCT-17  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
  160  5FJ8           Electron                   DNA,RNA,protein        25-NOV-15  TRANSCRIPTION                            
  161  5FKV           Electron                   DNA,protein            25-NOV-15  TRANSFERASE                              
  162  5FKW           Electron                   DNA,protein            25-NOV-15  TRANSFERASE                              
  163  5FLM           Electron                   DNA,RNA,protein        20-JAN-16  TRANSCRIPTION                            
  164  5FLX           Electron                   RNA,protein            23-DEC-15  RIBOSOME                                 
  165  5FMF           Electron                   DNA,protein            25-NOV-15  TRANSCRIPTION                            
  166  5FN1           Electron                   RNA,protein            30-DEC-15  VIRUS                                    
  167  5FUR           Electron                   DNA,protein            06-APR-16  TRANSCRIPTION                            
  168  5FYW           Electron                   DNA,protein            18-MAY-16  TRANSCRIPTION                            
  169  5FZ5           Electron                   DNA,protein            18-MAY-16  TRANSCRIPTION                            
  170  5G2X           Electron                   RNA,protein            11-MAY-16  TRANSFERASE                              
  171  5G2Y           Electron                   RNA                    04-MAY-16  TRANSFERASE                              
  172  5GAD           Electron                   RNA,protein            27-JAN-16  RIBOSOME                                 
  173  5GAE           Electron                   RNA,protein            27-JAN-16  RIBOSOME                                 
  174  5GAF           Electron                   RNA,protein            03-FEB-16  RIBOSOME                                 
  175  5GAG           Electron                   RNA,protein            27-JAN-16  RIBOSOME                                 
  176  5GAH           Electron                   RNA,protein            27-JAN-16  RIBOSOME                                 
  177  5GAM           Electron                   RNA,protein            03-FEB-16  TRANSCRIPTION                            
  178  5GAN           Electron                   RNA,protein            27-JAN-16  TRANSCRIPTION                            
  179  5GAO           Electron                   RNA,protein            27-JAN-16  TRANSCRIPTION                            
  180  5GAP           Electron                   RNA,protein            27-JAN-16  TRANSCRIPTION                            
  181  5GMK           Electron                   RNA,protein            17-AUG-16  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
  182  5H0R           Electron                   RNA,protein            25-JAN-17  TRANSFERASE/RNA                          
  183  5H1B           Electron                   DNA,protein            21-DEC-16  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
  184  5H1C           Electron                   DNA,protein            21-DEC-16  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
  185  5H1S           Electron                   RNA,protein            01-FEB-17  RIBOSOME                                 
  186  5IT9           Electron                   DNA,RNA,protein        18-MAY-16  RIBOSOME                                 
  187  5IVW           Electron                   DNA,protein            18-MAY-16  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
  188  5IY6           Electron                   DNA,protein            18-MAY-16  TRANSCRIPTION, TRANSFERASE/DNA           
  189  5IY7           Electron                   DNA,protein            18-MAY-16  TRANSCRIPTION, TRANSFERASE/DNA           
  190  5IY8           Electron                   DNA,protein            18-MAY-16  TRANSCRIPTION, TRANSFERASE/DNA           
  191  5IY9           Electron                   DNA,RNA,protein        18-MAY-16  TRANSCRIPTION, TRANSFERASE/DNA/RNA       
  192  5IYA           Electron                   DNA,protein            18-MAY-16  TRANSCRIPTION, TRANSFERASE/DNA           
  193  5IYB           Electron                   DNA,protein            18-MAY-16  TRANSCRIPTION, TRANSFERASE/DNA           
  194  5IYC           Electron                   DNA,protein            18-MAY-16  TRANSCRIPTION, TRANSFERASE/DNA           
  195  5IYD           Electron                   DNA,RNA,protein        18-MAY-16  TRANSCRIPTION, TRANSFERASE/DNA/RNA       
  196  5J0N           Electron                   DNA,protein            08-FEB-17  TRANSFERASE, HYDROLASE/DNA               
  197  5JB3           Electron                   RNA,protein            30-NOV-16  TRANSLATION                              
  198  5JBH           Electron                   RNA,protein            07-DEC-16  TRANSCRIPTION                            
  199  5JPQ           Electron                   RNA,protein            27-JUL-16  RIBOSOME                                 
  200  5K0Y           Electron                   RNA,protein            13-JUL-16  TRANSLATION                              
  201  5KGF           Electron                   DNA,protein            27-JUL-16  STRUCTURAL PROTEIN/DNA                   
  202  5LD2           Electron                   DNA,protein            05-OCT-16  HYDROLASE                                
  203  5LJ3           Electron                   RNA,protein            03-AUG-16  SPLICING                                 
  204  5LJ5           Electron                   RNA,protein            31-AUG-16  SPLICING                                 
  205  5LL6           Electron                   RNA,protein            12-APR-17  RIBOSOME                                 
  206  5LMN           Electron                   RNA,protein            05-OCT-16  RIBOSOME                                 
  207  5LMO           Electron                   RNA,protein            05-OCT-16  RIBOSOME                                 
  208  5LMP           Electron                   RNA,protein            05-OCT-16  RIBOSOME                                 
  209  5LMQ           Electron                   RNA,protein            05-OCT-16  RIBOSOME                                 
  210  5LMR           Electron                   RNA,protein            05-OCT-16  RIBOSOME                                 
  211  5LMS           Electron                   RNA,protein            05-OCT-16  RIBOSOME                                 
  212  5LMT           Electron                   RNA,protein            05-OCT-16  RIBOSOME                                 
  213  5LMU           Electron                   RNA,protein            05-OCT-16  RIBOSOME                                 
  214  5LMV           Electron                   RNA,protein            05-OCT-16  RIBOSOME                                 
  215  5LQW           Electron                   RNA,protein            05-OCT-16  SPLICING                                 
  216  5M0Q           Electron                   DNA,protein            18-JAN-17  VIRAL PROTEIN                            
  217  5M0R           Electron                   DNA,protein            18-JAN-17  HYDROLASE                                
  218  5M1S           Electron                   DNA,protein            18-JAN-17  DNA BINDING PROTEIN                      
  219  5M3F           Electron                   DNA,RNA,protein        23-NOV-16  TRANSCRIPTION                            
  220  5M5W           Electron                   DNA,protein            07-DEC-16  TRANSCRIPTION                            
  221  5M5X           Electron                   DNA,RNA,protein        21-DEC-16  TRANSCRIPTION                            
  222  5M5Y           Electron                   DNA,RNA,protein        21-DEC-16  TRANSCRIPTION                            
  223  5M64           Electron                   DNA,RNA,protein        21-DEC-16  TRANSCRIPTION                            
  224  5ME0           Electron                   RNA,protein            11-JAN-17  RIBOSOME                                 
  225  5ME1           Electron                   RNA,protein            11-JAN-17  RIBOSOME                                 
  226  5MLC           Electron                   RNA,protein            28-DEC-16  RIBOSOME                                 
  227  5MMI           Electron                   RNA,protein            11-JAN-17  RIBOSOME                                 
  228  5MMJ           Electron                   RNA,protein            11-JAN-17  RIBOSOME                                 
  229  5MPS           Electron                   RNA,protein            18-JAN-17  SPLICING                                 
  230  5MQ0           Electron                   RNA,protein            18-JAN-17  SPLICING                                 
  231  5MQF           Electron                   RNA,protein            22-MAR-17  SPLICING                                 
  232  5MS0           Electron                   DNA,RNA,protein        03-MAY-17  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA/RNA                    
  233  5MY1           Electron                   RNA,protein            26-APR-17  RIBOSOME                                 
  234  5N61           Electron                   DNA,RNA,protein        05-APR-17  TRANSFERASE                              
  235  5N8O           Electron                   DNA,protein            03-MAY-17  TRANSFERASE                              
  236  5NO2           Electron                   RNA,protein            24-MAY-17  RIBOSOME                                 
  237  5NO3           Electron                   RNA,protein            31-MAY-17  RIBOSOME                                 
  238  5NO4           Electron                   RNA,protein            31-MAY-17  RIBOSOME                                 
  239  5NSR           Electron                   DNA,protein            28-JUN-17  TRANSCRIPTION                            
  240  5NSS           Electron                   DNA,protein            28-JUN-17  TRANSCRIPTION                            
  241  5O5J           Electron                   RNA,protein            12-JUL-17  RIBOSOME                                 
  242  5O60           Electron                   RNA,protein            12-JUL-17  RIBOSOME                                 
  243  5O9G           Electron                   DNA,protein            11-OCT-17  DNA BINDING PROTEIN                      
  244  5O9Z           Electron                   RNA,protein            16-AUG-17  SPLICING                                 
  245  5OA1           Electron                   DNA,protein            26-JUL-17  TRANSCRIPTION                            
  246  5OA3           Electron                   RNA,protein            09-AUG-17  TRANSLATION                              
  247  5ODV           Electron                   RNA,protein            27-SEP-17  VIRUS                                    
  248  5OIK           Electron                   DNA,RNA,protein        13-SEP-17  TRANSCRIPTION                            
  249  5OOL           Electron                   RNA,protein            13-SEP-17  RIBOSOME                                 
  250  5OOM           Electron                   RNA,protein            13-SEP-17  RIBOSOME                                 
  251  5OPT           Electron                   RNA,protein            15-NOV-17  RIBOSOME                                 
  252  5OQJ           Electron                   DNA,protein            25-APR-18  TRANSCRIPTION                            
  253  5OQM           Electron                   DNA,protein            09-MAY-18  TRANSCRIPTION                            
  254  5OSG           Electron                   RNA,protein            15-NOV-17  RIBOSOME                                 
  255  5SVA           Electron                   DNA,protein            28-SEP-16  TRANSCRIPTION, TRANSFERASE/DNA           
  256  5TC1           Electron                   RNA,protein            07-DEC-16  VIRAL PROTEIN/RNA                        
  257  5TZS           Electron                   RNA,protein            21-DEC-16  TRANSLATION                              
  258  5U07           Electron                   DNA,RNA,protein        09-AUG-17  IMMUNE SYSTEM                            
  259  5U0A           Electron                   DNA,RNA,protein        09-AUG-17  IMMUNE SYSTEM                            
  260  5U1C           Electron                   DNA,protein            11-JAN-17  VIRAL PROTEIN                            
  261  5U4J           Electron                   RNA,protein            11-JAN-17  RIBOSOME                                 
  262  5U8S           Electron                   DNA,protein            25-JAN-17  REPLICATION                              
  263  5U8T           Electron                   DNA,protein            08-FEB-17  REPLICATION                              
  264  5UDB           Electron                   DNA,protein            22-FEB-17  REPLICATION                              
  265  5UZ4           Electron                   RNA,protein            19-APR-17  RIBOSOME/HYDROLASE                       
  266  5UZ5           Electron                   RNA,protein            15-NOV-17  NUCLEAR PROTEIN/RNA                      
  267  5UZ9           Electron                   RNA,protein            26-APR-17  IMMUNE SYSTEM/RNA                        
  268  5V7Q           Electron                   RNA,protein            20-SEP-17  RIBOSOME                                 
  269  5V8F           Electron                   DNA,protein            10-MAY-17  REPLICATION                              
  270  5VT0           Electron                   RNA,protein            01-NOV-17  TRANSCRIPTION/RNA                        
  271  5VVR           Electron                   DNA,RNA,protein        22-NOV-17  TRANSCRIPTION/RNA/DNA                    
  272  5VVS           Electron                   DNA,RNA,protein        22-NOV-17  TRANSCRIPTION/RNA/DNA                    
  273  5VZL           Electron                   RNA,protein            26-JUL-17                                           
  274  5W5Y           Electron                   DNA,RNA,protein        26-JUL-17  TRANSCRIPTION                            
  275  5W64           Electron                   DNA,RNA,protein        26-JUL-17  TRANSCRIPTION                            
  276  5W65           Electron                   DNA,RNA,protein        02-AUG-17  TRANSCRIPTION                            
  277  5W66           Electron                   DNA,RNA,protein        26-JUL-17  TRANSCRIPTION                            
  278  5W7G           Electron                   DNA,protein            19-JUL-17  VIRUS                                    
  279  5WFE           Electron                   DNA,protein            02-AUG-17  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
  280  5WSG           Electron                   DNA,RNA,protein        25-JAN-17  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
  281  5X0X           Electron                   DNA,protein            19-APR-17  STRUCTURAL PROTEIN/HYDROLASE/DNA         
  282  5X0Y           Electron                   DNA,protein            19-APR-17  STRUCTURAL PROTEIN/HYDROLASE/DNA         
  283  5X8R           Electron                   RNA,protein            07-JUN-17  RIBOSOME                                 
  284  5X8T           Electron                   RNA,protein            07-JUN-17  RIBOSOME                                 
  285  5XLO           Electron                   RNA,protein            10-JAN-18  IMMUNE SYSTEM/RNA                        
  286  5XLP           Electron                   RNA,protein            10-JAN-18  IMMUNE SYSTEM/RNA                        
  287  5XON           Electron                   DNA,RNA,protein        16-AUG-17  TRANSCRIPTION/RNA                        
  288  5XWY           Electron                   RNA,protein            13-SEP-17  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
  289  5XXU           Electron                   RNA,protein            30-AUG-17  RIBOSOME                                 
  290  5XYI           Electron                   RNA,protein            30-AUG-17  RIBOSOME                                 
  291  5XYM           Electron                   RNA,protein            27-SEP-17  RIBOSOME                                 
  292  5XYU           Electron                   RNA,protein            27-SEP-17  RIBOSOME                                 
  293  5Y36           Electron                   DNA,RNA,protein        06-DEC-17  HYDROLASE/RNA/DNA                        
  294  5Y3R           Electron                   DNA,protein            06-SEP-17  DNA BINDING PROTEIN                      
  295  5Y88           Electron                   RNA,protein            01-AUG-18  SPLICING                                 
  296  5YLZ           Electron                   RNA,protein            18-JUL-18  SPLICING                                 
  297  5Z3G           Electron                   RNA,protein            11-APR-18  RIBOSOME                                 
  298  5Z58           Electron                   RNA,protein            19-SEP-18  SPLICING                                 
  299  5Z9W           Electron                   RNA,protein            24-OCT-18  VIRAL PROTEIN                            
  300  5ZAL           Electron                   RNA,protein            09-MAY-18  HYDROLASE/PROTEIN BINDING/RNA            
  301  5ZAM           Electron                   RNA,protein            09-MAY-18  HYDROLASE/PROTEIN BINDING/RNA            
  302  5ZET           Electron                   RNA,protein            26-SEP-18  RIBOSOME                                 
  303  5ZEU           Electron                   RNA,protein            26-SEP-18  RIBOSOME                                 
  304  5ZEY           Electron                   RNA,protein            26-SEP-18  RIBOSOME                                 
  305  5ZR1           Electron                   DNA,protein            11-JUL-18  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
  306  5ZWN           Electron                   RNA,protein            29-AUG-18  SPLICING                                 
  307  5ZWO           Electron                   RNA,protein            29-AUG-18  SPLICING                                 
  308  5ZZM           Electron                   RNA,protein            27-JUN-18  RIBOSOME                                 
  309  6A5L           Electron                   DNA,RNA,protein        03-OCT-18  TRANSCRIPTION/RNA/DNA                    
  310  6A5O           Electron                   DNA,RNA,protein        03-OCT-18  TRANSCRIPTION/RNA/DNA                    
  311  6A5P           Electron                   DNA,RNA,protein        03-OCT-18  TRANSCRIPTION/RNA/DNA                    
  312  6A5R           Electron                   DNA,RNA,protein        03-OCT-18  TRANSCRIPTION/RNA/DNA                    
  313  6A5T           Electron                   DNA,RNA,protein        03-OCT-18  TRANSCRIPTION/RNA/DNA                    
  314  6A5U           Electron                   DNA,RNA,protein        03-OCT-18  TRANSCRIPTION/RNA/DNA                    
  315  6A5V           Electron                   DNA,RNA,protein        03-OCT-18  TRANSCRIPTION/RNA/DNA                    
  316  6AGB           Electron                   RNA,protein            17-OCT-18  HYDROLASE/RNA                            
  317  6AH0           Electron                   RNA,protein            14-NOV-18  SPLICING                                 
  318  6AH3           Electron                   RNA,protein            17-OCT-18  HYDROLASE/RNA                            
  319  6AHR           Electron                   RNA,protein            05-DEC-18  HYDROLASE/RNA                            
  320  6AHU           Electron                   RNA,protein            05-DEC-18  HYDROLASE/RNA                            
  321  6ALF           Electron                   DNA,RNA,protein        16-AUG-17  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA/RNA                    
  322  6ALG           Electron                   DNA,RNA,protein        16-AUG-17  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA/RNA                    
  323  6ALH           Electron                   DNA,RNA,protein        16-AUG-17  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA/RNA                    
  324  6ASX           Electron                   DNA,RNA,protein        28-MAR-18  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA/RNA                    
  325  6AZ1           Electron                   RNA,protein            06-DEC-17  RIBOSOME/ANTIBIOTIC                      
  326  6B19           Electron                   DNA,RNA,protein        25-APR-18  VIRAL PROTEIN/RNA                        
  327  6B44           Electron                   DNA,RNA,protein        18-OCT-17  IMMUNE SYSTEM/RNA/DNA                    
  328  6B45           Electron                   RNA,protein            18-OCT-17  IMMUNE SYSTEM / RNA                      
  329  6B46           Electron                   RNA,protein            18-OCT-17  IMMUNE SYSTEM/HYDROLASE/RNA              
  330  6B47           Electron                   RNA,protein            18-OCT-17  IMMUNE SYSTEM / RNA                      
  331  6B48           Electron                   RNA,protein            18-OCT-17  IMMUNE SYSTEM / RNA                      
  332  6B6H           Electron                   DNA,RNA,protein        15-NOV-17  TRANSCRIPTION/TRANSFERASE/DNA/RNA        
  333  6BG9           Electron                   RNA                    21-FEB-18  RNA                                      
  334  6BJS           Electron                   DNA,RNA,protein        28-MAR-18  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA/RNA                    
  335  6BK8           Electron                   RNA,protein            21-FEB-18  RNA BINDING PROTEIN                      
  336  6BU9           Electron                   RNA,protein            27-DEC-17  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
  337  6BUZ           Electron                   DNA,protein            20-DEC-17  STRUCTURAL PROTEIN/DNA                   
  338  6BZO           Electron                   DNA,protein            28-MAR-18  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA/ANTIBIOTIC             
  339  6C04           Electron                   DNA,protein            28-MAR-18  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
  340  6C0F           Electron                   RNA,protein            14-MAR-18  RIBOSOME                                 
  341  6C0W           Electron                   DNA,protein            17-JAN-18  STRUCTURAL PROTEIN/DNA                   
  342  6C4H           Electron                   RNA,protein            21-FEB-18  RIBOSOMAL PROTEIN/RNA                    
  343  6C66           Electron                   DNA,RNA,protein        27-JUN-18  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA/RNA              
  344  6C6S           Electron                   DNA,RNA,protein        25-JUL-18  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA/RNA                    
  345  6C6T           Electron                   DNA,RNA,protein        25-JUL-18  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA/RNA                    
  346  6C6U           Electron                   DNA,RNA,protein        25-JUL-18  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA/RNA                    
  347  6CA0           Electron                   DNA,protein            28-FEB-18  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
  348  6CB1           Electron                   RNA,protein            14-MAR-18  RIBOSOME                                 
  349  6CG0           Electron                   DNA,protein            25-APR-18  RECOMBINATION                            
  350  6CIJ           Electron                   DNA,protein            25-APR-18  RECOMBINATION/DNA                        
  351  6CNB           Electron                   DNA,protein            22-AUG-18  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
  352  6CNC           Electron                   DNA,protein            22-AUG-18  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
  353  6CND           Electron                   DNA,protein            22-AUG-18  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
  354  6CNF           Electron                   DNA,protein            22-AUG-18  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
  355  6D5F           Electron                   DNA,protein            29-AUG-18  VIRUS                                    
  356  6D6Q           Electron                   DNA,RNA,protein        20-JUN-18  HYDROLASE                                
  357  6D6R           Electron                   DNA,RNA,protein        20-JUN-18  HYDROLASE                                
  358  6D6V           Electron                   DNA,RNA,protein        30-MAY-18  REPLICATION                              
  359  6DBI           Electron                   DNA,protein            01-AUG-18  RECOMBINATION/DNA                        
  360  6DBJ           Electron                   DNA,protein            01-AUG-18  RECOMBINATION/DNA                        
  361  6DBL           Electron                   DNA,protein            01-AUG-18  RECOMBINATION/DNA                        
  362  6DBO           Electron                   DNA,protein            01-AUG-18  RECOMBINATION/DNA                        
  363  6DBQ           Electron                   DNA,protein            01-AUG-18  RECOMBINATION/DNA                        
  364  6DBR           Electron                   DNA,protein            01-AUG-18  RECOMBINATION/DNA                        
  365  6DBT           Electron                   DNA,protein            01-AUG-18  RECOMBINATION/DNA                        
  366  6DBU           Electron                   DNA,protein            01-AUG-18  RECOMBINATION/DNA                        
  367  6DBV           Electron                   DNA,protein            01-AUG-18  RECOMBINATION/DNA                        
  368  6DBW           Electron                   DNA,protein            01-AUG-18  RECOMBINATION/DNA                        
  369  6DBX           Electron                   DNA,protein            01-AUG-18  RECOMBINATION/DNA                        
  370  6DNH           Electron                   RNA,protein            27-JUN-18  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
  371  6DZK           Electron                   RNA,protein            19-SEP-18  RIBOSOME                                 
  372  6DZP           Electron                   RNA,protein            03-OCT-18  RIBOSOME                                 
  373  6E9E           Electron                   RNA,protein            03-OCT-18  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
  374  6E9F           Electron                   RNA,protein            03-OCT-18  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
  375  6EDT           Electron                   DNA,protein            21-NOV-18  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
  376  6EE8           Electron                   DNA,protein            21-NOV-18  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
  377  6EEC           Electron                   DNA,protein            21-NOV-18  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
  378  6EM3           Electron                   RNA,protein            27-DEC-17  RIBOSOME                                 
  379  6EM4           Electron                   RNA,protein            27-DEC-17  RIBOSOME                                 
  380  6EM5           Electron                   RNA,protein            27-DEC-17  RIBOSOME                                 
  381  6EML           Electron                   RNA,protein            29-NOV-17  RIBOSOME                                 
  382  6ESF           Electron                   DNA,protein            20-DEC-17  GENE REGULATION                          
  383  6ESG           Electron                   DNA,protein            20-DEC-17  GENE REGULATION                          
  384  6ESH           Electron                   DNA,protein            20-DEC-17  GENE REGULATION                          
  385  6ESI           Electron                   DNA,protein            20-DEC-17  GENE REGULATION                          
  386  6EU0           Electron                   DNA,protein            17-JAN-18  TRANSCRIPTION                            
  387  6EU1           Electron                   DNA,protein            17-JAN-18  TRANSCRIPTION                            
  388  6EXN           Electron                   DNA,RNA,protein        17-JAN-18  SPLICING                                 
  389  6EXV           Electron                   DNA,RNA,protein        21-MAR-18  TRANSCRIPTION                            
  390  6F0L           Electron                   DNA,protein            06-DEC-17  HYDROLASE                                
  391  6F2S           Electron                   DNA,protein            27-JUN-18  VIRUS                                    
  392  6F40           Electron                   DNA,protein            17-JAN-18  TRANSCRIPTION                            
  393  6F41           Electron                   DNA,RNA,protein        17-JAN-18  TRANSCRIPTION                            
  394  6F42           Electron                   DNA,protein            17-JAN-18  TRANSCRIPTION                            
  395  6F44           Electron                   DNA,protein            17-JAN-18  TRANSCRIPTION                            
  396  6F5O           Electron                   RNA,protein            27-JUN-18  VIRAL PROTEIN                            
  397  6FAI           Electron                   RNA,protein            28-FEB-18  RIBOSOME                                 
  398  6FBS           Electron                   RNA,protein            31-JAN-18  RNA BINDING PROTEIN                      
  399  6FF4           Electron                   RNA,protein            29-AUG-18  SPLICING                                 
  400  6FLP           Electron                   DNA,RNA,protein        07-MAR-18  TRANSCRIPTION                            
  401  6FLQ           Electron                   DNA,RNA,protein        21-MAR-18  TRANSCRIPTION                            
  402  6FML           Electron                   DNA,protein            25-APR-18  DNA BINDING PROTEIN                      
  403  6FQ5           Electron                   DNA,protein            18-APR-18  GENE REGULATION                          
  404  6FQ6           Electron                   DNA,protein            18-APR-18  GENE REGULATION                          
  405  6FQ8           Electron                   DNA,protein            18-APR-18  GENE REGULATION                          
  406  6FTX           Electron                   DNA,protein            08-AUG-18  MOTOR PROTEIN                            
  407  6FUW           Electron                   RNA,protein            21-MAR-18  RNA BINDING PROTEIN                      
  408  6G0L           Electron                   DNA,protein            22-AUG-18  MOTOR PROTEIN                            
  409  6G18           Electron                   RNA,protein            06-JUN-18  RIBOSOME                                 
  410  6G19           Electron                   RNA,protein            21-NOV-18  IMMUNE SYSTEM                            
  411  6G1S           Electron                   RNA,protein            21-NOV-18  IMMUNE SYSTEM                            
  412  6G1X           Electron                   RNA,protein            21-NOV-18  IMMUNE SYSTEM                            
  413  6G4S           Electron                   RNA,protein            06-JUN-18  RIBOSOME                                 
  414  6G4W           Electron                   RNA,protein            06-JUN-18  RIBOSOME                                 
  415  6G51           Electron                   RNA,protein            06-JUN-18  RIBOSOME                                 
  416  6G53           Electron                   RNA,protein            06-JUN-18  RIBOSOME                                 
  417  6G5H           Electron                   RNA,protein            06-JUN-18  RIBOSOME                                 
  418  6G5I           Electron                   RNA,protein            06-JUN-18  RIBOSOME                                 
  419  6G90           Electron                   RNA,protein            22-AUG-18  SPLICING                                 
  420  6GBZ           Electron                   RNA,protein            20-JUN-18  RIBOSOME                                 
  421  6GC0           Electron                   RNA,protein            20-JUN-18  RIBOSOME                                 
  422  6GC4           Electron                   RNA,protein            04-JUL-18  RIBOSOME                                 
  423  6GC6           Electron                   RNA,protein            04-JUL-18  RIBOSOME                                 
  424  6GC7           Electron                   RNA,protein            20-JUN-18  RIBOSOME                                 
  425  6GC8           Electron                   RNA,protein            20-JUN-18  RIBOSOME                                 
  426  6GEJ           Electron                   DNA,protein            17-OCT-18  NUCLEAR PROTEIN                          
  427  6GEN           Electron                   DNA,protein            17-OCT-18  NUCLEAR PROTEIN                          
  428  6GFW           Electron                   DNA,RNA,protein        04-JUL-18  TRANSCRIPTION                            
  429  6GH5           Electron                   DNA,protein            04-JUL-18  TRANSCRIPTION                            
  430  6GH6           Electron                   DNA,protein            04-JUL-18  TRANSCRIPTION                            
  431  6GJZ           Electron                   RNA,protein            21-NOV-18  IMMUNE SYSTEM                            
  432  6GKH           Electron                   RNA,protein            21-NOV-18  IMMUNE SYSTEM                            
  433  6GKM           Electron                   RNA,protein            21-NOV-18  IMMUNE SYSTEM                            
  434  6GMH           Electron                   DNA,RNA,protein        22-AUG-18  TRANSCRIPTION                            
  435  6GML           Electron                   DNA,RNA,protein        05-SEP-18  TRANSCRIPTION                            
  436  6GTC           Electron                   DNA,RNA,protein        19-DEC-18  HYDROLASE                                
  437  6GTD           Electron                   DNA,RNA,protein        19-DEC-18  HYDROLASE                                
  438  6GTE           Electron                   DNA,RNA,protein        19-DEC-18  HYDROLASE                                
  439  6GTF           Electron                   DNA,RNA,protein        19-DEC-18  HYDROLASE                                
  440  6GTG           Electron                   DNA,RNA,protein        19-DEC-18  HYDROLASE                                
  441  6GV4           Electron                   DNA,RNA,protein        21-NOV-18  VIRUS                                    
  442  6GYK           Electron                   DNA,protein            05-DEC-18  TRANSCRIPTION                            
  443  6GYL           Electron                   DNA,protein            05-DEC-18  TRANSCRIPTION                            
  444  6GYM           Electron                   DNA,protein            05-DEC-18  TRANSCRIPTION                            
  445  6GYS           Electron                   DNA,protein            05-DEC-18  DNA BINDING PROTEIN                      
  446  6H25           Electron                   RNA,protein            15-AUG-18  RNA BINDING PROTEIN                      
  447  6H61           Electron                   RNA,protein            21-NOV-18  IMMUNE SYSTEM                            
  448  6H66           Electron                   RNA,protein            21-NOV-18  IMMUNE SYSTEM                            
  449  6H67           Electron                   DNA,RNA,protein        29-AUG-18  TRANSCRIPTION                            
  450  6H68           Electron                   DNA,RNA,protein        29-AUG-18  TRANSCRIPTION                            
  451  6HMA           Electron                   DNA,RNA,protein        14-NOV-18  RIBOSOME                                 
  452  6HTS           Electron                   DNA,protein            07-NOV-18  DNA BINDING PROTEIN                      
  453  6HV9           Electron                   DNA,protein            12-DEC-18  DNA BINDING PROTEIN                      
  454  6I0Y           Electron                   RNA,protein            05-DEC-18  RIBOSOME                                 
  455  6I52           Electron                   DNA,protein            19-DEC-18  DNA BINDING PROTEIN                      
  456  6I84           Electron                   DNA,RNA,protein        02-JAN-19  TRANSCRIPTION                            
  457  6IFK           Electron                   RNA,protein            12-DEC-18  RNA BINDING PROTEIN                      
  458  6IFL           Electron                   RNA,protein            12-DEC-18  RNA BINDING PROTEIN                      
  459  6IFR           Electron                   RNA,protein            12-DEC-18  RNA BINDING PROTEIN                      
  460  6IFU           Electron                   RNA,protein            12-DEC-18  RNA BINDING PROTEIN                      
  461  6IFY           Electron                   RNA,protein            12-DEC-18  RNA BINDING PROTEIN                      
  462  6IFZ           Electron                   RNA,protein            12-DEC-18  RNA BINDING PROTEIN                      
  463  6IG0           Electron                   RNA,protein            12-DEC-18  RNA BINDING PROTEIN                      
  464  6M7J           Electron                   DNA,protein            21-NOV-18  TRANSCRIPTION                            
  465  6MUR           Electron                   RNA,protein            12-DEC-18  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
  466  6MUS           Electron                   RNA,protein            12-DEC-18  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
  467  6MUT           Electron                   RNA,protein            12-DEC-18  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
  468  6MUU           Electron                   RNA,protein            19-DEC-18  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
  469  6MZM           Electron                   DNA,protein            28-NOV-18  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
  470  6N1P           Electron                   DNA,protein            05-DEC-18  ISOMERASE/DNA                            
  471  6NE0           Electron                   DNA,RNA,protein        26-DEC-18  IMMUNE SYSTEM/RNA                        
  472  103D  103D     NMR                        DNA                    31-MAR-95  DNA                                      
  473  104D  104D     NMR                        DNA,RNA                31-MAR-95  DNA-RNA HYBRID                           
  474  105D  105D     NMR                        DNA                    07-FEB-95  DNA                                      
  475  106D  106D     NMR                        DNA                    07-FEB-95  DNA                                      
  476  107D  107D     NMR                        DNA                    08-MAY-95  DNA                                      
  477  108D  108D     NMR                        DNA                    03-JUN-95  DNA                                      
  478  124D  124D     NMR                        DNA,RNA                31-OCT-93  DNA-RNA HYBRID                           
  479  132D  132D     NMR                        DNA                    31-JAN-94  DNA                                      
  480  134D  134D     NMR                        DNA                    30-APR-94  DNA                                      
  481  135D  135D     NMR                        DNA                    30-APR-94  DNA                                      
  482  136D  136D     NMR                        DNA                    30-APR-94  DNA                                      
  483  139D  139D     NMR                        DNA                    31-JAN-94  DNA                                      
  484  140D  140D     NMR                        DNA                    30-APR-94  DNA                                      
  485  141D  141D     NMR                        DNA                    30-APR-94  DNA                                      
  486  142D  142D     NMR                        DNA                    30-APR-94  DNA                                      
  487  143D  143D     NMR                        DNA                    30-APR-94  DNA                                      
  488  146D  146D     NMR                        DNA                    31-MAR-95  DNA                                      
  489  148D  148D     NMR                        DNA                    30-APR-94  DNA                                      
  490  149D  149D     NMR                        DNA                    30-APR-94  DNA                                      
  491  156D  156D     NMR                        DNA                    30-APR-94  DNA                                      
  492  169D  169D     NMR                        DNA,RNA                31-JUL-94  DNA/RNA HYBRID                           
  493  170D  170D     NMR                        DNA,RNA                31-JUL-94  DNA                                      
  494  171D  171D     NMR                        DNA                    31-JUL-94  DNA                                      
  495  175D  175D     NMR                        DNA                    30-SEP-94  DNA                                      
  496  176D  176D     NMR                        DNA,RNA                01-NOV-94  PEPTIDE NUCLEIC ACID/RNA                 
  497  177D  177D     NMR                        DNA                    15-OCT-94  DNA                                      
  498  179D  179D     NMR                        DNA                    31-JUL-94  DNA                                      
  499  17RA  17RA     NMR                        RNA                    20-APR-99  RNA                                      
  500  185D  185D     NMR                        DNA,protein            07-FEB-95  DNA/ANTIBIOTIC                           
  501  186D  186D     NMR                        DNA                    01-NOV-94  DNA                                      
  502  193D  193D     NMR                        DNA,protein            27-FEB-95  DNA/ANTIBIOTIC                           
  503  199D  199D     NMR                        DNA                    07-FEB-95  DNA                                      
  504  1A1T  1A1T     NMR                        RNA,protein            17-JUN-98  VIRAL PROTEIN/RNA                        
  505  1A3M  1A3M     NMR                        RNA                    29-APR-98  RNA                                      
  506  1A4D  1A4D     NMR                        RNA                    29-APR-98  RNA                                      
  507  1A4T  1A4T     NMR                        RNA,protein            29-APR-98  TRANSCRIPTION/RNA                        
  508  1A51  1A51     NMR                        RNA                    27-MAY-98  RNA                                      
  509  1A60  1A60     NMR                        RNA                    27-MAY-98  RNA                                      
  510  1A66  1A66     NMR                        DNA,protein            17-JUN-98  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
  511  1A6B  1A6B     NMR                        DNA,protein            23-AUG-99  VIRAL PROTEIN/DNA                        
  512  1A6H  1A6H     NMR                        DNA                    17-JUN-98  DNA                                      
  513  1A83  1A83     NMR                        DNA                    17-JUN-98  DNA                                      
  514  1A84  1A84     NMR                        DNA                    25-NOV-98  DNA                                      
  515  1A8N  1A8N     NMR                        DNA                    14-OCT-98  DNA                                      
  516  1A8W  1A8W     NMR                        DNA                    14-OCT-98  DNA                                      
  517  1A9G  1A9G     NMR                        DNA                    15-JUL-98  DNA                                      
  518  1A9H  1A9H     NMR                        DNA                    15-JUL-98  DNA                                      
  519  1A9I  1A9I     NMR                        DNA                    15-JUL-98  DNA                                      
  520  1A9J  1A9J     NMR                        DNA                    15-JUL-98  DNA                                      
  521  1A9L  1A9L     NMR                        RNA                    17-JUN-98  RNA                                      
  522  1AC3  1AC3     NMR                        DNA,RNA                16-JUN-97  DNA/RNA HYBRID                           
  523  1AC7  1AC7     NMR                        DNA                    07-JUL-97  DNA                                      
  524  1AC9  1AC9     NMR                        DNA                    07-JUL-97  DNA                                      
  525  1AF1  1AF1     NMR                        DNA                    20-AUG-97  DNA                                      
  526  1AFF  1AFF     NMR                        DNA                    20-AUG-97  DNA                                      
  527  1AFX  1AFX     NMR                        RNA                    15-MAY-97  RNA                                      
  528  1AFZ  1AFZ     NMR                        DNA                    20-AUG-97  DNA                                      
  529  1AG3  1AG3     NMR                        DNA                    07-JUL-97  DNA                                      
  530  1AG5  1AG5     NMR                        DNA                    17-SEP-97  DNA                                      
  531  1AGH  1AGH     NMR                        DNA                    17-SEP-97  DNA                                      
  532  1AGK  1AGK     NMR                        DNA                    20-AUG-97  DNA                                      
  533  1AGO  1AGO     NMR                        DNA                    20-AUG-97  DNA                                      
  534  1AGU  1AGU     NMR                        DNA                    20-AUG-97  DNA                                      
  535  1AGZ  1AGZ     NMR                        DNA                    20-AUG-97  DNA                                      
  536  1AHD  1AHD     NMR                        DNA,protein            31-OCT-93  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
  537  1AJF  1AJF     NMR                        RNA                    07-JUL-97  RNA                                      
  538  1AJL  1AJL     NMR                        RNA                    07-JUL-97  RNA                                      
  539  1AJT  1AJT     NMR                        RNA                    20-AUG-97  RNA                                      
  540  1AJU  1AJU     NMR                        RNA                    17-DEC-97  RNA                                      
  541  1AKX  1AKX     NMR                        RNA                    19-NOV-97  RNA                                      
  542  1AL5  1AL5     NMR                        RNA                    17-DEC-97  RNA                                      
  543  1AL9  1AL9     NMR                        DNA                    17-SEP-97  DNA                                      
  544  1AM0  1AM0     NMR                        RNA                    23-JUL-97  RNA                                      
  545  1AMD  1AMD     NMR                        DNA                    17-SEP-97  DNA                                      
  546  1ANR  1ANR     NMR                        RNA                    11-JAN-97  RNA                                      
  547  1AO1  1AO1     NMR                        DNA                    17-SEP-97  DNA                                      
  548  1AO9  1AO9     NMR                        DNA                    28-JAN-98  DNA                                      
  549  1AP1  1AP1     NMR                        DNA                    22-JUL-98  DNA                                      
  550  1AQO  1AQO     NMR                        RNA                    04-FEB-98  RNA                                      
  551  1ARJ  1ARJ     NMR                        RNA                    08-NOV-96  RNA                                      
  552  1AT4  1AT4     NMR                        DNA                    18-FEB-98  DNA                                      
  553  1ATO  1ATO     NMR                        RNA                    12-NOV-97  RNA                                      
  554  1ATV  1ATV     NMR                        RNA                    25-FEB-98  RNA                                      
  555  1ATW  1ATW     NMR                        RNA                    25-FEB-98  RNA                                      
  556  1AU5  1AU5     NMR                        DNA                    25-FEB-98  DNA                                      
  557  1AU6  1AU6     NMR                        DNA                    25-FEB-98  DNA                                      
  558  1AUD  1AUD     NMR                        RNA,protein            25-FEB-98  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
  559  1AUL  1AUL     NMR                        DNA                    24-DEC-97  DNA                                      
  560  1AW4  1AW4     NMR                        DNA                    15-APR-98  DNA                                      
  561  1AX6  1AX6     NMR                        DNA                    01-JUL-98  DNA                                      
  562  1AX7  1AX7     NMR                        DNA                    01-JUL-98  DNA                                      
  563  1AXL  1AXL     NMR                        DNA                    01-JUL-98  DNA                                      
  564  1AXO  1AXO     NMR                        DNA                    01-JUL-98  DNA                                      
  565  1AXP  1AXP     NMR                        DNA                    22-APR-98  DNA                                      
  566  1AXU  1AXU     NMR                        DNA                    01-JUL-98  DNA                                      
  567  1AXV  1AXV     NMR                        DNA                    01-JUL-98  DNA                                      
  568  1B0S  1B0S     NMR                        DNA                    31-AUG-99  DNA                                      
  569  1B36  1B36     NMR                        RNA                    23-DEC-98  RNA                                      
  570  1B3P  1B3P     NMR                        DNA                    31-AUG-99  DNA                                      
  571  1B4Y  1B4Y     NMR                        DNA                    13-SEP-99  DNA                                      
  572  1B5K  1B5K     NMR                        DNA                    13-JAN-99  DNA                                      
  573  1B60  1B60     NMR                        DNA                    18-FEB-00  DNA                                      
  574  1B69  1B69     NMR                        DNA,protein            29-SEP-99  INTEGRASE/DNA                            
  575  1B6X  1B6X     NMR                        DNA                    27-JAN-99  DNA                                      
  576  1B6Y  1B6Y     NMR                        DNA                    27-JAN-99  DNA                                      
  577  1BAE  1BAE     NMR                        DNA                    14-JAN-98  DNA                                      
  578  1BAU  1BAU     NMR                        RNA                    27-APR-99  RNA                                      
  579  1BBX  1BBX     NMR                        DNA,protein            14-OCT-98  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
  580  1BCB  1BCB     NMR                        DNA                    12-AUG-98  DNA                                      
  581  1BCE  1BCE     NMR                        DNA                    12-AUG-98  DNA                                      
  582  1BDZ  1BDZ     NMR                        DNA                    02-DEC-98  DNA                                      
  583  1BE5  1BE5     NMR                        DNA                    12-AUG-98  DNA                                      
  584  1BGZ  1BGZ     NMR                        RNA                    13-JAN-99  RNA                                      
  585  1BHR  1BHR     NMR                        DNA                    04-NOV-98  DNA                                      
  586  1BIV  1BIV     NMR                        RNA,protein            23-DEC-96  VIRAL PROTEIN/RNA                        
  587  1BJ2  1BJ2     NMR                        RNA                    02-FEB-99  RNA                                      
  588  1BJ6  1BJ6     NMR                        DNA,protein            02-FEB-99  VIRAL PROTEIN/DNA                        
  589  1BJD  1BJD     NMR                        DNA                    13-JAN-99  DNA                                      
  590  1BJH  1BJH     NMR                        DNA                    03-DEC-97  DNA                                      
  591  1BN0  1BN0     NMR                        RNA                    27-APR-99  RNA                                      
  592  1BN9  1BN9     NMR                        DNA                    05-AUG-98  DNA                                      
  593  1BP8  1BP8     NMR                        DNA                    16-AUG-99  DNA                                      
  594  1BPS  1BPS     NMR                        DNA                    19-AUG-98  DNA                                      
  595  1BUB  1BUB     NMR                        DNA                    09-SEP-98  DNA                                      
  596  1BUF  1BUF     NMR                        DNA                    27-JAN-97  DNA                                      
  597  1BUT  1BUT     NMR                        DNA                    18-MAY-99  DNA                                      
  598  1BVJ  1BVJ     NMR                        RNA                    09-DEC-98  RNA                                      
  599  1BW7  1BW7     NMR                        DNA                    07-OCT-98  DNA                                      
  600  1BWG  1BWG     NMR                        DNA                    23-MAR-99  DNA                                      
  601  1BWT  1BWT     NMR                        DNA                    06-JAN-99  DNA                                      
  602  1BX5  1BX5     NMR                        DNA                    06-JAN-99  DNA                                      
  603  1BYJ  1BYJ     NMR                        RNA                    29-OCT-99  RNA                                      
  604  1BYX  1BYX     NMR                        DNA,RNA                20-OCT-99  DNA-RNA HYBRID                           
  605  1BZ2  1BZ2     NMR                        RNA                    27-APR-99  RNA                                      
  606  1BZ3  1BZ3     NMR                        RNA                    27-APR-99  RNA                                      
  607  1BZT  1BZT     NMR                        RNA                    27-APR-99  RNA                                      
  608  1BZU  1BZU     NMR                        RNA                    27-APR-99  RNA                                      
  609  1C0O  1C0O     NMR                        RNA                    31-AUG-99  RNA                                      
  610  1C0Y  1C0Y     NMR                        DNA                    31-AUG-99  DNA                                      
  611  1C11  1C11     NMR                        DNA                    22-JUL-98  DNA                                      
  612  1C2Q  1C2Q     NMR                        DNA,RNA                29-NOV-99  DNA-RNA HYBRID                           
  613  1C32  1C32     NMR                        DNA                    18-AUG-99  DNA                                      
  614  1C34  1C34     NMR                        DNA                    18-AUG-99  DNA                                      
  615  1C35  1C35     NMR                        DNA                    18-AUG-99  DNA                                      
  616  1C38  1C38     NMR                        DNA                    25-AUG-99  DNA                                      
  617  1C4L  1C4L     NMR                        RNA                    09-AUG-00  RNA                                      
  618  1C7U  1C7U     NMR                        DNA,protein            27-MAR-00  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
  619  1C95           NMR                        DNA                    08-OCT-99  DNA                                      
  620  1CFL  1CFL     NMR                        DNA                    28-MAY-99  DNA                                      
  621  1CJG  1CJG     NMR                        DNA,protein            01-JAN-00  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
  622  1CO0  1CO0     NMR                        DNA,protein            16-SEP-03  TRANSCRIPTION                            
  623  1COC  1COC     NMR                        DNA                    09-JUN-99  DNA                                      
  624  1CP8  1CP8     NMR                        DNA                    01-JUL-99  DNA                                      
  625  1CQ5  1CQ5     NMR                        RNA                    23-AUG-99  RNA                                      
  626  1CQL  1CQL     NMR                        RNA                    14-JAN-00  RNA                                      
  627  1CQO  1CQO     NMR                        DNA                    23-AUG-99  DNA                                      
  628  1CR3  1CR3     NMR                        DNA                    18-FEB-00  DNA                                      
  629  1CS2  1CS2     NMR                        DNA                    25-AUG-99  DNA                                      
  630  1CX3  1CX3     NMR                        DNA                    19-NOV-99  DNA                                      
  631  1CX5  1CX5     NMR                        DNA,RNA                14-SEP-99  DNA-RNA HYBRID                           
  632  1CYZ  1CYZ     NMR                        DNA                    14-SEP-99  DNA                                      
  633  1D0T  1D0T     NMR                        RNA                    24-MAY-00  RNA                                      
  634  1D0U  1D0U     NMR                        RNA                    24-MAY-00  RNA                                      
  635  1D18  1D18     NMR                        DNA                    15-JUL-91  DNA                                      
  636  1D19  1D19     NMR                        DNA                    15-JUL-91  DNA                                      
  637  1D20  1D20     NMR                        DNA                    15-JUL-91  DNA                                      
  638  1D3X  1D3X     NMR                        DNA                    06-MAY-98  DNA                                      
  639  1D42  1D42     NMR                        DNA                    15-APR-93  DNA                                      
  640  1D68  1D68     NMR                        DNA                    15-APR-93  DNA                                      
  641  1D69  1D69     NMR                        DNA                    15-APR-93  DNA                                      
  642  1D6D  1D6D     NMR                        DNA                    17-JAN-00  DNA                                      
  643  1D6K  1D6K     NMR                        RNA,protein            22-NOV-99  RIBOSOME                                 
  644  1D70  1D70     NMR                        DNA                    15-APR-93  DNA                                      
  645  1D83  1D83     NMR                        DNA                    15-JUL-93  DNA                                      
  646  1DA4  1DA4     NMR                        DNA                    31-JAN-94  DNA                                      
  647  1DA5  1DA5     NMR                        DNA                    31-JAN-94  DNA                                      
  648  1DAU  1DAU     NMR                        DNA                    27-MAY-98  DNA                                      
  649  1DB6  1DB6     NMR                        DNA                    03-FEB-00  DNA                                      
  650  1DDP  1DDP     NMR                        DNA                    08-MAR-96  DNA                                      
  651  1DGO  1DGO     NMR                        DNA                    03-MAY-00  DNA                                      
  652  1DHH  1DHH     NMR                        DNA,RNA                03-APR-96  DNA-RNA HYBRID                           
  653  1DJD  1DJD     NMR                        DNA                    16-DEC-99  DNA                                      
  654  1DK6  1DK6     NMR                        DNA                    11-JAN-00  DNA                                      
  655  1DK9  1DK9     NMR                        DNA                    16-DEC-99  DNA                                      
  656  1DL4  1DL4     NMR                        DNA                    12-JAN-00  DNA                                      
  657  1DRN  1DRN     NMR                        DNA,RNA                03-APR-96  DNA-RNA HYBRID                           
  658  1DRR  1DRR     NMR                        DNA,RNA                22-APR-98  DNA-RNA HYBRID                           
  659  1DSA  1DSA     NMR                        DNA                    20-AUG-97  DNA                                      
  660  1DSC  1DSC     NMR                        DNA,protein            07-DEC-96  DNA/ANTIBIOTIC                           
  661  1DSD  1DSD     NMR                        DNA,protein            07-DEC-96  DNA/ANTIBIOTIC                           
  662  1DSI  1DSI     NMR                        DNA                    05-AUG-98  DNA                                      
  663  1DSM  1DSM     NMR                        DNA                    02-APR-99  DNA                                      
  664  1DUF  1DUF     NMR                        DNA                    14-JUL-00  DNA                                      
  665  1DXA  1DXA     NMR                        DNA                    07-DEC-95  DNA                                      
  666  1DXN  1DXN     NMR                        DNA,RNA                11-APR-00  DNA-RNA HYBRID                           
  667  1DZ5  1DZ5     NMR                        RNA,protein            29-MAR-00  RIBONUCLEOPROTEIN/RNA                    
  668  1E4P  1E4P     NMR                        RNA                    16-JAN-01  RNA RIBOZYME                             
  669  1E7J  1E7J     NMR                        DNA,protein            05-MAR-01  PROTEIN/DNA                              
  670  1E95  1E95     NMR                        RNA                    23-AUG-01  RNA                                      
  671  1EBQ  1EBQ     NMR                        RNA                    07-JUL-97  RNA                                      
  672  1EBR  1EBR     NMR                        RNA                    07-JUL-97  RNA                                      
  673  1EBS  1EBS     NMR                        RNA                    07-JUL-97  RNA                                      
  674  1EC4  1EC4     NMR                        DNA                    22-APR-03  DNA                                      
  675  1ECU  1ECU     NMR                        DNA                    02-FEB-00  DNA                                      
  676  1EEG  1EEG     NMR                        DNA                    02-APR-00  DNA                                      
  677  1EEK  1EEK     NMR                        DNA                    16-FEB-00  DNA                                      
  678  1EFS  1EFS     NMR                        DNA,RNA                06-MAR-00  DNA-RNA HYBRID                           
  679  1EHT  1EHT     NMR                        RNA                    24-DEC-97  RNA                                      
  680  1EI2  1EI2     NMR                        RNA                    06-MAR-00  RNA                                      
  681  1EJZ  1EJZ     NMR                        DNA,RNA                23-OCT-00  RNA                                      
  682  1EKA  1EKA     NMR                        RNA                    13-NOV-00  RNA                                      
  683  1EKD  1EKD     NMR                        RNA                    13-NOV-00  RNA                                      
  684  1EKH  1EKH     NMR                        DNA                    20-MAR-00  DNA                                      
  685  1EKI  1EKI     NMR                        DNA                    20-MAR-00  DNA                                      
  686  1EKW  1EKW     NMR                        DNA                    20-MAR-00  DNA                                      
  687  1EKZ  1EKZ     NMR                        RNA,protein            21-AUG-00  CELL CYCLE/RNA                           
  688  1EL2  1EL2     NMR                        DNA                    27-MAR-00  DNA                                      
  689  1ELH  1ELH     NMR                        RNA                    31-JAN-94  RNA                                      
  690  1ELN  1ELN     NMR                        DNA                    27-MAR-00  DNA                                      
  691  1EMQ  1EMQ     NMR                        DNA                    04-APR-00  DNA                                      
  692  1EN1  1EN1     NMR                        DNA                    04-APR-00  DNA                                      
  693  1ESH  1ESH     NMR                        RNA                    24-APR-00  RNA                                      
  694  1ESS  1ESS     NMR                        DNA                    17-SEP-97  DNA                                      
  695  1ESY  1ESY     NMR                        RNA                    31-MAY-00  RNA                                      
  696  1ETF  1ETF     NMR                        RNA,protein            12-MAR-97  VIRAL PROTEIN/RNA                        
  697  1ETG  1ETG     NMR                        RNA,protein            12-MAR-97  VIRAL PROTEIN/RNA                        
  698  1EU2  1EU2     NMR                        DNA                    24-JAN-01  DNA                                      
  699  1EU6  1EU6     NMR                        DNA                    24-JAN-01  DNA                                      
  700  1EVM  1EVM     NMR                        DNA                    22-MAY-00  DNA                                      
  701  1EVN  1EVN     NMR                        DNA                    22-MAY-00  DNA                                      
  702  1EVO  1EVO     NMR                        DNA                    01-MAY-00  DNA                                      
  703  1EW1  1EW1     NMR                        DNA                    08-MAY-00  DNA                                      
  704  1EXL  1EXL     NMR                        DNA                    15-MAY-00  DNA                                      
  705  1EXY  1EXY     NMR                        RNA,protein            15-MAY-00  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
  706  1EZN  1EZN     NMR                        DNA                    21-APR-01  DNA                                      
  707  1F3S  1F3S     NMR                        DNA                    13-NOV-00  DNA                                      
  708  1F4S  1F4S     NMR                        DNA,protein            28-SEP-01  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
  709  1F5E  1F5E     NMR                        DNA,protein            28-SEP-01  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
  710  1F5G  1F5G     NMR                        RNA                    26-JUN-00  RNA                                      
  711  1F5H  1F5H     NMR                        RNA                    26-JUN-00  RNA                                      
  712  1F5U  1F5U     NMR                        RNA                    21-AUG-00  RNA                                      
  713  1F6U  1F6U     NMR                        RNA,protein            09-OCT-00  STRUCTURAL PROTEIN/RNA                   
  714  1F6X  1F6X     NMR                        RNA                    09-OCT-00  RNA                                      
  715  1F6Z  1F6Z     NMR                        RNA                    09-OCT-00  RNA                                      
  716  1F78  1F78     NMR                        RNA                    09-OCT-00  RNA                                      
  717  1F79  1F79     NMR                        RNA                    09-OCT-00  RNA                                      
  718  1F7F  1F7F     NMR                        RNA                    09-OCT-00  RNA                                      
  719  1F7G  1F7G     NMR                        RNA                    09-OCT-00  RNA                                      
  720  1F7H  1F7H     NMR                        RNA                    09-OCT-00  RNA                                      
  721  1F7I  1F7I     NMR                        RNA                    09-OCT-00  RNA                                      
  722  1F84  1F84     NMR                        RNA                    17-NOV-00  RNA                                      
  723  1F85  1F85     NMR                        RNA                    17-NOV-00  RNA                                      
  724  1F9L  1F9L     NMR                        RNA                    26-JUL-00  RNA                                      
  725  1FC8  1FC8     NMR                        DNA,RNA                30-MAY-01  RNA/DNA CHIMERA                          
  726  1FEQ  1FEQ     NMR                        RNA                    22-NOV-00  RNA                                      
  727  1FHK  1FHK     NMR                        RNA                    21-MAR-01  RNA                                      
  728  1FJ5  1FJ5     NMR                        DNA                    11-SEP-00  DNA                                      
  729  1FJA  1FJA     NMR                        DNA,protein            10-JUN-96  DNA/ANTIBIOTIC                           
  730  1FJB  1FJB     NMR                        DNA                    10-JUN-96  DNA                                      
  731  1FJE  1FJE     NMR                        RNA,protein            03-JAN-01  STRUCTURAL PROTEIN/RNA                   
  732  1FKY  1FKY     NMR                        DNA                    01-APR-97  DNA                                      
  733  1FKZ  1FKZ     NMR                        DNA                    12-MAR-97  DNA                                      
  734  1FL8  1FL8     NMR                        RNA                    16-OCT-00  RNA                                      
  735  1FMN  1FMN     NMR                        RNA                    11-JUL-96  RNA                                      
  736  1FNX  1FNX     NMR                        RNA,protein            24-JUN-03  IMMUNE SYSTEM/RNA                        
  737  1FQP  1FQP     NMR                        DNA                    12-FEB-97  DNA                                      
  738  1FQZ  1FQZ     NMR                        RNA                    17-JAN-01  RNA                                      
  739  1FV7  1FV7     NMR                        DNA                    11-OCT-00  DNA                                      
  740  1FV8  1FV8     NMR                        DNA                    11-OCT-00  DNA                                      
  741  1FYI  1FYI     NMR                        DNA                    18-OCT-00  DNA                                      
  742  1FYO  1FYO     NMR                        RNA                    14-MAR-01  RNA                                      
  743  1FYP  1FYP     NMR                        RNA                    14-MAR-01  RNA                                      
  744  1FYY  1FYY     NMR                        DNA                    06-DEC-00  DNA                                      
  745  1FZL  1FZL     NMR                        DNA                    18-OCT-00  DNA                                      
  746  1FZS  1FZS     NMR                        DNA                    18-OCT-00  DNA                                      
  747  1FZX  1FZX     NMR                        DNA                    14-MAR-01  DNA                                      
  748  1G14  1G14     NMR                        DNA                    14-MAR-01  DNA                                      
  749  1G1N  1G1N     NMR                        DNA                    14-MAR-01  DNA                                      
  750  1G22  1G22     NMR                        DNA                    02-MAY-01  DNA                                      
  751  1G3A  1G3A     NMR                        RNA                    01-AUG-01  RNA                                      
  752  1G4D  1G4D     NMR                        DNA,protein            08-NOV-00  VIRAL PROTEIN/DNA                        
  753  1G5D  1G5D     NMR                        DNA                    22-AUG-01  DNA                                      
  754  1G5E  1G5E     NMR                        DNA                    22-AUG-01  DNA                                      
  755  1G5K  1G5K     NMR                        DNA                    07-JAN-03  DNA                                      
  756  1G5L  1G5L     NMR                        DNA                    06-JUN-01  DNA                                      
  757  1G70  1G70     NMR                        RNA,protein            07-FEB-01  VIRAL PROTEIN/RNA                        
  758  1G7Z  1G7Z     NMR                        DNA                    28-MAR-01  DNA                                      
  759  1G80  1G80     NMR                        DNA                    28-MAR-01  DNA                                      
  760  1GAT  1GAT     NMR                        DNA,protein            31-OCT-93  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
  761  1GAU  1GAU     NMR                        DNA,protein            31-OCT-93  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
  762  1GCC  1GCC     NMR                        DNA,protein            23-MAR-99  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
  763  1GIP  1GIP     NMR                        DNA                    01-AUG-01  DNA                                      
  764  1GIZ  1GIZ     NMR                        DNA                    22-AUG-01  DNA                                      
  765  1GJ0  1GJ0     NMR                        DNA                    22-AUG-01  DNA                                      
  766  1GJ1  1GJ1     NMR                        DNA                    07-JAN-03  DNA                                      
  767  1GJ2  1GJ2     NMR                        DNA                    06-JUN-01  DNA                                      
  768  1GN7  1GN7     NMR                        DNA                    15-MAY-97  DNA                                      
  769  1GTC  1GTC     NMR                        DNA,RNA                23-DEC-96  DNA-RNA HYBRID                           
  770  1GUC  1GUC     NMR                        RNA                    12-FEB-97  RNA                                      
  771  1GV6  1GV6     NMR                        DNA,RNA                05-JUL-02  LOCKED NUCLEIC ACID                      
  772  1H0Q  1H0Q     NMR                        RNA                    17-JUL-03  DNA-RNA HYBRID                           
  773  1HG9  1HG9     NMR                        DNA,RNA                02-JAN-02  DNA-RNA HYBRID                           
  774  1HHW  1HHW     NMR                        DNA,RNA                30-MAY-02  ANTISENSE                                
  775  1HHX  1HHX     NMR                        DNA,RNA                30-MAY-02  ANTISENSE                                
  776  1HJI  1HJI     NMR                        RNA,protein            29-JAN-02  BACTERIOPHAGE HK022                      
  777  1HLX  1HLX     NMR                        RNA                    15-SEP-95  RNA                                      
  778  1HM1  1HM1     NMR                        DNA                    14-OCT-98  DNA                                      
  779  1HO6  1HO6     NMR                        DNA,RNA                07-NOV-01  DNA, RNA                                 
  780  1HOQ  1HOQ     NMR                        DNA,RNA                07-NOV-01  DNA, RNA                                 
  781  1HRY  1HRY     NMR                        DNA,protein            15-SEP-95  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
  782  1HRZ  1HRZ     NMR                        DNA,protein            15-SEP-95  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
  783  1HS1  1HS1     NMR                        RNA                    02-SEP-03  RNA                                      
  784  1HS2  1HS2     NMR                        RNA                    29-AUG-01  RNA                                      
  785  1HS3  1HS3     NMR                        RNA                    02-SEP-03  RNA                                      
  786  1HS4  1HS4     NMR                        RNA                    02-SEP-03  RNA                                      
  787  1HS8  1HS8     NMR                        RNA                    02-SEP-03  RNA                                      
  788  1HT4  1HT4     NMR                        DNA                    02-MAY-01  DNA                                      
  789  1HT7  1HT7     NMR                        DNA                    02-MAY-01  DNA                                      
  790  1HVN  1HVN     NMR                        DNA,protein            31-JAN-94  VIRAL PROTEIN/DNA                        
  791  1HVO  1HVO     NMR                        DNA,protein            31-JAN-94  VIRAL PROTEIN/DNA                        
  792  1HWQ  1HWQ     NMR                        RNA                    16-MAY-01  RNA                                      
  793  1HWV  1HWV     NMR                        DNA                    21-MAR-01  DNA                                      
  794  1HX4  1HX4     NMR                        DNA                    21-MAR-01  DNA                                      
  795  1HZ0  1HZ0     NMR                        DNA                    08-AUG-01  DNA                                      
  796  1HZ2  1HZ2     NMR                        DNA                    07-FEB-01  DNA                                      
  797  1I34  1I34     NMR                        DNA                    27-JUN-01  DNA                                      
  798  1I3X  1I3X     NMR                        RNA                    04-APR-01  RNA                                      
  799  1I3Y  1I3Y     NMR                        RNA                    04-APR-01  RNA                                      
  800  1I46  1I46     NMR                        RNA                    21-APR-01  RNA                                      
  801  1I4B  1I4B     NMR                        RNA                    21-APR-01  RNA                                      
  802  1I4C  1I4C     NMR                        RNA                    21-APR-01  RNA                                      
  803  1I5V  1I5V     NMR                        DNA                    14-MAR-01  DNA                                      
  804  1I7V  1I7V     NMR                        DNA                    28-MAR-01  DNA                                      
  805  1I9F  1I9F     NMR                        RNA,protein            25-MAY-01  DE-NOVO PROTEIN/RNA                      
  806  1I9K  1I9K     NMR                        RNA                    30-MAY-01  RNA                                      
  807  1IDV  1IDV     NMR                        RNA                    05-OCT-01  RNA                                      
  808  1IDX  1IDX     NMR                        DNA                    08-MAY-02  DNA                                      
  809  1IE1  1IE1     NMR                        RNA                    20-JUN-01  RNA                                      
  810  1IE2  1IE2     NMR                        RNA                    20-JUN-01  RNA                                      
  811  1IEK  1IEK     NMR                        DNA                    25-JUL-01  DNA                                      
  812  1IEY  1IEY     NMR                        DNA                    25-JUL-01  DNA                                      
  813  1IG4  1IG4     NMR                        DNA,protein            30-MAY-01  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
  814  1II1  1II1     NMR                        DNA                    08-MAY-02  DNA                                      
  815  1IK1  1IK1     NMR                        RNA                    18-JUL-01  RNA                                      
  816  1IKD  1IKD     NMR                        RNA                    01-APR-97  RNA                                      
  817  1IR5  1IR5     NMR                        DNA                    23-SEP-03  DNA                                      
  818  1IV6  1IV6     NMR                        DNA,protein            17-APR-02  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
  819  1J46  1J46     NMR                        DNA,protein            03-OCT-01  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
  820  1J47  1J47     NMR                        DNA,protein            03-OCT-01  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
  821  1J4W  1J4W     NMR                        DNA,protein            06-MAR-02  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
  822  1J4Y  1J4Y     NMR                        RNA                    17-JUL-02  RNA                                      
  823  1J5K  1J5K     NMR                        DNA,protein            10-JUL-02  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
  824  1J5N  1J5N     NMR                        DNA,protein            16-OCT-02  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
  825  1J9N  1J9N     NMR                        DNA,protein            21-JAN-03  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
  826  1JDG  1JDG     NMR                        DNA                    04-JUL-01  DNA                                      
  827  1JHI  1JHI     NMR                        DNA                    08-JUL-03  DNA                                      
  828  1JJP  1JJP     NMR                        DNA                    19-SEP-01  DNA                                      
  829  1JO1  1JO1     NMR                        DNA                    12-SEP-01  DNA                                      
  830  1JO7  1JO7     NMR                        RNA                    19-SEP-01  RNA                                      
  831  1JOX  1JOX     NMR                        RNA                    01-MAY-02  RNA                                      
  832  1JP0  1JP0     NMR                        RNA                    01-MAY-02  RNA                                      
  833  1JRV  1JRV     NMR                        DNA                    19-JUN-02  DNA                                      
  834  1JRW  1JRW     NMR                        DNA                    28-AUG-02  DNA                                      
  835  1JS5  1JS5     NMR                        DNA                    28-AUG-02  DNA                                      
  836  1JS7  1JS7     NMR                        DNA                    19-JUN-02  DNA                                      
  837  1JTJ  1JTJ     NMR                        RNA                    11-DEC-02  RNA                                      
  838  1JTW  1JTW     NMR                        RNA                    12-DEC-01  RNA                                      
  839  1JU0  1JU0     NMR                        DNA                    23-AUG-02  DNA                                      
  840  1JU1  1JU1     NMR                        RNA                    23-AUG-02  RNA                                      
  841  1JU7  1JU7     NMR                        RNA                    20-MAR-02  RNA                                      
  842  1JUA  1JUA     NMR                        DNA                    20-JAN-04  DNA                                      
  843  1JUR  1JUR     NMR                        RNA                    16-JAN-02  RNA                                      
  844  1JUU  1JUU     NMR                        DNA                    03-APR-02  DNA                                      
  845  1JVC  1JVC     NMR                        DNA                    24-OCT-01  DNA                                      
  846  1JVE  1JVE     NMR                        DNA                    22-MAY-02  DNA                                      
  847  1JWC  1JWC     NMR                        RNA                    20-MAR-02  RNA                                      
  848  1JZC  1JZC     NMR                        RNA                    07-OCT-03  RNA                                      
  849  1K1G  1K1G     NMR                        RNA,protein            07-NOV-01  GENE REGULATION/RNA                      
  850  1K1H  1K1H     NMR                        DNA                    19-JUN-02  DNA                                      
  851  1K1R  1K1R     NMR                        DNA                    19-JUN-02  DNA                                      
  852  1K29  1K29     NMR                        DNA                    16-JAN-02  DNA                                      
  853  1K2G  1K2G     NMR                        RNA                    08-MAY-02  RNA                                      
  854  1K2J  1K2J     NMR                        DNA                    10-APR-02  DNA                                      
  855  1K2K  1K2K     NMR                        DNA                    10-APR-02  DNA                                      
  856  1K4A  1K4A     NMR                        RNA                    19-DEC-01  RNA                                      
  857  1K4B  1K4B     NMR                        RNA                    19-DEC-01  RNA                                      
  858  1K4X  1K4X     NMR                        DNA                    23-JUN-99  DNA                                      
  859  1K5E  1K5E     NMR                        DNA                    23-JAN-02  DNA                                      
  860  1K5F  1K5F     NMR                        DNA                    23-JAN-02  DNA                                      
  861  1K5I  1K5I     NMR                        RNA                    17-OCT-01  RNA                                      
  862  1K6G  1K6G     NMR                        RNA                    19-DEC-01  RNA                                      
  863  1K6H  1K6H     NMR                        RNA                    19-DEC-01  RNA                                      
  864  1K8J  1K8J     NMR                        DNA                    15-APR-03  DNA                                      
  865  1K8L  1K8L     NMR                        DNA                    15-APR-03  DNA                                      
  866  1K8N  1K8N     NMR                        DNA                    15-APR-03  DNA                                      
  867  1K8S  1K8S     NMR                        RNA                    14-NOV-01  RNA                                      
  868  1K9H  1K9H     NMR                        DNA                    07-NOV-01  DNA                                      
  869  1K9L  1K9L     NMR                        DNA                    07-NOV-01  DNA                                      
  870  1KAJ  1KAJ     NMR                        RNA                    11-JUL-96  RNA                                      
  871  1KB1  1KB1     NMR                        DNA                    28-NOV-01  DNA                                      
  872  1KBD  1KBD     NMR                        DNA                    02-DEC-98  DNA                                      
  873  1KBM  1KBM     NMR                        DNA                    28-NOV-01  DNA                                      
  874  1KIS  1KIS     NMR                        RNA                    15-OCT-97  RNA                                      
  875  1KKA  1KKA     NMR                        RNA                    17-JUL-02  RNA                                      
  876  1KKS  1KKS     NMR                        RNA                    13-MAR-02  RNA                                      
  877  1KKV  1KKV     NMR                        DNA                    19-JUN-02  DNA                                      
  878  1KKW  1KKW     NMR                        DNA                    19-JUN-02  DNA                                      
  879  1KOC  1KOC     NMR                        RNA                    17-AUG-96  RNA                                      
  880  1KOD  1KOD     NMR                        RNA                    08-NOV-96  RNA                                      
  881  1KOS  1KOS     NMR                        RNA                    22-OCT-99  RNA                                      
  882  1KP7  1KP7     NMR                        RNA                    10-APR-02  RNA                                      
  883  1KPD  1KPD     NMR                        RNA                    01-APR-97  RNA                                      
  884  1KPY  1KPY     NMR                        RNA                    11-JAN-02  RNA                                      
  885  1KPZ  1KPZ     NMR                        RNA                    11-JAN-02  RNA                                      
  886  1KQQ  1KQQ     NMR                        DNA,protein            06-MAR-02  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
  887  1KR8  1KR8     NMR                        DNA                    11-DEC-02  DNA                                      
  888  1KSB  1KSB     NMR                        DNA                    17-JAN-02  DNA                                      
  889  1KSE  1KSE     NMR                        DNA                    08-MAY-02  DNA                                      
  890  1KVH  1KVH     NMR                        DNA                    19-JUN-02  DNA                                      
  891  1KXS  1KXS     NMR                        DNA                    06-MAR-02  DNA                                      
  892  1L0R  1L0R     NMR                        DNA                    19-JUN-02  DNA                                      
  893  1L1C  1L1C     NMR                        RNA,protein            27-MAR-02  TRANSCRIPTION/RNA                        
  894  1L1M  1L1M     NMR                        DNA,protein            26-JUN-02  TRANSCRIPTION REGULATOR/DNA              
  895  1L1V  1L1V     NMR                        DNA,protein            06-MAR-02  DNA/ANTIBIOTIC                           
  896  1L1W  1L1W     NMR                        RNA                    22-MAY-02  RNA                                      
  897  1L3M  1L3M     NMR                        DNA,RNA                03-APR-02  DNA/RNA                                  
  898  1LA8  1LA8     NMR                        DNA                    17-APR-02  DNA                                      
  899  1LAE  1LAE     NMR                        DNA                    17-APR-02  DNA                                      
  900  1LAI  1LAI     NMR                        DNA                    17-APR-02  DNA                                      
  901  1LAQ  1LAQ     NMR                        DNA                    17-APR-02  DNA                                      
  902  1LAS  1LAS     NMR                        DNA                    17-APR-02  DNA                                      
  903  1LC6  1LC6     NMR                        RNA                    29-MAY-02  RNA                                      
  904  1LCC  1LCC     NMR                        DNA,protein            31-JAN-94  GENE REGULATION/DNA                      
  905  1LCD  1LCD     NMR                        DNA,protein            31-JAN-94  GENE REGULATION/DNA                      
  906  1LDZ  1LDZ     NMR                        RNA                    25-NOV-98  RNA                                      
  907  1LEJ  1LEJ     NMR                        DNA                    08-MAY-02  DNA                                      
  908  1LFU  1LFU     NMR                        DNA,protein            14-JAN-03  TRANSCRIPTION                            
  909  1LMV  1LMV     NMR                        RNA                    27-NOV-02  RNA                                      
  910  1LO1  1LO1     NMR                        DNA,protein            22-APR-03  HORMONE/GROWTH FACTOR RECEPTOR/DNA       
  911  1LPW  1LPW     NMR                        RNA                    27-NOV-02  RNA                                      
  912  1LUH  1LUH     NMR                        DNA                    11-FEB-03  DNA                                      
  913  1LUU  1LUU     NMR                        RNA                    09-SEP-03  RNA                                      
  914  1LUX  1LUX     NMR                        RNA                    09-SEP-03  RNA                                      
  915  1LVJ  1LVJ     NMR                        RNA                    11-DEC-02  RNA                                      
  916  1LVS  1LVS     NMR                        DNA                    24-JUL-02  DNA                                      
  917  1LWA  1LWA     NMR                        DNA                    16-OCT-02  DNA                                      
  918  1M5L  1M5L     NMR                        RNA                    18-SEP-02  RNA                                      
  919  1M6A  1M6A     NMR                        DNA                    07-AUG-02  DNA                                      
  920  1M82  1M82     NMR                        RNA                    03-JUN-03  RNA                                      
  921  1ME0  1ME0     NMR                        DNA,RNA                19-AUG-03  DNA, RNA                                 
  922  1ME1  1ME1     NMR                        RNA                    19-AUG-03  RNA                                      
  923  1MFJ  1MFJ     NMR                        RNA                    06-NOV-02  RNA                                      
  924  1MFK  1MFK     NMR                        RNA                    13-NOV-02  RNA                                      
  925  1MFY  1MFY     NMR                        RNA                    18-SEP-02  RNA                                      
  926  1MIS  1MIS     NMR                        RNA                    07-JUL-97  RNA                                      
  927  1MK6  1MK6     NMR                        DNA                    16-OCT-02  DNA                                      
  928  1MKL  1MKL     NMR                        DNA                    16-OCT-02  DNA                                      
  929  1MNB  1MNB     NMR                        RNA,protein            27-JAN-97  VIRAL PROTEIN/RNA                        
  930  1MNX  1MNX     NMR                        RNA                    14-JAN-03  RNA                                      
  931  1MP7  1MP7     NMR                        DNA                    18-FEB-03  DNA                                      
  932  1MSE  1MSE     NMR                        DNA,protein            31-MAR-95  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
  933  1MSF  1MSF     NMR                        DNA,protein            31-MAR-95  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
  934  1MT4  1MT4     NMR                        RNA                    14-JAN-03  RNA                                      
  935  1MTG  1MTG     NMR                        DNA                    16-OCT-02  DNA                                      
  936  1MUV  1MUV     NMR                        RNA                    18-DEC-02  RNA                                      
  937  1MV1  1MV1     NMR                        RNA                    18-DEC-02  RNA                                      
  938  1MV2  1MV2     NMR                        RNA                    18-DEC-02  RNA                                      
  939  1MV6  1MV6     NMR                        RNA                    18-DEC-02  RNA                                      
  940  1MWG  1MWG     NMR                        RNA                    12-MAR-97  RNA                                      
  941  1MXJ  1MXJ     NMR                        DNA                    11-MAR-03  DNA                                      
  942  1MXK  1MXK     NMR                        DNA                    16-OCT-02  DNA                                      
  943  1MY9  1MY9     NMR                        RNA                    07-OCT-03  RNA                                      
  944  1MYQ  1MYQ     NMR                        DNA                    23-OCT-02  DNA                                      
  945  1N0K  1N0K     NMR                        DNA                    07-JAN-03  DNA                                      
  946  1N0O  1N0O     NMR                        DNA                    07-JAN-03  DNA                                      
  947  1N14  1N14     NMR                        DNA                    23-OCT-02  DNA                                      
  948  1N17  1N17     NMR                        DNA                    23-OCT-02  DNA                                      
  949  1N1K  1N1K     NMR                        DNA                    30-OCT-02  DNA                                      
  950  1N1N  1N1N     NMR                        DNA                    28-OCT-03  DNA                                      
  951  1N2W  1N2W     NMR                        DNA                    13-NOV-02  DNA                                      
  952  1N37  1N37     NMR                        DNA                    28-JAN-03  DNA                                      
  953  1N4B  1N4B     NMR                        DNA                    04-NOV-03  DNA                                      
  954  1N53  1N53     NMR                        RNA                    29-APR-03  RNA                                      
  955  1N66  1N66     NMR                        RNA                    19-AUG-03  RNA                                      
  956  1N8C  1N8C     NMR                        DNA                    14-FEB-03  DNA                                      
  957  1N8X  1N8X     NMR                        RNA                    08-APR-03  RNA                                      
  958  1N96  1N96     NMR                        DNA                    13-MAY-03  DNA                                      
  959  1NA2  1NA2     NMR                        RNA                    21-JAN-03  RNA                                      
  960  1NAJ  1NAJ     NMR                        DNA                    08-JUL-03  DNA                                      
  961  1NAO  1NAO     NMR                        DNA,RNA                27-JAN-97  DNA-RNA HYBRID                           
  962  1NBK  1NBK     NMR                        RNA                    03-DEC-03  RNA                                      
  963  1NBR  1NBR     NMR                        RNA                    04-MAR-03  RNA                                      
  964  1NC0  1NC0     NMR                        RNA                    25-FEB-03  RNA                                      
  965  1NEM  1NEM     NMR                        RNA                    31-AUG-99  RNA                                      
  966  1NEV  1NEV     NMR                        DNA                    11-MAR-03  DNA                                      
  967  1NGO  1NGO     NMR                        DNA                    10-JUN-03  DNA                                      
  968  1NGU  1NGU     NMR                        DNA                    10-JUN-03  DNA                                      
  969  1NK2  1NK2     NMR                        DNA,protein            23-FEB-99  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
  970  1NK3  1NK3     NMR                        DNA,protein            09-DEC-98  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
  971  1NOQ  1NOQ     NMR                        DNA                    11-FEB-03  DNA                                      
  972  1NP5  1NP5     NMR                        DNA                    11-FEB-03  DNA                                      
  973  1NP9  1NP9     NMR                        DNA                    16-SEP-03  DNA                                      
  974  1NTQ  1NTQ     NMR                        DNA,RNA                10-JUN-03  DNA/RNA                                  
  975  1NTS  1NTS     NMR                        DNA,RNA,other          10-JUN-03  RNA/DNA                                  
  976  1NTT  1NTT     NMR                        DNA,RNA                10-JUN-03  RNA/DNA                                  
  977  1NXR  1NXR     NMR                        DNA,RNA                07-JUL-97  DNA-RNA HYBRID                           
  978  1NYB  1NYB     NMR                        RNA,protein            24-JUN-03  TRANSCRIPTION/RNA                        
  979  1NYD  1NYD     NMR                        DNA                    24-FEB-04  DNA                                      
  980  1NZ1  1NZ1     NMR                        RNA                    13-MAY-03  RNA                                      
  981  1NZM  1NZM     NMR                        DNA                    04-NOV-03  DNA                                      
  982  1O15  1O15     NMR                        RNA                    18-FEB-03  RNA                                      
  983  1O4X  1O4X     NMR                        DNA,protein            27-JAN-04  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
  984  1OCI  1OCI     NMR                        DNA,RNA                14-JUL-03  DNA                                      
  985  1OKA  1OKA     NMR                        DNA,RNA                08-NOV-96  DNA-RNA HYBRID                           
  986  1OKF  1OKF     NMR                        DNA,RNA                09-OCT-03  DNA-RNA HYBRID                           
  987  1OLD  1OLD     NMR                        DNA                    21-APR-97  DNA                                      
  988  1OLN  1OLN     NMR                        RNA,protein            11-SEP-03  RIBOSOME/ANTIBIOTIC                      
  989  1ON5  1ON5     NMR                        DNA                    05-AUG-03  DNA                                      
  990  1ONM  1ONM     NMR                        DNA                    04-NOV-03  DNA                                      
  991  1OO7  1OO7     NMR                        DNA,RNA                11-NOV-03  DNA-RNA HYBRID                           
  992  1OPQ  1OPQ     NMR                        DNA                    27-APR-04  DNA                                      
  993  1OQ0  1OQ0     NMR                        RNA                    13-MAY-03  RNA                                      
  994  1OQ2  1OQ2     NMR                        DNA                    27-APR-04  DNA                                      
  995  1OSL  1OSL     NMR                        DNA,protein            04-MAY-04  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
  996  1OSR  1OSR     NMR                        DNA                    14-OCT-03  DNA                                      
  997  1OSW  1OSW     NMR                        RNA                    20-MAY-03  RNA                                      
  998  1OVF  1OVF     NMR                        DNA,protein            27-MAY-03  DNA/ANTIBIOTIC                           
  999  1OW9  1OW9     NMR                        RNA                    20-MAY-03  RNA                                      
 1000  1OZ8  1OZ8     NMR                        DNA                    08-APR-04  DNA                                      
 1001  1P0U  1P0U     NMR                        DNA                    03-JUN-03  DNA                                      
 1002  1P3X  1P3X     NMR                        DNA                    06-MAY-98  DNA                                      
 1003  1P5M  1P5M     NMR                        RNA                    04-NOV-03  RNA                                      
 1004  1P5N  1P5N     NMR                        RNA                    04-NOV-03  RNA                                      
 1005  1P5O  1P5O     NMR                        RNA                    04-NOV-03  RNA                                      
 1006  1P5P  1P5P     NMR                        RNA                    04-NOV-03  RNA                                      
 1007  1P96  1P96     NMR                        DNA                    26-AUG-03  DNA                                      
 1008  1PBL  1PBL     NMR                        RNA                    07-JUL-97  RNA                                      
 1009  1PBM  1PBM     NMR                        RNA                    07-JUL-97  RNA                                      
 1010  1PBR  1PBR     NMR                        RNA                    17-SEP-97  RNA                                      
 1011  1PDT  1PDT     NMR                        DNA,other              14-OCT-96  PEPTIDE NUCLEIC ACID/DNA                 
 1012  1PG9  1PG9     NMR                        DNA                    06-JUL-04  DNA                                      
 1013  1PGC  1PGC     NMR                        DNA                    06-JUL-04  DNA                                      
 1014  1PIB  1PIB     NMR                        DNA                    18-MAY-04  DNA                                      
 1015  1PIK  1PIK     NMR                        DNA                    12-MAR-97  DNA                                      
 1016  1PJY  1PJY     NMR                        RNA                    05-AUG-03  RNA                                      
 1017  1PQQ  1PQQ     NMR                        DNA                    29-JUN-04  DNA                                      
 1018  1PQT  1PQT     NMR                        DNA                    01-JUL-03  DNA                                      
 1019  1PYJ  1PYJ     NMR                        DNA                    20-APR-04  DNA                                      
 1020  1Q2T  1Q2T     NMR                        DNA                    23-SEP-03  DNA                                      
 1021  1Q75  1Q75     NMR                        RNA                    23-DEC-03  RNA                                      
 1022  1Q8N  1Q8N     NMR                        RNA                    23-MAR-04  RNA                                      
 1023  1QBY  1QBY     NMR                        DNA                    06-MAY-99  DNA                                      
 1024  1QC8  1QC8     NMR                        RNA                    31-AUG-99  RNA                                      
 1025  1QCH  1QCH     NMR                        DNA                    02-AUG-99  DNA                                      
 1026  1QD3  1QD3     NMR                        RNA                    12-JUL-00  RNA                                      
 1027  1QDF  1QDF     NMR                        DNA                    08-NOV-96  DNA                                      
 1028  1QDH  1QDH     NMR                        DNA                    08-NOV-96  DNA                                      
 1029  1QDI  1QDI     NMR                        DNA                    08-NOV-96  DNA                                      
 1030  1QDK  1QDK     NMR                        DNA                    08-NOV-96  DNA                                      
 1031  1QE7  1QE7     NMR                        DNA                    02-FEB-00  DNA                                      
 1032  1QES  1QES     NMR                        RNA                    05-JUN-97  RNA                                      
 1033  1QET  1QET     NMR                        RNA                    05-JUN-97  RNA                                      
 1034  1QFQ  1QFQ     NMR                        RNA,protein            20-APR-99  TRANSCRIPTION/RNA                        
 1035  1QKG  1QKG     NMR                        DNA                    11-MAY-00  DNA                                      
 1036  1QL5  1QL5     NMR                        DNA                    10-APR-00  DNA                                      
 1037  1QMS  1QMS     NMR                        DNA                    12-OCT-99  DNA                                      
 1038  1QSK  1QSK     NMR                        DNA                    05-NOV-99  DNA                                      
 1039  1QSX  1QSX     NMR                        DNA                    07-FEB-00  DNA                                      
 1040  1QWA  1QWA     NMR                        RNA                    25-NOV-03  RNA                                      
 1041  1QWB  1QWB     NMR                        RNA                    25-NOV-03  RNA                                      
 1042  1QXB  1QXB     NMR                        DNA                    03-FEB-04  DNA                                      
 1043  1R2L  1R2L     NMR                        DNA                    12-OCT-04  DNA                                      
 1044  1R2P  1R2P     NMR                        RNA                    03-FEB-04  RNA                                      
 1045  1R3X  1R3X     NMR                        DNA,RNA                20-MAY-98  DNA-RNA HYBRID                           
 1046  1R4D  1R4D     NMR                        DNA                    21-OCT-03  DNA                                      
 1047  1R4E  1R4E     NMR                        DNA                    27-APR-04  DNA                                      
 1048  1R4H  1R4H     NMR                        RNA                    19-OCT-04  RNA                                      
 1049  1R7W  1R7W     NMR                        RNA                    25-MAY-04  RNA                                      
 1050  1R7Z  1R7Z     NMR                        RNA                    25-MAY-04  RNA                                      
 1051  1RAU  1RAU     NMR                        RNA                    31-JAN-94  RNA                                      
 1052  1RAW  1RAW     NMR                        RNA                    27-JAN-97  RNA                                      
 1053  1RCS  1RCS     NMR                        DNA,protein            20-JUN-96  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 1054  1RDE  1RDE     NMR                        DNA                    11-NOV-03  DNA                                      
 1055  1RFR  1RFR     NMR                        RNA                    23-MAR-04  RNA                                      
 1056  1RGO  1RGO     NMR                        RNA,protein            02-MAR-04  RNA BINDING PROTEIN                      
 1057  1RHT  1RHT     NMR                        RNA                    03-JUN-95  RNA                                      
 1058  1RKJ  1RKJ     NMR                        RNA,protein            27-APR-04  TRANSCRIPTION/RNA                        
 1059  1RME  1RME     NMR                        DNA                    11-JAN-97  DNA                                      
 1060  1RMX  1RMX     NMR                        DNA                    24-AUG-04  DNA                                      
 1061  1RN9  1RN9     NMR                        DNA                    24-AUG-04  DNA                                      
 1062  1RNG  1RNG     NMR                        RNA                    07-DEC-95  RNA                                      
 1063  1RNK  1RNK     NMR                        RNA                    27-FEB-95  RNA                                      
 1064  1ROQ  1ROQ     NMR                        RNA                    18-MAY-04  RNA                                      
 1065  1RRD  1RRD     NMR                        DNA,RNA                22-APR-98  DNA-RNA HYBRID                           
 1066  1RRR  1RRR     NMR                        RNA                    22-APR-98  RNA                                      
 1067  1RVH  1RVH     NMR                        DNA                    10-FEB-04  DNA                                      
 1068  1RVI  1RVI     NMR                        DNA                    10-FEB-04  DNA                                      
 1069  1S0T  1S0T     NMR                        DNA                    20-APR-04  DNA                                      
 1070  1S2F  1S2F     NMR                        RNA                    31-AUG-04  RNA                                      
 1071  1S34  1S34     NMR                        RNA                    31-AUG-04  RNA                                      
 1072  1S37  1S37     NMR                        DNA                    25-JAN-05  DNA                                      
 1073  1S40  1S40     NMR                        DNA,protein            04-MAY-04  CELL CYCLE/DNA                           
 1074  1S74  1S74     NMR                        DNA                    20-APR-04  DNA                                      
 1075  1S75  1S75     NMR                        DNA                    20-APR-04  DNA                                      
 1076  1S88  1S88     NMR                        DNA                    25-MAY-04  DNA                                      
 1077  1S9L  1S9L     NMR                        RNA,other              29-JUN-04  RNA                                      
 1078  1S9N  1S9N     NMR                        DNA                    21-JUN-05  DNA                                      
 1079  1S9O  1S9O     NMR                        DNA                    01-NOV-05  DNA                                      
 1080  1S9S  1S9S     NMR                        RNA                    06-APR-04  RNA                                      
 1081  1SAA  1SAA     NMR                        DNA                    12-NOV-97  DNA                                      
 1082  1SCL  1SCL     NMR                        RNA                    26-JAN-95  RNA                                      
 1083  1SJK  1SJK     NMR                        DNA                    03-DEC-97  DNA                                      
 1084  1SJL  1SJL     NMR                        DNA                    03-DEC-97  DNA                                      
 1085  1SKP  1SKP     NMR                        DNA                    13-JAN-99  DNA                                      
 1086  1SLO  1SLO     NMR                        RNA                    07-DEC-96  RNA                                      
 1087  1SLP  1SLP     NMR                        RNA                    21-APR-97  RNA                                      
 1088  1SLS  1SLS     NMR                        DNA                    08-APR-98  DNA                                      
 1089  1SNH  1SNH     NMR                        DNA                    18-MAY-04  DNA                                      
 1090  1SNJ  1SNJ     NMR                        DNA                    05-APR-05  DNA                                      
 1091  1SP6  1SP6     NMR                        DNA                    01-JUN-04  DNA                                      
 1092  1SS7  1SS7     NMR                        DNA                    07-DEC-04  DNA                                      
 1093  1SSJ  1SSJ     NMR                        DNA                    01-JUN-04  DNA                                      
 1094  1SSV  1SSV     NMR                        DNA                    07-DEC-04  DNA                                      
 1095  1SY4  1SY4     NMR                        RNA                    06-APR-04  RNA                                      
 1096  1SY8  1SY8     NMR                        DNA                    04-JAN-05  DNA                                      
 1097  1SYZ  1SYZ     NMR                        RNA                    09-NOV-04  RNA                                      
 1098  1SZY  1SZY     NMR                        RNA                    20-APR-04  RNA                                      
 1099  1T28  1T28     NMR                        RNA                    10-AUG-04  RNA                                      
 1100  1T2R  1T2R     NMR                        RNA,protein            01-JUN-04  NUCLEIC ACID BINDING PROTEIN/RNA         
 1101  1T2S  1T2S     NMR                        DNA,protein            01-JUN-04  NUCLEIC ACID BINDING PROTEIN/DNA         
 1102  1T4L  1T4L     NMR                        RNA,protein            01-JUN-04  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
 1103  1T4X  1T4X     NMR                        RNA                    03-AUG-04  RNA                                      
 1104  1TAN  1TAN     NMR                        DNA                    17-SEP-97  DNA                                      
 1105  1TBK  1TBK     NMR                        RNA                    01-MAR-05  RNA                                      
 1106  1TF3  1TF3     NMR                        DNA,protein            17-SEP-97  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 1107  1TFN  1TFN     NMR                        RNA                    12-FEB-97  RNA                                      
 1108  1TJZ  1TJZ     NMR                        RNA                    28-SEP-04  RNA                                      
 1109  1TLR  1TLR     NMR                        RNA                    12-NOV-97  RNA                                      
 1110  1TN9  1TN9     NMR                        DNA,protein            29-SEP-99  INTEGRASE/DNA                            
 1111  1TNE  1TNE     NMR                        DNA                    11-JUL-96  DNA                                      
 1112  1TOB  1TOB     NMR                        RNA                    16-JUN-97  RNA                                      
 1113  1TQR  1TQR     NMR                        DNA                    19-APR-05  DNA                                      
 1114  1TTD  1TTD     NMR                        DNA                    02-FEB-99  DNA                                      
 1115  1TUQ  1TUQ     NMR                        DNA                    05-OCT-04  DNA                                      
 1116  1TUT  1TUT     NMR                        RNA                    28-DEC-04  RNA                                      
 1117  1TXS  1TXS     NMR                        RNA                    05-OCT-04  RNA                                      
 1118  1U01  1U01     NMR                        DNA                    31-MAY-05  DNA                                      
 1119  1U2A  1U2A     NMR                        RNA                    04-MAR-98  RNA                                      
 1120  1U3K  1U3K     NMR                        RNA                    12-JUL-05  RNA                                      
 1121  1U64  1U64     NMR                        DNA                    26-OCT-04  DNA                                      
 1122  1U6C  1U6C     NMR                        DNA                    17-AUG-04  DNA                                      
 1123  1U6N  1U6N     NMR                        DNA                    10-AUG-04  DNA                                      
 1124  1U6O  1U6O     NMR                        DNA                    10-AUG-04  DNA                                      
 1125  1U6P  1U6P     NMR                        RNA,protein            02-NOV-04  VIRAL PROTEIN/RNA                        
 1126  1UAB  1UAB     NMR                        DNA                    27-APR-04  DNA                                      
 1127  1ULL  1ULL     NMR                        RNA,protein            20-AUG-97  VIRAL PROTEIN/RNA                        
 1128  1UQA  1UQA     NMR                        DNA                    27-JAN-97  DNA                                      
 1129  1UQB  1UQB     NMR                        DNA                    27-JAN-97  DNA                                      
 1130  1UQC  1UQC     NMR                        DNA                    27-JAN-97  DNA                                      
 1131  1UQD  1UQD     NMR                        DNA                    27-JAN-97  DNA                                      
 1132  1UQE  1UQE     NMR                        DNA                    27-JAN-97  DNA                                      
 1133  1UQF  1UQF     NMR                        DNA                    27-JAN-97  DNA                                      
 1134  1UQG  1UQG     NMR                        DNA                    27-JAN-97  DNA                                      
 1135  1UTS  1UTS     NMR                        RNA                    12-FEB-04  HIV-1                                    
 1136  1UUD  1UUD     NMR                        RNA                    15-MAR-04  HIV-1                                    
 1137  1UUI  1UUI     NMR                        RNA                    12-FEB-04  HIV-1                                    
 1138  1UUU  1UUU     NMR                        RNA                    25-FEB-98  RNA                                      
 1139  1VFC  1VFC     NMR                        DNA,protein            17-MAY-05  STRUCTURAL PROTEIN/DNA                   
 1140  1VOP  1VOP     NMR                        RNA                    24-DEC-97  RNA                                      
 1141  1W86  1W86     NMR                        DNA,RNA                25-NOV-04  DNA                                      
 1142  1WAN  1WAN     NMR                        DNA                    11-JUL-96  DNA                                      
 1143  1WKS  1WKS     NMR                        RNA                    22-JUN-04  RNA                                      
 1144  1WTB  1WTB     NMR                        DNA,protein            05-APR-05  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 1145  1WTS  1WTS     NMR                        RNA                    27-JAN-99  RNA                                      
 1146  1WTT  1WTT     NMR                        RNA                    27-JAN-99  RNA                                      
 1147  1WWD  1WWD     NMR                        RNA,protein            22-MAR-05  VIRAL PROTEIN/RNA                        
 1148  1WWE  1WWE     NMR                        RNA,protein            22-MAR-05  VIRAL PROTEIN/RNA                        
 1149  1WWF  1WWF     NMR                        RNA,protein            05-APR-05  VIRAL PROTEIN/RNA                        
 1150  1WWG  1WWG     NMR                        RNA,protein            05-APR-05  VIRAL PROTEIN/RNA                        
 1151  1X0F  1X0F     NMR                        DNA,protein            05-APR-05  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 1152  1X26  1X26     NMR                        DNA                    04-APR-06  DNA                                      
 1153  1X2O  1X2O     NMR                        DNA                    01-AUG-06  DNA                                      
 1154  1X2S  1X2S     NMR                        DNA                    01-AUG-06  DNA                                      
 1155  1X2U  1X2U     NMR                        DNA                    01-AUG-06  DNA                                      
 1156  1X2V  1X2V     NMR                        DNA                    01-AUG-06  DNA                                      
 1157  1X2X  1X2X     NMR                        DNA                    01-AUG-06  DNA                                      
 1158  1X2Y  1X2Y     NMR                        DNA                    01-AUG-06  DNA                                      
 1159  1X2Z  1X2Z     NMR                        DNA                    01-AUG-06  DNA                                      
 1160  1X30  1X30     NMR                        DNA                    01-AUG-06  DNA                                      
 1161  1X6W  1X6W     NMR                        DNA                    05-OCT-04  DNA                                      
 1162  1X95  1X95     NMR                        DNA                    28-SEP-04  DNA                                      
 1163  1XAV  1XAV     NMR                        DNA                    01-FEB-05  DNA                                      
 1164  1XCE  1XCE     NMR                        DNA                    08-FEB-05  DNA                                      
 1165  1XCI  1XCI     NMR                        DNA                    16-AUG-05  DNA                                      
 1166  1XCY  1XCY     NMR                        DNA                    19-OCT-04  DNA                                      
 1167  1XCZ  1XCZ     NMR                        DNA                    19-OCT-04  DNA                                      
 1168  1XHP  1XHP     NMR                        RNA                    23-NOV-04  RNA                                      
 1169  1XRW  1XRW     NMR                        DNA                    03-MAY-05  DNA                                      
 1170  1XS9  1XS9     NMR                        DNA,protein            26-OCT-04  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 1171  1XSG  1XSG     NMR                        RNA                    28-DEC-04  RNA                                      
 1172  1XSH  1XSH     NMR                        RNA                    28-DEC-04  RNA                                      
 1173  1XST  1XST     NMR                        RNA                    28-DEC-04  RNA                                      
 1174  1XSU  1XSU     NMR                        RNA                    28-DEC-04  RNA                                      
 1175  1XUE  1XUE     NMR                        DNA                    12-MAR-97  DNA                                      
 1176  1XV0  1XV0     NMR                        RNA                    09-NOV-04  RNA                                      
 1177  1XV6  1XV6     NMR                        RNA                    05-APR-05  RNA                                      
 1178  1XWP  1XWP     NMR                        RNA                    15-FEB-05  RNA                                      
 1179  1XWU  1XWU     NMR                        RNA                    15-FEB-05  RNA                                      
 1180  1Y8D  1Y8D     NMR                        DNA                    01-FEB-05  DNA                                      
 1181  1Y9H  1Y9H     NMR                        DNA                    22-MAR-05  DNA                                      
 1182  1YBL  1YBL     NMR                        DNA                    11-JAN-05  DNA                                      
 1183  1YBN  1YBN     NMR                        DNA                    11-JAN-05  DNA                                      
 1184  1YBR  1YBR     NMR                        DNA                    11-JAN-05  DNA                                      
 1185  1YCT  1YCT     NMR                        DNA                    10-JAN-06  DNA                                      
 1186  1YCW  1YCW     NMR                        DNA                    06-DEC-05  DNA                                      
 1187  1YFV  1YFV     NMR                        RNA                    15-OCT-97  RNA                                      
 1188  1YG3  1YG3     NMR                        RNA                    13-DEC-05  RNA                                      
 1189  1YG4  1YG4     NMR                        RNA                    13-DEC-05  RNA                                      
 1190  1YLG  1YLG     NMR                        RNA                    01-FEB-05  RNA                                      
 1191  1YMO  1YMO     NMR                        RNA                    15-MAR-05  RNA                                      
 1192  1YN1  1YN1     NMR                        RNA                    24-JAN-06  RNA                                      
 1193  1YN2  1YN2     NMR                        RNA                    24-JAN-06  RNA                                      
 1194  1YNC  1YNC     NMR                        RNA                    08-FEB-05  RNA                                      
 1195  1YNE  1YNE     NMR                        RNA                    08-FEB-05  RNA                                      
 1196  1YNG  1YNG     NMR                        RNA                    08-FEB-05  RNA                                      
 1197  1YSV  1YSV     NMR                        RNA                    19-JUL-05  RNA                                      
 1198  1YUI  1YUI     NMR                        DNA,protein            31-DEC-97  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 1199  1YUJ  1YUJ     NMR                        DNA,protein            31-DEC-97  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 1200  1Z2J  1Z2J     NMR                        RNA                    14-JUN-05  RNA                                      
 1201  1Z30  1Z30     NMR                        RNA                    26-APR-05  RNA                                      
 1202  1Z31  1Z31     NMR                        RNA                    22-MAR-05  RNA                                      
 1203  1ZBN  1ZBN     NMR                        RNA,protein            19-APR-05  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
 1204  1ZC5  1ZC5     NMR                        RNA                    07-JUN-05  RNA                                      
 1205  1ZGW  1ZGW     NMR                        DNA,protein            18-OCT-05  TRANSCRIPTION REGULATOR/DNA              
 1206  1ZHU  1ZHU     NMR                        DNA                    11-JUL-96  DNA                                      
 1207  1ZIF  1ZIF     NMR                        RNA                    12-MAR-97  RNA                                      
 1208  1ZIG  1ZIG     NMR                        RNA                    12-MAR-97  RNA                                      
 1209  1ZIH  1ZIH     NMR                        RNA                    12-MAR-97  RNA                                      
 1210  1ZQ3  1ZQ3     NMR                        DNA,protein            14-FEB-06  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 1211  1ZYF  1ZYF     NMR                        DNA                    23-MAY-06  DNA                                      
 1212  1ZYG  1ZYG     NMR                        DNA                    23-MAY-06  DNA                                      
 1213  1ZYH  1ZYH     NMR                        DNA                    23-MAY-06  DNA                                      
 1214  201D  201D     NMR                        DNA                    31-JUL-95  DNA                                      
 1215  202D  202D     NMR                        DNA                    03-JUN-95  DNA                                      
 1216  203D  203D     NMR                        DNA                    15-SEP-95  DNA                                      
 1217  204D  204D     NMR                        DNA                    15-SEP-95  DNA                                      
 1218  207D  207D     NMR                        DNA                    15-SEP-95  DNA                                      
 1219  214D  214D     NMR                        DNA,RNA                15-OCT-95  DNA                                      
 1220  219D  219D     NMR                        DNA,RNA                15-OCT-95  DNA-RNA HYBRID                           
 1221  225D  225D     NMR                        DNA                    15-OCT-95  DNA                                      
 1222  226D  226D     NMR                        DNA                    29-JAN-96  DNA                                      
 1223  229D  229D     NMR                        DNA                    07-DEC-95  DNA                                      
 1224  230D  230D     NMR                        DNA                    15-OCT-95  DNA                                      
 1225  28SP  28SP     NMR                        RNA                    12-APR-99  RNA                                      
 1226  28SR  28SR     NMR                        RNA                    20-APR-99  RNA                                      
 1227  2A5P  2A5P     NMR                        DNA                    26-JUL-05  DNA                                      
 1228  2A5R  2A5R     NMR                        DNA                    26-JUL-05  DNA                                      
 1229  2A9L  2A9L     NMR                        RNA                    17-JUN-98  RNA                                      
 1230  2A9X  2A9X     NMR                        RNA,protein            01-NOV-05  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
 1231  2AD9  2AD9     NMR                        RNA,protein            04-OCT-05  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
 1232  2ADB  2ADB     NMR                        RNA,protein            04-OCT-05  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
 1233  2ADC  2ADC     NMR                        RNA,protein            04-OCT-05  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
 1234  2ADT  2ADT     NMR                        RNA                    26-JUL-05  RNA                                      
 1235  2AHT  2AHT     NMR                        RNA                    17-OCT-06  RNA                                      
 1236  2AKG  2AKG     NMR                        DNA                    08-NOV-05  DNA                                      
 1237  2AP0  2AP0     NMR                        RNA                    05-SEP-06  RNA                                      
 1238  2AP5  2AP5     NMR                        RNA                    05-SEP-06  RNA                                      
 1239  2AQY  2AQY     NMR                        DNA                    07-MAR-06  DNA                                      
 1240  2ARG  2ARG     NMR                        DNA                    23-MAR-99  DNA                                      
 1241  2AU4  2AU4     NMR                        RNA                    28-MAR-06  RNA                                      
 1242  2AWQ  2AWQ     NMR                        RNA                    17-JAN-06  RNA                                      
 1243  2AWV  2AWV     NMR                        DNA                    20-SEP-05  DNA                                      
 1244  2B6G  2B6G     NMR                        RNA,protein            24-JAN-06  RNA BINDING PROTEIN                      
 1245  2B7G  2B7G     NMR                        RNA                    24-JAN-06  RNA                                      
 1246  2BJ2  2BJ2     NMR                        RNA                    02-FEB-99  RNA                                      
 1247  2BJC  2BJC     NMR                        DNA,protein            18-OCT-05  TRANSCRIPTION REGULATOR                  
 1248  2BQ2  2BQ2     NMR                        DNA                    03-AUG-06  DNA                                      
 1249  2C06  2C06     NMR                        RNA,protein            08-FEB-06  TOXIN                                    
 1250  2CD1           NMR                        RNA                    01-MAY-07  NUCLEIC ACID                             
 1251  2CD3           NMR                        RNA                    01-MAY-07  NUCLEIC ACID                             
 1252  2CD5           NMR                        RNA                    01-MAY-07  NUCLEIC ACID                             
 1253  2CD6           NMR                        RNA                    01-MAY-07  NUCLEIC ACID                             
 1254  2CHJ  2CHJ     NMR                        DNA,RNA                19-APR-06  NUCLEIC ACID                             
 1255  2CHK  2CHK     NMR                        DNA,RNA                19-APR-06  NUCLEIC ACID                             
 1256  2CJK  2CJK     NMR                        RNA,protein            28-JUN-06  RNA BINDING PROTEIN                      
 1257  2D17  2D17     NMR                        RNA                    01-NOV-05  RNA                                      
 1258  2D18  2D18     NMR                        RNA                    01-NOV-05  RNA                                      
 1259  2D19  2D19     NMR                        RNA                    01-NOV-05  RNA                                      
 1260  2D1A  2D1A     NMR                        RNA                    01-NOV-05  RNA                                      
 1261  2D1B  2D1B     NMR                        RNA                    01-NOV-05  RNA                                      
 1262  2DA8  2DA8     NMR                        DNA,protein            31-JAN-94  DNA/ANTIBIOTIC                           
 1263  2DAU  2DAU     NMR                        DNA                    27-MAY-98  DNA                                      
 1264  2DD1  2DD1     NMR                        RNA                    13-JUN-06  RNA                                      
 1265  2DD2  2DD2     NMR                        RNA                    13-JUN-06  RNA                                      
 1266  2DD3  2DD3     NMR                        RNA                    13-JUN-06  RNA                                      
 1267  2E4I           NMR                        DNA                    11-DEC-07  DNA                                      
 1268  2ERR  2ERR     NMR                        RNA,protein            10-JAN-06  RNA BINDING PROTEIN                      
 1269  2ES5  2ES5     NMR                        RNA                    24-JAN-06  RNA                                      
 1270  2ESE  2ESE     NMR                        RNA,protein            24-JAN-06  PROTEIN/RNA COMPLEX                      
 1271  2EUY  2EUY     NMR                        RNA                    03-JAN-06  RNA                                      
 1272  2EVY  2EVY     NMR                        RNA                    22-AUG-06  RNA                                      
 1273  2EXF           NMR                        DNA,protein            24-APR-07  VIRAL PROTEIN/DNA                        
 1274  2EZD  2EZD     NMR                        DNA,protein            15-OCT-97  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 1275  2EZE  2EZE     NMR                        DNA,protein            15-OCT-97  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 1276  2EZF  2EZF     NMR                        DNA,protein            15-OCT-97  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 1277  2EZG  2EZG     NMR                        DNA,protein            15-OCT-97  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 1278  2F1Q           NMR                        DNA                    20-MAR-07  DNA                                      
 1279  2F4X  2F4X     NMR                        RNA                    28-FEB-06  RNA                                      
 1280  2F87  2F87     NMR                        RNA                    08-AUG-06  RNA                                      
 1281  2F88  2F88     NMR                        RNA                    28-FEB-06  RNA                                      
 1282  2F8U  2F8U     NMR                        DNA                    07-NOV-06  DNA                                      
 1283  2FDT  2FDT     NMR                        RNA                    05-DEC-06  RNA                                      
 1284  2FEY  2FEY     NMR                        RNA                    27-JUN-06  RNA                                      
 1285  2FF0  2FF0     NMR                        DNA,protein            11-APR-06  HORMONE/GROWTH FACTOR/DNA                
 1286  2FY1  2FY1     NMR                        RNA,protein            06-FEB-07  STRUCTURAL PROTEIN/RNA                   
 1287  2G1G  2G1G     NMR                        RNA                    20-JUN-06  RNA                                      
 1288  2G1W  2G1W     NMR                        RNA                    11-APR-06  RNA                                      
 1289  2GAT  2GAT     NMR                        DNA,protein            28-JAN-98  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 1290  2GBH  2GBH     NMR                        RNA                    11-APR-06  RNA                                      
 1291  2GE2  2GE2     NMR                        DNA                    04-JUL-06  DNA                                      
 1292  2GIO  2GIO     NMR                        RNA                    20-JUN-06  RNA                                      
 1293  2GIP  2GIP     NMR                        RNA                    20-JUN-06  RNA                                      
 1294  2GKD  2GKD     NMR                        DNA,protein            22-AUG-06  TOXIN/DNA                                
 1295  2GKU  2GKU     NMR                        DNA                    15-AUG-06  DNA                                      
 1296  2GLO  2GLO     NMR                        DNA,protein            29-AUG-06  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 1297  2GM0  2GM0     NMR                        RNA                    25-APR-06  RNA                                      
 1298  2GRW  2GRW     NMR                        RNA                    06-MAR-07  RNA                                      
 1299  2GV3  2GV3     NMR                        RNA                    08-AUG-06  RNA                                      
 1300  2GV4           NMR                        RNA                    20-MAR-07  RNA                                      
 1301  2GVO           NMR                        RNA                    08-MAY-07  RNA                                      
 1302  2GZK  2GZK     NMR                        DNA,protein            25-JUL-06  DNA/STRUCTURAL PROTEIN                   
 1303  2H3A  2H3A     NMR                        DNA,protein            21-NOV-06  IMMUNE SYSTEM/DNA                        
 1304  2H3C  2H3C     NMR                        DNA,protein            21-NOV-06  IMMUNE SYSTEM/DNA                        
 1305  2H49  2H49     NMR                        RNA                    21-NOV-06  RNA                                      
 1306  2HDC  2HDC     NMR                        DNA,protein            05-JUL-99  PROTEIN/DNA                              
 1307  2HEM  2HEM     NMR                        RNA                    12-SEP-06  RNA                                      
 1308  2HGH  2HGH     NMR                        RNA,protein            01-AUG-06  TRANSCRIPTION/RNA                        
 1309  2HK4           NMR                        DNA                    20-MAR-07  DNA                                      
 1310  2HKB  2HKB     NMR                        DNA                    03-OCT-06  DNA                                      
 1311  2HKC  2HKC     NMR                        DNA                    03-OCT-06  DNA                                      
 1312  2HLI  2HLI     NMR                        DNA                    19-SEP-06  DNA                                      
 1313  2HMD           NMR                        DNA                    13-MAR-07  DNA                                      
 1314  2HMR           NMR                        DNA                    13-MAR-07  DNA                                      
 1315  2HNS  2HNS     NMR                        RNA                    31-OCT-06  RNA                                      
 1316  2HOU           NMR                        DNA                    29-MAY-07  DNA                                      
 1317  2HPX           NMR                        DNA                    29-MAY-07  DNA                                      
 1318  2HSK           NMR                        DNA                    29-MAY-07  DNA                                      
 1319  2HSL           NMR                        DNA                    29-MAY-07  DNA                                      
 1320  2HSR           NMR                        DNA                    29-MAY-07  DNA                                      
 1321  2HSS           NMR                        DNA                    29-MAY-07  DNA                                      
 1322  2HUA           NMR                        RNA                    17-APR-07  RNA                                      
 1323  2HY9           NMR                        DNA                    10-APR-07  DNA                                      
 1324  2I2Y  2I2Y     NMR                        RNA,protein            12-DEC-06  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/CHIMERA/RNA          
 1325  2I7E           NMR                        RNA                    03-APR-07  RIBONUCLEIC ACID                         
 1326  2I7Z           NMR                        RNA                    03-APR-07  RIBONUCLEIC ACID                         
 1327  2ICZ  2ICZ     NMR                        DNA                    21-NOV-06  DNA                                      
 1328  2IDN  2IDN     NMR                        DNA                    09-JAN-07  DNA                                      
 1329  2IHX  2IHX     NMR                        RNA,protein            16-JAN-07  VIRAL PROTEIN/RNA                        
 1330  2IRN  2IRN     NMR                        RNA                    20-FEB-07  RNA                                      
 1331  2IRO  2IRO     NMR                        RNA                    20-FEB-07  RNA                                      
 1332  2IXY  2IXY     NMR                        RNA                    06-SEP-06  RNA                                      
 1333  2IXZ  2IXZ     NMR                        RNA                    06-SEP-06  RNA                                      
 1334  2JP9           NMR                        DNA,protein            30-OCT-07  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 1335  2JPA           NMR                        DNA,protein            30-OCT-07  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 1336  2JPP           NMR                        RNA,protein            21-AUG-07  TRANSLATION/RNA                          
 1337  2JPZ           NMR                        DNA                    04-DEC-07  DNA                                      
 1338  2JQ7           NMR                        RNA,protein            03-JUL-07  RIBOSOME/ANTIBIOTIC                      
 1339  2JR4           NMR                        RNA                    24-JUL-07  RNA                                      
 1340  2JRG           NMR                        RNA                    24-JUL-07  RNA                                      
 1341  2JRQ           NMR                        RNA                    24-JUL-07  RNA                                      
 1342  2JSE           NMR                        RNA                    20-NOV-07  RNA                                      
 1343  2JSG           NMR                        RNA                    07-AUG-07  RNA                                      
 1344  2JSK           NMR                        DNA                    08-JUL-08  DNA                                      
 1345  2JSL           NMR                        DNA                    15-JUL-08  DNA                                      
 1346  2JSM           NMR                        DNA                    08-JUL-08  DNA                                      
 1347  2JSQ           NMR                        DNA                    15-JUL-08  DNA                                      
 1348  2JT7           NMR                        DNA                    29-JAN-08  DNA                                      
 1349  2JTP           NMR                        RNA                    02-OCT-07  RNA                                      
 1350  2JUK           NMR                        RNA                    20-NOV-07  RNA                                      
 1351  2JWQ           NMR                        DNA                    25-MAR-08  DNA                                      
 1352  2JWV           NMR                        RNA                    08-JAN-08  RNA                                      
 1353  2JX1           NMR                        DNA,protein            11-DEC-07  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 1354  2JXI           NMR                        DNA,protein            21-OCT-08  DNA BINDING PROTEIN, DNA                 
 1355  2JXQ           NMR                        RNA                    20-MAY-08  RNA                                      
 1356  2JXS           NMR                        RNA                    20-MAY-08  RNA                                      
 1357  2JXV           NMR                        RNA                    29-APR-08  RNA                                      
 1358  2JYF           NMR                        RNA                    07-OCT-08  RNA/RNA                                  
 1359  2JYH           NMR                        RNA                    07-OCT-08  RNA/RNA                                  
 1360  2JYJ           NMR                        RNA                    07-OCT-08  RNA/RNA                                  
 1361  2JYK           NMR                        DNA                    15-JUL-08  DNA                                      
 1362  2JYM           NMR                        RNA                    29-APR-08  RNA                                      
 1363  2JZW           NMR                        DNA,protein            13-JAN-09  VIRAL PROTEIN/DNA                        
 1364  2K0T           NMR                        DNA                    03-FEB-09  DNA                                      
 1365  2K0U           NMR                        DNA                    03-FEB-09  DNA                                      
 1366  2K0V           NMR                        DNA                    03-FEB-09  DNA                                      
 1367  2K1N           NMR                        DNA,protein            11-NOV-08  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 1368  2K1Y           NMR                        DNA                    03-FEB-09  DNA                                      
 1369  2K3Z           NMR                        RNA                    04-NOV-08  RNA                                      
 1370  2K41           NMR                        RNA                    04-NOV-08  RNA                                      
 1371  2K4G           NMR                        DNA,protein            23-SEP-08  PEPTIDE NUCLEIC ACID                     
 1372  2K4L           NMR                        DNA                    28-OCT-08  DNA                                      
 1373  2K5Z           NMR                        RNA                    14-JUL-09  RNA                                      
 1374  2K65           NMR                        RNA                    14-JUL-09  RNA                                      
 1375  2K66           NMR                        RNA                    14-JUL-09  RNA                                      
 1376  2K67           NMR                        DNA                    07-JUL-09  DNA                                      
 1377  2K68           NMR                        DNA                    07-JUL-09  DNA                                      
 1378  2K69           NMR                        DNA                    07-JUL-09  DNA                                      
 1379  2K71           NMR                        DNA                    21-JUL-09  DNA                                      
 1380  2K7E           NMR                        RNA                    07-OCT-08  RNA                                      
 1381  2K7F           NMR                        DNA,protein            08-SEP-09  REPLICATION/DNA                          
 1382  2K8T           NMR                        DNA                    04-NOV-08  DNA                                      
 1383  2K8U           NMR                        DNA                    04-NOV-08  DNA                                      
 1384  2K8Z           NMR                        DNA                    28-APR-09  DNA                                      
 1385  2K90           NMR                        DNA                    28-APR-09  DNA                                      
 1386  2K95           NMR                        RNA                    25-NOV-08  RNA                                      
 1387  2K96           NMR                        RNA                    25-NOV-08  RNA                                      
 1388  2K97           NMR                        DNA                    28-APR-09  DNA                                      
 1389  2KAE           NMR                        DNA,protein            06-JAN-09  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 1390  2KAL           NMR                        DNA                    10-FEB-09  DNA                                      
 1391  2KAR           NMR                        DNA                    26-MAY-09  DNA                                      
 1392  2KAS           NMR                        DNA                    26-MAY-09  DNA                                      
 1393  2KAZ           NMR                        DNA                    16-DEC-08  DNA                                      
 1394  2KBD  2KBD     NMR                        DNA                    09-DEC-98  DNA                                      
 1395  2KBP           NMR                        RNA                    24-MAR-09  RNA                                      
 1396  2KD4           NMR                        RNA                    07-APR-09  RNA                                      
 1397  2KD8           NMR                        RNA                    19-JAN-10  RNA                                      
 1398  2KD9           NMR                        DNA                    21-APR-09  DNA                                      
 1399  2KDA           NMR                        DNA                    21-APR-09  DNA                                      
 1400  2KDQ           NMR                        RNA,protein            23-JUN-09  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
 1401  2KDZ           NMR                        DNA,protein            17-MAR-09  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 1402  2KE6           NMR                        RNA                    26-JAN-10  RNA                                      
 1403  2KE8           NMR                        DNA                    09-FEB-10  DNA                                      
 1404  2KEI           NMR                        DNA,protein            19-MAY-09  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 1405  2KEJ           NMR                        DNA,protein            19-MAY-09  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 1406  2KEK           NMR                        DNA,protein            19-MAY-09  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 1407  2KEZ           NMR                        RNA                    21-JUL-09  RNA                                      
 1408  2KF0           NMR                        RNA                    21-JUL-09  RNA                                      
 1409  2KF7           NMR                        DNA                    24-MAR-09  DNA                                      
 1410  2KF8           NMR                        DNA                    24-MAR-09  DNA                                      
 1411  2KFY           NMR                        RNA,protein            09-JUN-10  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
 1412  2KG0           NMR                        RNA,protein            09-JUN-10  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
 1413  2KG1           NMR                        RNA,protein            09-JUN-10  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
 1414  2KGP           NMR                        RNA                    02-JUN-09  RNA                                      
 1415  2KH0           NMR                        DNA                    01-DEC-09  DNA                                      
 1416  2KH1           NMR                        DNA                    01-DEC-09  DNA                                      
 1417  2KH3           NMR                        DNA                    15-DEC-09  DNA                                      
 1418  2KH4           NMR                        DNA                    15-DEC-09  DNA                                      
 1419  2KH5           NMR                        DNA                    02-MAR-10  DNA                                      
 1420  2KH6           NMR                        DNA                    02-MAR-10  DNA                                      
 1421  2KH7           NMR                        DNA                    01-DEC-09  DNA                                      
 1422  2KH8           NMR                        DNA                    01-DEC-09  DNA                                      
 1423  2KH9           NMR                        RNA,protein            09-MAR-10  SPLICING/RNA                             
 1424  2KHY           NMR                        RNA                    16-FEB-10  RNA                                      
 1425  2KK5           NMR                        DNA                    21-JUL-09  DNA                                      
 1426  2KKA           NMR                        DNA                    15-DEC-09  DNA                                      
 1427  2KKF           NMR                        DNA,protein            08-DEC-09  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 1428  2KKK           NMR                        DNA                    04-AUG-09  DNA                                      
 1429  2KM3           NMR                        DNA                    03-NOV-09  DNA                                      
 1430  2KM8           NMR                        RNA,protein            28-JUL-10  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
 1431  2KMJ           NMR                        RNA,other              18-AUG-09  RNA/PEPTIDE                              
 1432  2KMK           NMR                        DNA,protein            02-MAR-10  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 1433  2KN7           NMR                        DNA,protein            04-AUG-10  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 1434  2KNK           NMR                        DNA                    29-SEP-09  DNA                                      
 1435  2KNL           NMR                        DNA                    29-SEP-09  DNA                                      
 1436  2KO0           NMR                        DNA,protein            19-JAN-10  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 1437  2KOC           NMR                        RNA                    01-DEC-09  RNA                                      
 1438  2KOW           NMR                        DNA                    17-NOV-09  DNA                                      
 1439  2KP3           NMR                        RNA                    09-FEB-10  RNA                                      
 1440  2KP4           NMR                        DNA,RNA                09-FEB-10  DNA/RNA                                  
 1441  2KPC           NMR                        RNA                    30-JUN-10  RNA                                      
 1442  2KPD           NMR                        RNA                    30-JUN-10  RNA                                      
 1443  2KPR           NMR                        DNA                    02-MAR-10  DNA                                      
 1444  2KPV           NMR                        RNA                    04-AUG-10  RNA                                      
 1445  2KQG           NMR                        DNA                    24-NOV-09  DNA                                      
 1446  2KQH           NMR                        DNA                    24-NOV-09  DNA                                      
 1447  2KRP           NMR                        RNA                    01-DEC-10  RNA                                      
 1448  2KRQ           NMR                        RNA                    01-DEC-10  RNA                                      
 1449  2KRV           NMR                        RNA                    01-DEC-10  RNA                                      
 1450  2KRW           NMR                        RNA                    01-DEC-10  RNA                                      
 1451  2KRY           NMR                        RNA                    18-AUG-10  RNA                                      
 1452  2KRZ           NMR                        RNA                    18-AUG-10  RNA                                      
 1453  2KTP           NMR                        DNA                    23-MAR-10  DNA                                      
 1454  2KTT           NMR                        DNA                    09-MAR-10  DNA                                      
 1455  2KTZ           NMR                        RNA                    28-APR-10  RNA                                      
 1456  2KU0           NMR                        RNA                    28-APR-10  RNA                                      
 1457  2KUR           NMR                        RNA                    19-MAY-10  RNA                                      
 1458  2KUU           NMR                        RNA                    19-MAY-10  RNA                                      
 1459  2KUV           NMR                        RNA                    19-MAY-10  RNA                                      
 1460  2KUW           NMR                        RNA                    19-MAY-10  RNA                                      
 1461  2KUZ           NMR                        DNA                    28-JUL-10  DNA                                      
 1462  2KV0           NMR                        DNA                    19-JAN-11  DNA                                      
 1463  2KV6           NMR                        DNA,protein            21-JUL-10  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 1464  2KVN           NMR                        RNA                    07-JUL-10  RNA                                      
 1465  2KVY           NMR                        DNA                    26-MAY-10  DNA                                      
 1466  2KWG           NMR                        DNA,RNA,other          21-JUL-10  RNA                                      
 1467  2KX5           NMR                        RNA,protein            07-JUL-10  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
 1468  2KX8           NMR                        RNA                    08-SEP-10  RNA                                      
 1469  2KXM           NMR                        RNA                    20-APR-11  RNA/ANTIBIOTIC                           
 1470  2KXN           NMR                        RNA,protein            16-MAR-11  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
 1471  2KXZ           NMR                        RNA                    02-JUN-10  RNA                                      
 1472  2KY0           NMR                        RNA                    02-JUN-10  RNA                                      
 1473  2KY1           NMR                        RNA                    02-JUN-10  RNA                                      
 1474  2KY2           NMR                        RNA                    02-JUN-10  RNA                                      
 1475  2KY7           NMR                        DNA                    02-JUN-10  DNA                                      
 1476  2KY8           NMR                        DNA,protein            18-MAY-11  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 1477  2KYD           NMR                        RNA                    07-JUL-10  RNA                                      
 1478  2KYE           NMR                        RNA                    30-JUN-10  RNA                                      
 1479  2KYO           NMR                        DNA                    30-JUN-10  DNA                                      
 1480  2KYP           NMR                        DNA                    30-JUN-10  DNA                                      
 1481  2KZD           NMR                        DNA                    06-OCT-10  DNA                                      
 1482  2KZE           NMR                        DNA                    06-OCT-10  DNA                                      
 1483  2KZL           NMR                        RNA                    23-FEB-11  RNA                                      
 1484  2L13           NMR                        DNA                    06-JUL-11  DNA                                      
 1485  2L1F           NMR                        RNA                    27-OCT-10  RNA                                      
 1486  2L1G           NMR                        DNA,protein            08-SEP-10  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 1487  2L1V           NMR                        RNA                    01-SEP-10  RNA                                      
 1488  2L2J           NMR                        RNA                    27-OCT-10  RNA                                      
 1489  2L2K           NMR                        RNA,protein            27-OCT-10  HYDROLASE/RNA                            
 1490  2L2U           NMR                        DNA                    03-NOV-10  DNA                                      
 1491  2L2V           NMR                        DNA                    13-JUL-11  DNA                                      
 1492  2L3C           NMR                        RNA,protein            27-OCT-10  HYDROLASE/RNA                            
 1493  2L3E           NMR                        RNA                    17-NOV-10  RNA                                      
 1494  2L3J           NMR                        RNA,protein            27-OCT-10  HYDROLASE/RNA                            
 1495  2L41           NMR                        RNA,protein            17-NOV-10  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
 1496  2L45           NMR                        DNA,protein            14-DEC-11  VIRAL PROTEIN/DNA                        
 1497  2L46           NMR                        DNA,protein            14-DEC-11  VIRAL PROTEIN/DNA                        
 1498  2L4L           NMR                        DNA,protein            08-DEC-10  VIRAL PROTEIN/DNA                        
 1499  2L5D           NMR                        RNA,protein            20-APR-11  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
 1500  2L5K           NMR                        DNA                    07-DEC-11  DNA                                      
 1501  2L5Z           NMR                        RNA                    16-FEB-11  RNA                                      
 1502  2L6I           NMR                        RNA                    23-MAR-11  RNA                                      
 1503  2L7D           NMR                        DNA,RNA                01-JUN-11  DNA, RNA                                 
 1504  2L7V           NMR                        DNA                    09-NOV-11  DNA/INHIBITOR                            
 1505  2L88           NMR                        DNA                    25-MAY-11  DNA                                      
 1506  2L8C           NMR                        RNA                    23-FEB-11  RNA                                      
 1507  2L8F           NMR                        RNA                    31-AUG-11  RNA                                      
 1508  2L8H           NMR                        RNA                    23-MAR-11  RNA                                      
 1509  2L8I           NMR                        DNA                    28-DEC-11  DNA                                      
 1510  2L8P           NMR                        DNA                    23-FEB-11  DNA                                      
 1511  2L8Q           NMR                        DNA                    23-FEB-11  DNA                                      
 1512  2L8U           NMR                        RNA                    23-FEB-11  RNA                                      
 1513  2L8W           NMR                        RNA                    23-FEB-11  RNA                                      
 1514  2L94           NMR                        RNA                    15-JUN-11  RNA/INHIBITOR                            
 1515  2L9E           NMR                        RNA                    02-MAR-11  RNA                                      
 1516  2LA5           NMR                        RNA,protein            08-JUN-11  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
 1517  2LA9           NMR                        RNA                    03-AUG-11  RNA                                      
 1518  2LAC           NMR                        RNA                    03-AUG-11  RNA                                      
 1519  2LAR           NMR                        DNA,RNA                12-OCT-11  DNA/RNA                                  
 1520  2LB4           NMR                        DNA,RNA                29-JUN-11  DNA/RNA                                  
 1521  2LBI           NMR                        DNA                    04-APR-12  DNA                                      
 1522  2LBJ           NMR                        RNA                    04-APR-12  RNA                                      
 1523  2LBK           NMR                        RNA                    04-APR-12  RNA                                      
 1524  2LBL           NMR                        RNA                    04-APR-12  RNA                                      
 1525  2LBQ           NMR                        RNA                    03-AUG-11  RNA                                      
 1526  2LBR           NMR                        RNA                    03-AUG-11  RNA                                      
 1527  2LBS           NMR                        RNA,protein            31-AUG-11  HYDROLASE/RNA                            
 1528  2LBY           NMR                        DNA                    22-FEB-12  DNA                                      
 1529  2LC8           NMR                        RNA                    23-NOV-11  RNA                                      
 1530  2LD5           NMR                        DNA,protein            10-AUG-11  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 1531  2LD8           NMR                        DNA                    29-JUN-11  DNA                                      
 1532  2LDL           NMR                        RNA                    28-DEC-11  RNA                                      
 1533  2LDT           NMR                        RNA                    07-SEP-11  RNA                                      
 1534  2LDZ  2LDZ     NMR                        RNA                    23-FEB-99  RNA                                      
 1535  2LE6           NMR                        DNA                    31-AUG-11  DNA                                      
 1536  2LEB           NMR                        RNA,protein            23-NOV-11  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
 1537  2LEC           NMR                        RNA,protein            23-NOV-11  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
 1538  2LED           NMR                        DNA                    14-MAR-12  DNA                                      
 1539  2LEE           NMR                        DNA                    14-MAR-12  DNA                                      
 1540  2LEF  2LEF     NMR                        DNA,protein            21-OCT-98  GENE REGULATION/DNA                      
 1541  2LEX           NMR                        DNA,protein            18-JAN-12  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 1542  2LFA           NMR                        DNA                    04-JAN-12  DNA                                      
 1543  2LFX           NMR                        DNA                    27-JUN-12  DNA                                      
 1544  2LFY           NMR                        DNA                    27-JUN-12  DNA                                      
 1545  2LG0           NMR                        DNA                    27-JUN-12  DNA                                      
 1546  2LG2           NMR                        DNA                    01-AUG-12  DNA                                      
 1547  2LG3           NMR                        DNA                    01-AUG-12  DNA                                      
 1548  2LGM           NMR                        DNA                    30-NOV-11  DNA                                      
 1549  2LHO           NMR                        DNA                    04-JUL-12  DNA                                      
 1550  2LHP           NMR                        RNA                    25-JUL-12  RNA                                      
 1551  2LI4           NMR                        RNA                    22-AUG-12  RNA                                      
 1552  2LI8           NMR                        RNA,protein            07-DEC-11  TRANSCRIPTION/RNA                        
 1553  2LIA           NMR                        DNA                    29-AUG-12  DNA                                      
 1554  2LIB           NMR                        DNA                    08-AUG-12  DNA                                      
 1555  2LJJ           NMR                        RNA                    19-SEP-12  RNA                                      
 1556  2LK3           NMR                        RNA                    22-FEB-12  RNA                                      
 1557  2LK7           NMR                        DNA                    10-OCT-12  DNA                                      
 1558  2LKR           NMR                        RNA                    22-FEB-12  RNA                                      
 1559  2LKX           NMR                        DNA,protein            02-MAY-12  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 1560  2LL9           NMR                        DNA                    19-SEP-12  DNA                                      
 1561  2LLJ           NMR                        DNA                    20-FEB-13  DNA                                      
 1562  2LO5           NMR                        DNA                    14-MAR-12  DNA                                      
 1563  2LO8           NMR                        DNA                    14-MAR-12  DNA                                      
 1564  2LOA           NMR                        DNA                    14-MAR-12  DNA                                      
 1565  2LOD           NMR                        DNA                    30-MAY-12  DNA                                      
 1566  2LP9           NMR                        RNA                    16-MAY-12  RNA                                      
 1567  2LPA           NMR                        RNA                    16-MAY-12  RNA                                      
 1568  2LPS           NMR                        RNA                    08-AUG-12  RNA                                      
 1569  2LPT           NMR                        RNA                    08-AUG-12  RNA                                      
 1570  2LPW           NMR                        DNA                    07-MAR-12  DNA                                      
 1571  2LQZ           NMR                        RNA                    01-AUG-12  RNA                                      
 1572  2LSC           NMR                        DNA,RNA                18-JUL-12  DNA                                      
 1573  2LSF           NMR                        DNA                    12-SEP-12  DNA                                      
 1574  2LSX           NMR                        DNA                    17-OCT-12  DNA                                      
 1575  2LSZ           NMR                        DNA                    13-JUN-12  DNA                                      
 1576  2LT0           NMR                        DNA                    13-JUN-12  DNA                                      
 1577  2LT7           NMR                        DNA,protein            05-SEP-12  METAL BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                
 1578  2LTT           NMR                        DNA,protein            20-JUN-12  TRANSCRIPTION, DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA   
 1579  2LU0           NMR                        RNA                    10-APR-13  RNA                                      
 1580  2LUB           NMR                        RNA                    25-JUL-12  RNA                                      
 1581  2LUJ           NMR                        DNA                    25-JUL-12  DNA                                      
 1582  2LUN           NMR                        RNA                    18-DEC-13  RNA                                      
 1583  2LUP           NMR                        RNA,protein            04-JUL-12  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
 1584  2LV0           NMR                        RNA                    26-JUN-13  RNA                                      
 1585  2LVY           NMR                        DNA,RNA                10-APR-13  RNA                                      
 1586  2LWG           NMR                        DNA                    23-JAN-13  DNA                                      
 1587  2LWH           NMR                        DNA                    23-JAN-13  DNA                                      
 1588  2LWK           NMR                        RNA                    29-AUG-12  RNA                                      
 1589  2LWM           NMR                        DNA                    20-FEB-13  DNA                                      
 1590  2LWN           NMR                        DNA                    20-FEB-13  DNA                                      
 1591  2LWO           NMR                        DNA                    20-FEB-13  DNA                                      
 1592  2LX1           NMR                        RNA                    21-NOV-12  RNA                                      
 1593  2LXQ           NMR                        DNA                    28-NOV-12  DNA                                      
 1594  2LXV           NMR                        DNA                    28-NOV-12  DNA                                      
 1595  2LYG           NMR                        DNA                    29-JAN-14  DNA                                      
 1596  2LZK           NMR                        DNA                    21-NOV-12  DNA                                      
 1597  2LZV           NMR                        DNA                    16-OCT-13  DNA                                      
 1598  2LZW           NMR                        DNA                    16-OCT-13  DNA                                      
 1599  2M11           NMR                        DNA                    12-JUN-13  DNA                                      
 1600  2M12           NMR                        RNA                    23-OCT-13  RNA                                      
 1601  2M18           NMR                        RNA                    17-APR-13  RNA                                      
 1602  2M1G           NMR                        DNA                    08-MAY-13  DNA                                      
 1603  2M1O           NMR                        RNA                    13-FEB-13  RNA                                      
 1604  2M1V           NMR                        DNA,RNA                11-JUN-14  DNA/RNA                                  
 1605  2M21           NMR                        RNA                    20-MAR-13  RNA                                      
 1606  2M22           NMR                        RNA                    20-MAR-13  RNA                                      
 1607  2M23           NMR                        RNA                    18-DEC-13  RNA                                      
 1608  2M24           NMR                        RNA                    18-DEC-13  RNA                                      
 1609  2M27           NMR                        DNA                    18-SEP-13  DNA                                      
 1610  2M2C           NMR                        DNA                    23-JAN-13  DNA                                      
 1611  2M2W           NMR                        DNA,protein            02-APR-14  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 1612  2M39           NMR                        DNA,RNA                27-NOV-13  RNA                                      
 1613  2M3P           NMR                        DNA                    08-JAN-14  DNA                                      
 1614  2M3Y           NMR                        DNA                    08-JAN-14  DNA                                      
 1615  2M40           NMR                        DNA                    08-JAN-14  DNA                                      
 1616  2M43           NMR                        DNA                    08-JAN-14  DNA                                      
 1617  2M44           NMR                        DNA                    08-JAN-14  DNA                                      
 1618  2M4P           NMR                        DNA                    19-JUN-13  DNA                                      
 1619  2M4Q           NMR                        RNA                    20-MAR-13  RNA/ANTIBIOTIC                           
 1620  2M4W           NMR                        RNA                    05-MAR-14  RNA                                      
 1621  2M53           NMR                        DNA,RNA                28-AUG-13  DNA                                      
 1622  2M54           NMR                        DNA                    15-MAY-13  DNA                                      
 1623  2M57           NMR                        RNA                    26-FEB-14  RNA                                      
 1624  2M58           NMR                        RNA                    03-APR-13  RNA                                      
 1625  2M5U           NMR                        RNA                    02-APR-14  RNA                                      
 1626  2M6V           NMR                        DNA                    16-JUL-14  DNA                                      
 1627  2M6W           NMR                        DNA                    23-JUL-14  DNA                                      
 1628  2M84           NMR                        DNA                    27-NOV-13  DNA, RNA                                 
 1629  2M8A           NMR                        DNA,other              27-NOV-13  DNA, RNA                                 
 1630  2M8D           NMR                        RNA,protein            10-JUL-13  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
 1631  2M8K           NMR                        RNA                    19-JUN-13  RNA                                      
 1632  2M8Y           NMR                        DNA                    10-JUL-13  DNA                                      
 1633  2M8Z           NMR                        DNA                    10-JUL-13  DNA                                      
 1634  2M90           NMR                        DNA                    10-JUL-13  DNA                                      
 1635  2M91           NMR                        DNA                    10-JUL-13  DNA                                      
 1636  2M92           NMR                        DNA                    10-JUL-13  DNA                                      
 1637  2M93           NMR                        DNA                    10-JUL-13  DNA                                      
 1638  2MAP           NMR                        DNA,protein            19-FEB-14  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 1639  2MAV           NMR                        DNA                    14-MAY-14  DNA                                      
 1640  2MAY           NMR                        DNA,RNA                04-FEB-15  DNA                                      
 1641  2MB0           NMR                        RNA,protein            09-APR-14  SPLICING/RNA                             
 1642  2MB2           NMR                        DNA                    03-DEC-14  DNA                                      
 1643  2MB3           NMR                        DNA                    28-AUG-13  DNA/DNA INHIBITOR                        
 1644  2MB4           NMR                        DNA                    28-MAY-14  DNA                                      
 1645  2MBJ           NMR                        DNA                    18-SEP-13  DNA                                      
 1646  2MCC           NMR                        DNA                    02-OCT-13  DNA                                      
 1647  2MCI           NMR                        DNA                    22-JAN-14  DNA                                      
 1648  2MCJ           NMR                        DNA                    22-JAN-14  DNA                                      
 1649  2MCO           NMR                        DNA                    16-OCT-13  DNA                                      
 1650  2ME6           NMR                        DNA,protein            30-OCT-13  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 1651  2MEQ           NMR                        RNA                    01-JAN-14  RNA                                      
 1652  2MER           NMR                        RNA                    01-JAN-14  RNA                                      
 1653  2MF0           NMR                        RNA,protein            21-MAY-14  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
 1654  2MF1           NMR                        RNA,protein            21-MAY-14  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
 1655  2MF8           NMR                        DNA,protein            06-NOV-13  METAL BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                
 1656  2MFC           NMR                        RNA,protein            26-FEB-14  TRANSLATION/RNA                          
 1657  2MFD           NMR                        RNA                    15-OCT-14  RNA                                      
 1658  2MFE           NMR                        RNA,protein            26-FEB-14  TRANSLATION/RNA                          
 1659  2MFF           NMR                        RNA,protein            26-FEB-14  TRANSLATION/RNA                          
 1660  2MFG           NMR                        RNA,protein            26-FEB-14  TRANSLATION/RNA                          
 1661  2MFH           NMR                        RNA,protein            26-FEB-14  TRANSLATION/RNA                          
 1662  2MFT           NMR                        DNA                    22-OCT-14  DNA                                      
 1663  2MFU           NMR                        DNA                    29-OCT-14  DNA                                      
 1664  2MG8           NMR                        DNA                    23-APR-14  DNA                                      
 1665  2MGN           NMR                        DNA                    22-JAN-14  DNA                                      
 1666  2MGZ           NMR                        RNA,protein            13-AUG-14  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
 1667  2MH6           NMR                        DNA                    02-JUL-14  DNA                                      
 1668  2MHI           NMR                        RNA                    25-DEC-13  RNA                                      
 1669  2MHX           NMR                        DNA                    28-MAY-14  DNA                                      
 1670  2MHZ           NMR                        DNA                    28-MAY-14  DNA                                      
 1671  2MI0           NMR                        RNA                    15-JAN-14  RNA                                      
 1672  2MIS           NMR                        RNA                    22-JAN-14  RNA                                      
 1673  2MIV           NMR                        DNA                    02-APR-14  DNA                                      
 1674  2MIW           NMR                        DNA                    02-APR-14  DNA                                      
 1675  2MIY           NMR                        RNA                    29-JAN-14  RNA                                      
 1676  2MJH           NMR                        RNA,protein            28-MAY-14  RNA BINDING PROTEIN                      
 1677  2MJJ           NMR                        DNA                    24-DEC-14  DNA                                      
 1678  2MJX           NMR                        DNA                    05-MAR-14  DNA                                      
 1679  2MKI           NMR                        RNA,protein            23-JUL-14  TRANSLATION REGULATOR/RNA                
 1680  2MKK           NMR                        RNA,protein            23-JUL-14  TRANSLATION REGULATOR/RNA                
 1681  2MKM           NMR                        DNA                    19-NOV-14  DNA                                      
 1682  2MKN           NMR                        RNA,protein            19-MAR-14  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
 1683  2MKO           NMR                        DNA                    19-NOV-14  DNA                                      
 1684  2MMF           NMR                        DNA                    25-FEB-15  DNA                                      
 1685  2MMQ           NMR                        DNA                    25-FEB-15  DNA                                      
 1686  2MMR           NMR                        DNA                    25-FEB-15  DNA                                      
 1687  2MMS           NMR                        DNA                    25-FEB-15  DNA                                      
 1688  2MN0           NMR                        RNA                    15-APR-15  RNA                                      
 1689  2MNA           NMR                        DNA,protein            17-DEC-14  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 1690  2MNB           NMR                        DNA                    17-SEP-14  DNA                                      
 1691  2MNC           NMR                        RNA                    01-OCT-14  RNA                                      
 1692  2MND           NMR                        DNA                    30-JUL-14  DNA                                      
 1693  2MNE           NMR                        DNA                    30-JUL-14  DNA                                      
 1694  2MNF           NMR                        DNA                    30-JUL-14  DNA                                      
 1695  2MNX           NMR                        DNA                    08-OCT-14  DNA                                      
 1696  2MO2           NMR                        DNA                    10-SEP-14  DNA                                      
 1697  2MO7           NMR                        DNA                    10-SEP-14  DNA                                      
 1698  2MOE           NMR                        DNA,protein            10-SEP-14  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 1699  2MQO           NMR                        RNA,protein            23-DEC-15  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
 1700  2MQP           NMR                        RNA,protein            23-DEC-15  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
 1701  2MQQ           NMR                        RNA,protein            23-DEC-15  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
 1702  2MQT           NMR                        RNA                    10-SEP-14  RNA                                      
 1703  2MQV           NMR                        RNA,protein            17-SEP-14  VIRAL PROTEIN/RNA                        
 1704  2MRU           NMR                        DNA,protein            04-FEB-15  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 1705  2MRZ           NMR                        DNA                    03-JUN-15  DNA                                      
 1706  2MS0           NMR                        RNA,protein            17-SEP-14  VIRAL PROTEIN/RNA                        
 1707  2MS1           NMR                        RNA,protein            10-SEP-14  VIRAL PROTEIN/RNA                        
 1708  2MS5           NMR                        RNA                    28-JAN-15  RNA                                      
 1709  2MS6           NMR                        DNA                    28-JAN-15  DNA                                      
 1710  2MS9           NMR                        DNA                    18-FEB-15  DNA                                      
 1711  2MTJ           NMR                        RNA                    22-OCT-14  RNA                                      
 1712  2MTK           NMR                        RNA                    22-OCT-14  RNA                                      
 1713  2MTV           NMR                        RNA,protein            26-NOV-14  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
 1714  2MVS           NMR                        RNA                    16-SEP-15  RNA                                      
 1715  2MVY           NMR                        RNA                    30-SEP-15  RNA                                      
 1716  2MWZ           NMR                        DNA                    14-OCT-15  DNA                                      
 1717  2MXF           NMR                        DNA,protein            01-JUL-15  TRANSCRIPTION REGULATOR/DNA              
 1718  2MXJ           NMR                        RNA                    06-MAY-15  RNA                                      
 1719  2MXK           NMR                        RNA                    06-MAY-15  RNA                                      
 1720  2MXL           NMR                        RNA                    06-MAY-15  RNA                                      
 1721  2MXS           NMR                        RNA                    09-DEC-15  RNA                                      
 1722  2MXY           NMR                        RNA,protein            25-FEB-15  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
 1723  2MZ1           NMR                        RNA,protein            08-APR-15  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
 1724  2N0J           NMR                        RNA                    03-FEB-16  RNA                                      
 1725  2N0Q           NMR                        DNA                    19-AUG-15  DNA                                      
 1726  2N0R           NMR                        RNA                    20-MAY-15  RNA                                      
 1727  2N1Q           NMR                        RNA                    27-MAY-15  RNA                                      
 1728  2N21           NMR                        DNA,protein            29-JUL-15  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 1729  2N2D           NMR                        DNA                    23-SEP-15  DNA                                      
 1730  2N2O           NMR                        RNA                    05-AUG-15  RNA                                      
 1731  2N2P           NMR                        RNA                    05-AUG-15  RNA                                      
 1732  2N3M           NMR                        DNA                    06-JUL-16  DNA                                      
 1733  2N3O           NMR                        RNA,protein            10-AUG-16  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
 1734  2N3Q           NMR                        RNA                    15-JUL-15  RNA                                      
 1735  2N3R           NMR                        RNA                    15-JUL-15  RNA                                      
 1736  2N4L           NMR                        RNA                    02-DEC-15  RNA                                      
 1737  2N4M           NMR                        DNA                    06-JUL-16  DNA                                      
 1738  2N4Y           NMR                        DNA                    29-JUN-16  DNA                                      
 1739  2N5O           NMR                        DNA                    07-SEP-16  DNA                                      
 1740  2N5P           NMR                        DNA                    07-SEP-16  DNA                                      
 1741  2N60           NMR                        DNA                    01-JUN-16  DNA                                      
 1742  2N6C           NMR                        DNA                    14-SEP-16  DNA                                      
 1743  2N6S           NMR                        RNA                    03-AUG-16  RNA                                      
 1744  2N6T           NMR                        RNA                    03-AUG-16  RNA                                      
 1745  2N6W           NMR                        RNA                    03-AUG-16  RNA                                      
 1746  2N6X           NMR                        RNA                    03-AUG-16  RNA                                      
 1747  2N7C           NMR                        RNA,protein            12-OCT-16  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
 1748  2N7M           NMR                        RNA                    30-DEC-15  RNA                                      
 1749  2N7X           NMR                        RNA                    13-APR-16  RNA                                      
 1750  2N82           NMR                        RNA,protein            13-APR-16  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
 1751  2N89           NMR                        DNA                    17-AUG-16  DNA                                      
 1752  2N8A           NMR                        DNA,protein            02-DEC-15  TRANSFERASE                              
 1753  2N8L           NMR                        RNA,protein            25-JAN-17  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
 1754  2N8M           NMR                        RNA,protein            25-JAN-17  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
 1755  2N8V           NMR                        RNA                    11-NOV-15  RNA                                      
 1756  2N96           NMR                        DNA                    01-JUN-16  DNA                                      
 1757  2N9F           NMR                        DNA                    31-AUG-16  DNA                                      
 1758  2N9H           NMR                        DNA                    31-AUG-16  DNA                                      
 1759  2N9Q           NMR                        DNA                    17-FEB-16  DNA                                      
 1760  2NBJ           NMR                        DNA,protein            01-MAR-17  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 1761  2NBX           NMR                        RNA                    10-AUG-16  RNA                                      
 1762  2NBY           NMR                        RNA                    10-AUG-16  RNA                                      
 1763  2NBZ           NMR                        RNA                    10-AUG-16  RNA                                      
 1764  2NC0           NMR                        RNA                    10-AUG-16  RNA                                      
 1765  2NC1           NMR                        RNA                    10-AUG-16  RNA                                      
 1766  2NCI           NMR                        RNA                    28-SEP-16  RNA                                      
 1767  2NCQ           NMR                        RNA                    19-APR-17  RNA                                      
 1768  2NCR           NMR                        RNA                    19-APR-17  RNA                                      
 1769  2NEO  2NEO     NMR                        DNA                    28-JAN-98  DNA                                      
 1770  2NPW           NMR                        DNA                    12-JUN-07  DNA                                      
 1771  2NQ0           NMR                        DNA                    12-JUN-07  DNA                                      
 1772  2NQ1           NMR                        DNA                    12-JUN-07  DNA                                      
 1773  2NQ4           NMR                        DNA                    12-JUN-07  DNA                                      
 1774  2O32           NMR                        RNA                    06-FEB-07  RNA                                      
 1775  2O33           NMR                        RNA                    06-FEB-07  RIBONUCLEIC ACID                         
 1776  2O3M           NMR                        DNA                    22-MAY-07  DNA                                      
 1777  2O4Y           NMR                        DNA                    24-APR-07  DNA                                      
 1778  2O7W           NMR                        DNA                    27-NOV-07  DNA                                      
 1779  2O7X           NMR                        DNA                    27-NOV-07  DNA                                      
 1780  2O7Y           NMR                        DNA                    27-NOV-07  DNA                                      
 1781  2O7Z           NMR                        DNA                    27-NOV-07  DNA                                      
 1782  2O80           NMR                        DNA                    27-NOV-07  DNA                                      
 1783  2O81           NMR                        RNA                    10-JUL-07  RNA                                      
 1784  2O82           NMR                        DNA                    27-NOV-07  DNA                                      
 1785  2O83           NMR                        RNA                    10-JUL-07  RNA                                      
 1786  2O8K           NMR                        DNA,protein            17-JUL-07  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 1787  2O9L           NMR                        DNA,protein            17-JUL-07  RNA POLYMERASE SIGMA FACTOR RPON/DNA     
 1788  2OEH           NMR                        DNA,protein            07-AUG-07  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 1789  2OEY           NMR                        DNA                    10-APR-07  DNA                                      
 1790  2OJ7           NMR                        RNA                    22-MAY-07  RNA                                      
 1791  2OJ8           NMR                        RNA                    22-MAY-07  RNA                                      
 1792  2OOM           NMR                        RNA                    29-JAN-08  RNA                                      
 1793  2P7C           NMR                        DNA,protein            12-JUN-07  TRANSCRIPTION REGULATOR                  
 1794  2P89           NMR                        RNA                    03-APR-07  RNA                                      
 1795  2PCV           NMR                        RNA                    08-MAY-07  RNA                                      
 1796  2PCW           NMR                        RNA                    08-MAY-07  RNA                                      
 1797  2PIK  2PIK     NMR                        DNA                    15-MAY-97  DNA                                      
 1798  2PN9           NMR                        RNA                    30-OCT-07  RNA                                      
 1799  2QH2           NMR                        RNA                    25-SEP-07  RNA                                      
 1800  2QH3           NMR                        RNA                    25-SEP-07  RNA                                      
 1801  2QH4           NMR                        RNA                    25-SEP-07  RNA                                      
 1802  2RLU           NMR                        RNA                    26-FEB-08  RNA                                      
 1803  2RMQ           NMR                        DNA                    15-APR-08  DNA                                      
 1804  2RN1           NMR                        RNA                    23-SEP-08  RNA                                      
 1805  2RO2           NMR                        RNA                    30-DEC-08  RNA                                      
 1806  2ROU           NMR                        DNA                    03-MAR-09  DNA                                      
 1807  2RP0           NMR                        RNA                    31-MAR-09  RNA                                      
 1808  2RP1           NMR                        RNA                    31-MAR-09  RNA                                      
 1809  2RPD           NMR                        DNA                    26-MAY-09  DNA                                      
 1810  2RPE           NMR                        DNA                    26-MAY-09  DNA                                      
 1811  2RPF           NMR                        DNA                    26-MAY-09  DNA                                      
 1812  2RPH           NMR                        DNA                    26-MAY-09  DNA                                      
 1813  2RPK           NMR                        RNA                    30-DEC-08  RNA                                      
 1814  2RPT           NMR                        RNA                    25-AUG-09  RNA                                      
 1815  2RQC           NMR                        RNA,protein            04-AUG-09  TRANSCRIPTION/RNA                        
 1816  2RQJ           NMR                        RNA                    17-NOV-09  RNA                                      
 1817  2RRA           NMR                        RNA,protein            27-APR-11  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
 1818  2RRC           NMR                        RNA                    29-JUN-11  RNA                                      
 1819  2RRQ           NMR                        DNA                    08-JUN-11  DNA                                      
 1820  2RRR           NMR                        DNA                    08-JUN-11  DNA                                      
 1821  2RS2           NMR                        RNA,protein            28-DEC-11  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
 1822  2RSK           NMR                        RNA,protein            13-FEB-13  MEMBRANE PROTEIN/RNA                     
 1823  2RT8           NMR                        DNA                    05-MAR-14  DNA                                      
 1824  2RU3           NMR                        RNA,protein            13-AUG-14  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
 1825  2RU7           NMR                        RNA,protein            21-MAY-14  MEMBRANE PROTEIN/RNA                     
 1826  2RVO           NMR                        RNA                    08-FEB-17  RNA                                      
 1827  2RVP           NMR                        DNA                    31-AUG-16  DNA                                      
 1828  2STT  2STT     NMR                        DNA,protein            12-MAR-97  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 1829  2STW  2STW     NMR                        DNA,protein            12-MAR-97  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 1830  2TOB  2TOB     NMR                        RNA                    22-JUN-99  RNA                                      
 1831  2TPK  2TPK     NMR                        RNA                    04-NOV-98  RNA                                      
 1832  2U2A  2U2A     NMR                        RNA                    04-MAR-98  RNA                                      
 1833  2V3L           NMR                        DNA                    09-OCT-07  DNA                                      
 1834  2VAH           NMR                        DNA                    11-SEP-07  DNA                                      
 1835  2VAI           NMR                        DNA                    11-SEP-07  DNA                                      
 1836  2WCC           NMR                        DNA,protein            07-APR-09  PROTEIN/DNA                              
 1837  2WCN           NMR                        DNA,RNA                24-NOV-09  DNA                                      
 1838  2XC7           NMR                        RNA,protein            28-APR-10  RNA BINDING PROTEIN                      
 1839  2XEB           NMR                        RNA                    26-MAY-10  RNA                                      
 1840  2XFM           NMR                        RNA,protein            26-JAN-11  RNA/PROTEIN                              
 1841  2Y95           NMR                        RNA                    26-OCT-11  RNA                                      
 1842  2YH1           NMR                        RNA,protein            20-JUL-11  TRANSCRIPTION                            
 1843  2Z2G           NMR                        DNA                    02-OCT-07  DNA                                      
 1844  2Z2H           NMR                        DNA                    02-OCT-07  DNA                                      
 1845  2Z33           NMR                        DNA,protein            22-APR-08  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 1846  3GAT  3GAT     NMR                        DNA,protein            28-JAN-98  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 1847  3KBD  3KBD     NMR                        DNA                    14-OCT-99  DNA                                      
 1848  3PHP  3PHP     NMR                        RNA                    21-OCT-98  RNA                                      
 1849  3REC  3REC     NMR                        DNA                    22-OCT-97  DNA                                      
 1850  484D  484D     NMR                        RNA,protein            14-OCT-99  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
 1851  4A4R           NMR                        RNA                    30-MAY-12  RNA                                      
 1852  4A4S           NMR                        RNA                    30-MAY-12  RNA                                      
 1853  4A4T           NMR                        RNA                    30-MAY-12  RNA                                      
 1854  4A4U           NMR                        RNA                    30-MAY-12  RNA                                      
 1855  4B8T           NMR                        RNA,protein            07-NOV-12  TRANSCRIPTION/RNA                        
 1856  4BS2           NMR                        RNA,protein            13-NOV-13  TRANSCRIPTION                            
 1857  4BY9           NMR                        RNA,protein            09-OCT-13  TRANSFERASE/RNA                          
 1858  4BZT           NMR                        DNA                    21-AUG-13  DNA                                      
 1859  4BZU           NMR                        DNA                    21-AUG-13  DNA                                      
 1860  4BZV           NMR                        DNA                    21-AUG-13  DNA                                      
 1861  4CH1           NMR                        DNA,protein            03-SEP-14  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 1862  4CIO           NMR                        RNA,protein            03-SEP-14  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
 1863  4GAT  4GAT     NMR                        DNA,protein            28-JAN-98  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 1864  4KBD  4KBD     NMR                        DNA                    14-OCT-99  DNA                                      
 1865  5A17           NMR                        RNA                    06-MAY-15  RNA                                      
 1866  5A18           NMR                        RNA                    06-MAY-15  RNA                                      
 1867  5B7J           NMR                        DNA,protein            22-FEB-17  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 1868  5B81           NMR                        DNA                    29-JUN-16  DNA                                      
 1869  5GAT  5GAT     NMR                        DNA,protein            28-JAN-98  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 1870  5GWL           NMR                        DNA                    12-OCT-16  DNA                                      
 1871  5GWQ           NMR                        DNA                    12-OCT-16  DNA                                      
 1872  5HQF           NMR                        DNA                    14-SEP-16  DNA                                      
 1873  5HQQ           NMR                        DNA                    14-SEP-16  DNA                                      
 1874  5I2V           NMR                        DNA                    16-MAR-16  DNA                                      
 1875  5IEM           NMR                        RNA                    02-NOV-16  TRANSCRIPTION                            
 1876  5IV1           NMR                        DNA                    27-JUL-16  DNA                                      
 1877  5IZP           NMR                        DNA                    03-AUG-16  DNA                                      
 1878  5J05           NMR                        DNA                    05-APR-17  DNA                                      
 1879  5J0M           NMR                        RNA,protein            08-JUN-16  VIRAL PROTEIN                            
 1880  5J1O           NMR                        RNA,protein            08-JUN-16  VIRAL PROTEIN                            
 1881  5J2W           NMR                        RNA,protein            08-JUN-16  VIRAL PROTEIN                            
 1882  5J3F           NMR                        DNA                    16-NOV-16  DNA                                      
 1883  5J3G           NMR                        DNA                    22-JUN-16  DNA                                      
 1884  5J3I           NMR                        DNA                    16-NOV-16  DNA                                      
 1885  5J4P           NMR                        DNA                    14-JUN-17  DNA                                      
 1886  5J4W           NMR                        DNA                    12-APR-17  DNA                                      
 1887  5J6U           NMR                        DNA                    10-MAY-17  DNA                                      
 1888  5KGV           NMR                        DNA,RNA                24-AUG-16  DNA                                      
 1889  5KH8           NMR                        RNA                    19-JUL-17  RNA                                      
 1890  5KI4           NMR                        DNA                    24-AUG-16  DNA                                      
 1891  5KI5           NMR                        DNA                    24-AUG-16  DNA                                      
 1892  5KI7           NMR                        DNA,RNA                24-AUG-16  DNA                                      
 1893  5KIB           NMR                        DNA,RNA                24-AUG-16  DNA                                      
 1894  5KIE           NMR                        DNA,RNA                24-AUG-16  DNA                                      
 1895  5KIF           NMR                        DNA,RNA                24-AUG-16  DNA                                      
 1896  5KIH           NMR                        DNA,RNA                24-AUG-16  DNA                                      
 1897  5KMZ           NMR                        RNA                    12-OCT-16  RNA                                      
 1898  5KQE           NMR                        RNA                    24-AUG-16  RNA                                      
 1899  5L06           NMR                        DNA                    21-DEC-16  DNA                                      
 1900  5L2G           NMR                        DNA                    21-DEC-16  DNA                                      
 1901  5LIG           NMR                        DNA                    14-SEP-16  DNA                                      
 1902  5LQG           NMR                        DNA                    13-JUN-18  DNA                                      
 1903  5LQH           NMR                        DNA                    17-JAN-18  DNA                                      
 1904  5LSN           NMR                        RNA                    20-SEP-17  RNA                                      
 1905  5LWJ           NMR                        RNA                    14-DEC-16  RNA                                      
 1906  5M1L           NMR                        DNA                    31-MAY-17  DNA                                      
 1907  5M1W           NMR                        DNA                    01-MAR-17  DNA                                      
 1908  5M2L           NMR                        DNA                    31-MAY-17  DNA                                      
 1909  5M4W           NMR                        DNA                    31-MAY-17  DNA                                      
 1910  5M8I           NMR                        RNA,protein            11-OCT-17  RNA BINDING PROTEIN                      
 1911  5MBR           NMR                        DNA                    19-APR-17  DNA                                      
 1912  5MCR           NMR                        DNA                    19-APR-17  DNA                                      
 1913  5MJX           NMR                        DNA                    01-FEB-17  DNA                                      
 1914  5MPG           NMR                        RNA,protein            05-JUL-17  SPLICING                                 
 1915  5MPL           NMR                        RNA,protein            05-JUL-17  SPLICING                                 
 1916  5MTA           NMR                        DNA                    28-FEB-18  DNA                                      
 1917  5MTG           NMR                        DNA                    28-FEB-18  DNA                                      
 1918  5MVB           NMR                        DNA                    31-MAY-17  DNA                                      
 1919  5N5C           NMR                        RNA                    14-MAR-18  RNA                                      
 1920  5N8L           NMR                        RNA,protein            21-FEB-18  RNA BINDING PROTEIN                      
 1921  5N8M           NMR                        RNA,protein            21-FEB-18  RNA BINDING PROTEIN                      
 1922  5NIP           NMR                        DNA                    28-JUN-17  DNA                                      
 1923  5NYS           NMR                        DNA                    11-APR-18  DNA                                      
 1924  5NYT           NMR                        DNA                    11-APR-18  DNA                                      
 1925  5NYU           NMR                        DNA                    11-APR-18  DNA                                      
 1926  5O4D           NMR                        DNA                    13-JUN-18  DNA                                      
 1927  5OCZ           NMR                        DNA                    06-DEC-17  DNA                                      
 1928  5ODF           NMR                        DNA                    20-DEC-17  DNA BINDING PROTEIN                      
 1929  5ODM           NMR                        DNA                    06-DEC-17  DNA                                      
 1930  5OE1           NMR                        DNA                    06-DEC-17  DNA                                      
 1931  5OGA           NMR                        DNA                    29-NOV-17  DNA                                      
 1932  5OPH           NMR                        DNA                    29-AUG-18  DNA                                      
 1933  5OR0           NMR                        RNA                    30-AUG-17  RNA                                      
 1934  5OR5           NMR                        DNA,protein            27-JUN-18  TRANSCRIPTION                            
 1935  5OV2           NMR                        DNA                    18-OCT-17  DNA                                      
 1936  5TGG           NMR                        DNA,RNA                09-AUG-17  RNA,DNA                                  
 1937  5TRN           NMR                        DNA                    28-JUN-17  DNA                                      
 1938  5U9B           NMR                        RNA,protein            02-AUG-17  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
 1939  5UF3           NMR                        RNA                    31-MAY-17  RNA                                      
 1940  5UZ1           NMR                        DNA                    31-MAY-17  DNA                                      
 1941  5UZ2           NMR                        DNA                    29-MAR-17  DNA                                      
 1942  5UZ3           NMR                        DNA                    31-MAY-17  DNA                                      
 1943  5UZD           NMR                        DNA                    05-APR-17  DNA                                      
 1944  5UZF           NMR                        DNA                    05-APR-17  DNA                                      
 1945  5UZI           NMR                        DNA                    05-APR-17  DNA                                      
 1946  5UZT           NMR                        RNA                    10-MAY-17  RNA                                      
 1947  5UZZ           NMR                        RNA,protein            14-JUN-17  TRANSPORT PROTEIN/RNA                    
 1948  5V16           NMR                        RNA                    12-JUL-17  RNA                                      
 1949  5V17           NMR                        RNA                    12-JUL-17  RNA                                      
 1950  5V2R           NMR                        RNA                    26-JUL-17  RNA                                      
 1951  5VH7           NMR                        RNA                    28-JUN-17  RNA                                      
 1952  5VH8           NMR                        RNA                    28-JUN-17  RNA                                      
 1953  5W77           NMR                        DNA                    24-OCT-18  DNA/INHIBITOR                            
 1954  5WQ1           NMR                        RNA                    05-JUL-17  RNA                                      
 1955  5X3Z           NMR                        RNA,protein            13-DEC-17  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
 1956  5XI1           NMR                        RNA                    08-AUG-18  RNA                                      
 1957  5YEY           NMR                        DNA                    26-SEP-18  DNA                                      
 1958  5Z80           NMR                        DNA                    19-SEP-18  DNA                                      
 1959  5Z8F           NMR                        DNA                    19-SEP-18  DNA                                      
 1960  5ZEV           NMR                        DNA                    18-APR-18  DNA                                      
 1961  5ZLD           NMR                        DNA                    11-APR-18  DNA                                      
 1962  5ZUX           NMR                        DNA,protein            17-OCT-18  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 1963  6A7Y           NMR                        DNA                    12-DEC-18  DNA                                      
 1964  6ALS           NMR                        DNA                    06-SEP-17  DNA                                      
 1965  6ALT           NMR                        DNA                    20-SEP-17  DNA                                      
 1966  6ALU           NMR                        DNA                    06-SEP-17  DNA                                      
 1967  6ASF           NMR                        DNA                    31-JAN-18  DNA                                      
 1968  6AST           NMR                        DNA                    31-JAN-18  DNA                                      
 1969  6BY4           NMR                        RNA                    13-JUN-18  RNA                                      
 1970  6BY5           NMR                        RNA                    13-JUN-18  RNA                                      
 1971  6CCW           NMR                        DNA                    20-JUN-18  DNA                                      
 1972  6D2U           NMR                        RNA,protein            12-DEC-18  PEPTIDE/RNA                              
 1973  6ERL           NMR                        DNA                    13-JUN-18  DNA                                      
 1974  6EZ0           NMR                        RNA                    03-JAN-18  RNA                                      
 1975  6F4Z           NMR                        DNA                    25-APR-18  DNA                                      
 1976  6FFR           NMR                        DNA,RNA                26-SEP-18  DNA-RNA HYBRID                           
 1977  6GAT  6GAT     NMR                        DNA,protein            28-JAN-98  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 1978  6GE1           NMR                        RNA                    31-OCT-18  RNA                                      
 1979  6GH0           NMR                        DNA                    09-JAN-19  DNA                                      
 1980  6GMY           NMR                        RNA,other              13-JUN-18  DNA-RNA HYBRID                           
 1981  6GPI           NMR                        DNA,other              13-JUN-18  DNA-RNA HYBRID                           
 1982  6GVQ           NMR                        DNA,protein            26-DEC-18  DNA BINDING PROTEIN                      
 1983  6GVT           NMR                        DNA,protein            26-DEC-18  DNA BINDING PROTEIN                      
 1984  6GVU           NMR                        DNA,protein            26-DEC-18  DNA BINDING PROTEIN                      
 1985  6GZ7           NMR                        DNA                    28-NOV-18  UNKNOWN FUNCTION                         
 1986  6GZN           NMR                        DNA                    26-SEP-18  DNA                                      
 1987  6H1K           NMR                        DNA                    17-OCT-18  DNA                                      
 1988  6HAG           NMR                        RNA                    09-JAN-19  RNA                                      
 1989  6MCE           NMR                        RNA,protein            31-OCT-18  TRANSCRIPTION                            
 1990  6MCF           NMR                        RNA,protein            31-OCT-18  TRANSCRIPTION                            
 1991  6MCI           NMR                        RNA                    31-OCT-18  RNA                                      
 1992  7GAT  7GAT     NMR                        DNA,protein            28-JAN-98  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 1993  8DRH  8DRH     NMR                        DNA,RNA                27-MAY-98  DNA-RNA HYBRID                           
 1994  8PSH  8PSH     NMR                        DNA,RNA                27-MAY-98  DNA-RNA HYBRID                           
 1995  1RMN           Other Experimental         RNA                    26-JAN-95  RIBONUCLEIC ACID(HAMMERHEAD RIBOZYME)    
 1996  163D           Theoretical Model          RNA,protein            31-MAY-94  RNA/TRANSCRIPTION REGULATION PROTEIN     
 1997  1AT8           Theoretical Model          RNA                    28-JAN-98  RIBONUCLEIC ACID                         
 1998  1AUF           Theoretical Model          RNA                    28-JAN-98  RIBONUCLEIC ACID                         
 1999  1AUH           Theoretical Model          RNA,protein            28-JAN-98  COMPLEX (RNA/PEPTIDE)                    
 2000  1B1F           Theoretical Model          DNA,protein            20-JAN-99  TRANSFERASE                              
 2001  1D71           Theoretical Model          DNA                    15-JUL-93  DEOXYRIBONUCLEIC ACID                    
 2002  1D7G           Theoretical Model          DNA,protein            22-OCT-99  TRANSCRIPTION FACTOR/DNA                 
 2003  1DN7           Theoretical Model          DNA                    16-JAN-88  DEOXYRIBONUCLEIC ACID                    
 2004  1DNN           Theoretical Model          DNA                    09-MAR-83  DEOXYRIBONUCLEIC ACID                    
 2005  1E4Z           Theoretical Model          RNA,protein            12-JUL-01  BACTERIOPHAGE HK022                      
 2006  1EZ5           Theoretical Model          DNA                    22-MAY-00  DEOXYRIBONUCLEIC ACID                    
 2007  1EZH           Theoretical Model          DNA                    22-MAY-00  DEOXYRIBONUCLEIC ACID                    
 2008  1F7J           Theoretical Model          RNA                    27-JUN-01  RIBONUCLEIC ACID                         
 2009  1FG1           Theoretical Model          RNA                    14-AUG-00  RIBONUCLEIC ACID                         
 2010  1GFX           Theoretical Model          DNA,protein            03-JUL-00  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2011  1GPV           Theoretical Model          DNA,protein            07-FEB-95  COMPLEX (DNA-BINDING PROTEIN/DNA)        
 2012  1H1U           Theoretical Model          RNA,protein            31-OCT-03  ELONGATION FACTOR/RNA                    
 2013  1I1T           Theoretical Model          DNA                    21-FEB-01  DEOXYRIBONUCLEIC ACID                    
 2014  1I1U           Theoretical Model          DNA                    21-FEB-01  DEOXYRIBONUCLEIC ACID                    
 2015  1I1V           Theoretical Model          DNA                    21-FEB-01  DEOXYRIBONUCLEIC ACID                    
 2016  1ILI           Theoretical Model          RNA                    16-MAY-01  RIBONUCLEIC ACID                         
 2017  1IP8           Theoretical Model          RNA,protein            30-SEP-03  RIBOSOME                                 
 2018  1IPL           Theoretical Model          RNA                    24-SEP-03  RIBONUCLEIC ACID                         
 2019  1IPM           Theoretical Model          RNA,protein            30-SEP-03  TRANSLATION/RNA                          
 2020  1IPN           Theoretical Model          RNA,protein            30-SEP-03  TRANSLATION/RNA                          
 2021  1IPO           Theoretical Model          RNA,protein            30-SEP-03  TRANSLATION/RNA                          
 2022  1IPQ           Theoretical Model          RNA,protein            30-SEP-03  TRANSLATION/RNA                          
 2023  1IPR           Theoretical Model          RNA,protein            30-SEP-03  TRANSLATION/RNA                          
 2024  1IPT           Theoretical Model          RNA                    31-JAN-94  INTRON                                   
 2025  1IPU           Theoretical Model          RNA,protein            30-SEP-03  TRANSLATION/RNA                          
 2026  1IPV           Theoretical Model          RNA                    30-SEP-03  RIBONUCLEIC ACID                         
 2027  1IPX           Theoretical Model          RNA                    30-SEP-03  RIBONUCLEIC ACID                         
 2028  1IPY           Theoretical Model          RNA                    30-SEP-03  RIBONUCLEIC ACID                         
 2029  1IPZ           Theoretical Model          RNA                    30-SEP-03  RIBONUCLEIC ACID                         
 2030  1IR4           Theoretical Model          RNA,protein            12-DEC-01  LIGASE/RNA                               
 2031  1J5F           Theoretical Model          DNA,protein            22-MAY-02  HYDROLASE                                
 2032  1J5G           Theoretical Model          DNA,protein            13-MAY-02  GENE REGULATION/DNA                      
 2033  1JUW           Theoretical Model          DNA,protein            12-SEP-01  ISOMERASE/DNA                            
 2034  1K5X           Theoretical Model          RNA,protein            09-NOV-01  RIBOSOME                                 
 2035  1K5Y           Theoretical Model          RNA,protein            09-NOV-01  RIBOSOME                                 
 2036  1K7N           Theoretical Model          RNA                    21-NOV-01  RIBONUCLEIC ACID                         
 2037  1K7O           Theoretical Model          RNA                    21-NOV-01  RIBONUCLEIC ACID                         
 2038  1K7P           Theoretical Model          RNA                    21-NOV-01  RIBONUCLEIC ACID                         
 2039  1K7R           Theoretical Model          RNA                    21-NOV-01  RIBONUCLEIC ACID                         
 2040  1KML           Theoretical Model          DNA                    21-DEC-01  DEOXYRIBONUCLEIC ACID                    
 2041  1KS1           Theoretical Model          RNA                    22-MAR-02  RIBONUCLEIC ACID                         
 2042  1L1U           Theoretical Model          RNA,protein            22-MAR-02  RIBOSOME                                 
 2043  1L4O           Theoretical Model          RNA                    11-DEC-02  RIBONUCLEIC ACID                         
 2044  1L4P           Theoretical Model          RNA,protein            11-DEC-02  RIBONUCLEIC ACID                         
 2045  1L4Q           Theoretical Model          RNA                    11-DEC-02  RIBONUCLEIC ACID                         
 2046  1L4R           Theoretical Model          RNA                    11-DEC-02  RIBONUCLEIC ACID                         
 2047  1LU6           Theoretical Model          DNA,protein            05-JUN-02  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 2048  1LWQ           Theoretical Model          DNA,protein            07-JUN-02  GENE REGULATION/DNA                      
 2049  1LYR           Theoretical Model          DNA,protein            26-JUN-02  LYASE/DNA                                
 2050  1M5G           Theoretical Model          RNA,protein            25-SEP-02  RIBOSOME                                 
 2051  1M97           Theoretical Model          DNA,protein            11-FEB-03  DNA-BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 2052  1MGZ           Theoretical Model          DNA,protein            23-OCT-02  TRANSFERASE                              
 2053  1MVD           Theoretical Model          DNA,protein            16-OCT-02  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2054  1NRT           Theoretical Model          RNA                    01-APR-97  AMINO-ACID TRANSPORT                     
 2055  1NXL           Theoretical Model          RNA                    18-FEB-03  RIBONUCLEIC ACID                         
 2056  1OOV           Theoretical Model          RNA,protein            16-MAR-04  RNA BINDING PROTEIN                      
 2057  1P66           Theoretical Model          RNA                    23-SEP-03  RIBONUCLEIC ACID                         
 2058  1Q2M           Theoretical Model          RNA                    12-AUG-03  RIBONUCLEIC ACID                         
 2059  1Q49           Theoretical Model          RNA                    26-AUG-03  RIBONUCLEIC ACID                         
 2060  1Q5S           Theoretical Model          RNA                    26-AUG-03  RIBONUCLEIC ACID                         
 2061  1QAA           Theoretical Model          DNA,protein            02-FEB-99  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2062  1QAR           Theoretical Model          DNA,protein            23-MAR-99  PROTEIN/DNA                              
 2063  1QDG           Theoretical Model          DNA                    08-NOV-96  TELOMERE DNA                             
 2064  1QDJ           Theoretical Model          DNA                    08-NOV-96  TELOMERE DNA DUPLEX                      
 2065  1QE4           Theoretical Model          DNA,protein            22-OCT-99  TRASFERASE/DNA                           
 2066  1QXI           Theoretical Model          RNA                    23-MAR-04  RIBONUCLEIC ACID                         
 2067  1QXU           Theoretical Model          RNA                    16-SEP-03  RIBONUCLEIC ACID                         
 2068  1QXV           Theoretical Model          RNA                    16-SEP-03  RIBONUCLEIC ACID                         
 2069  1R7P           Theoretical Model          RNA                    28-OCT-03  RIBONUCLEIC ACID                         
 2070  1R7Q           Theoretical Model          RNA                    28-OCT-03  RIBONUCLEIC ACID                         
 2071  1RCZ           Theoretical Model          RNA                    18-NOV-03  RIBONUCLEIC ACID                         
 2072  1RD0           Theoretical Model          RNA                    18-NOV-03  RIBONUCLEIC ACID                         
 2073  1RD1           Theoretical Model          RNA                    18-NOV-03  RIBONUCLEIC ACID                         
 2074  1RD2           Theoretical Model          RNA                    18-NOV-03  RIBONUCLEIC ACID                         
 2075  1RPD           Theoretical Model          DNA,protein            22-MAR-99  PROTEIN/DNA                              
 2076  1RRN           Theoretical Model          RNA                    31-OCT-93  RIBONUCLEIC ACID                         
 2077  1S9M           Theoretical Model          DNA,protein            24-MAY-99  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2078  1SUN           Theoretical Model          RNA                    31-AUG-94  RIBONUCLEIC ACID                         
 2079  1SX9           Theoretical Model          DNA,protein            20-MAY-99  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2080  1T0X           Theoretical Model          DNA,RNA,protein        18-MAY-04  TRANSFERASE/DNA/RNA                      
 2081  1TWT           Theoretical Model          RNA,protein            26-OCT-04  RIBOSOME                                 
 2082  1TWV           Theoretical Model          RNA,protein            26-OCT-04  RIBOSOME                                 
 2083  1WAG           Theoretical Model          DNA,protein            14-JAN-98  COMPLEX (NUCLEOTIDYLTRANSFERASE/DNA)     
 2084  1WAH           Theoretical Model          DNA,protein            14-JAN-98  COMPLEX (NUCLEOTIDYLTRANSFERASE/DNA)     
 2085  1WAI           Theoretical Model          DNA,protein            14-JAN-98  COMPLEX (NUCLEOTIDYLTRANSFERASE/DNA)     
 2086  1WKN           Theoretical Model          DNA,protein            22-JUN-04  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 2087  1WZH           Theoretical Model          DNA,protein            29-MAR-05  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2088  1XZR           Theoretical Model          DNA,protein            23-NOV-04  LYASE/DNA                                
 2089  1XZS           Theoretical Model          DNA,protein            23-NOV-04  LYASE/DNA                                
 2090  1XZT           Theoretical Model          DNA,protein            23-NOV-04  LYASE/DNA                                
 2091  1Z04           Theoretical Model          DNA,protein            26-APR-05  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2092  1Z0L           Theoretical Model          DNA,protein            22-MAR-05  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2093  1Z7V           Theoretical Model          DNA                    02-AUG-05  DEOXYRIBONUCLEIC ACID                    
 2094  1ZA9           Theoretical Model          DNA,protein            19-APR-05  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 2095  262D           Theoretical Model          RNA,protein            15-OCT-94  RNA/TRANSCRIPTION REGULATION PROTEIN     
 2096  2A12           Theoretical Model          RNA                    05-JUL-05  RIBONUCLEIC ACID                         
 2097  2ADS           Theoretical Model          DNA,RNA,protein        13-SEP-05  GENE REGULATION/DNA/RNA                  
 2098  2AW8           Theoretical Model          DNA                    13-SEP-05  DEOXYRIBONUCLEIC ACID                    
 2099  2AWR           Theoretical Model          DNA,protein            27-SEP-05  STRUCTURAL PROTEIN/DNA                   
 2100  2AWS           Theoretical Model          DNA,protein            04-OCT-05  STRUCTURAL PROTEIN/DNA                   
 2101  2B0I           Theoretical Model          DNA                    04-OCT-05  DEOXYRIBONUCLEIC ACID                    
 2102  2FSB           Theoretical Model          DNA,protein            23-MAY-06  STRUCTURAL PROTEIN/DNA                   
 2103  2G3L           Theoretical Model          DNA,protein            28-MAR-06  VIRUS/VIRAL PROTEIN/DNA                  
 2104  2G7T           Theoretical Model          DNA,protein            14-MAR-06  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2105  2G7V           Theoretical Model          DNA,protein            14-MAR-06  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2106  2G7W           Theoretical Model          DNA,protein            14-MAR-06  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2107  2G7X           Theoretical Model          DNA,protein            14-MAR-06  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2108  2GAP           Theoretical Model          DNA,protein            07-MAY-86  GENE REGULATORY PROTEIN                  
 2109  2GI5           Theoretical Model          DNA                    25-APR-06  DEOXYRIBONUCLEIC ACID                    
 2110  2GI6           Theoretical Model          DNA                    25-APR-06  DEOXYRIBONUCLEIC ACID                    
 2111  2GI8           Theoretical Model          DNA                    25-APR-06  DEOXYRIBONUCLEIC ACID                    
 2112  2GKY           Theoretical Model          RNA,protein            09-MAY-06  RNA/RNA BINDING PROTEIN                  
 2113  2GKZ           Theoretical Model          RNA,protein            09-MAY-06  RNA/RNA BINDING PROTEIN                  
 2114  2GXC           Theoretical Model          DNA                    17-OCT-06                                           
 2115  2GXD           Theoretical Model          DNA                    17-OCT-06                                           
 2116  2GXE           Theoretical Model          DNA                    17-OCT-06                                           
 2117  2GXH           Theoretical Model          DNA                    17-OCT-06                                           
 2118  2GXI           Theoretical Model          DNA                    17-OCT-06                                           
 2119  2GXJ           Theoretical Model          DNA                    17-OCT-06                                           
 2120  2GXK           Theoretical Model          DNA                    17-OCT-06                                           
 2121  2GXM           Theoretical Model          DNA                    17-OCT-06                                           
 2122  2GXN           Theoretical Model          DNA                    17-OCT-06                                           
 2123  2GXO           Theoretical Model          DNA                    17-OCT-06                                           
 2124  2GXP           Theoretical Model          DNA                    17-OCT-06                                           
 2125  2GXR           Theoretical Model          DNA                    17-OCT-06                                           
 2126  2GXT           Theoretical Model          DNA                    17-OCT-06                                           
 2127  2GXV           Theoretical Model          DNA                    17-OCT-06                                           
 2128  2GXX           Theoretical Model          DNA                    17-OCT-06                                           
 2129  2GXY           Theoretical Model          DNA                    17-OCT-06                                           
 2130  2GY0           Theoretical Model          DNA                    17-OCT-06                                           
 2131  2GY1           Theoretical Model          DNA                    17-OCT-06                                           
 2132  2GY2           Theoretical Model          DNA                    17-OCT-06                                           
 2133  2GY3           Theoretical Model          DNA                    17-OCT-06                                           
 2134  2GY4           Theoretical Model          DNA                    17-OCT-06                                           
 2135  2GY6           Theoretical Model          DNA                    17-OCT-06                                           
 2136  2GY8           Theoretical Model          DNA                    17-OCT-06                                           
 2137  2GYE           Theoretical Model          DNA                    17-OCT-06                                           
 2138  2GYF           Theoretical Model          DNA                    17-OCT-06                                           
 2139  2GYG           Theoretical Model          DNA                    17-OCT-06                                           
 2140  2GYH           Theoretical Model          DNA                    17-OCT-06                                           
 2141  2GYJ           Theoretical Model          DNA                    17-OCT-06                                           
 2142  2GYL           Theoretical Model          DNA                    17-OCT-06                                           
 2143  2GYM           Theoretical Model          DNA                    17-OCT-06                                           
 2144  2GYN           Theoretical Model          DNA                    17-OCT-06                                           
 2145  2GZC           Theoretical Model          RNA                    01-MAY-07  RIBONUCLEIC ACID                         
 2146  2INA           Theoretical Model          RNA                    24-OCT-06                                           
 2147  2IRJ           Theoretical Model          DNA                    24-OCT-06                                           
 2148  2IRK           Theoretical Model          DNA                    24-OCT-06                                           
 2149  2IRL           Theoretical Model          DNA                    24-OCT-06                                           
 2150  2ZNA           Theoretical Model          DNA                    21-MAY-81  DEOXYRIBONUCLEIC ACID                    
 2151  3UTR           Theoretical Model          RNA,protein            03-APR-96  COMPLEX (RIBONUCLEOPROTEIN/RNA)          
 2152  3ZNA           Theoretical Model          DNA                    21-MAY-81  DEOXYRIBONUCLEIC ACID                    
 2153  5TRA           Theoretical Model          RNA                    15-JUL-92  AMINO-ACID TRANSPORT                     
 2154  5ZNA           Theoretical Model          DNA                    31-JAN-94  DEOXYRIBONUCLEIC ACID                    
 2155  100D  AHJ060   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA                31-MAR-95  DNA-RNA HYBRID                           
 2156  101D  GDLB31   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    27-FEB-95  DNA                                      
 2157  102D  GDL032   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    07-FEB-95  DNA                                      
 2158  109D  GDL033   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    08-MAY-95  DNA                                      
 2159  10MH  PD0034   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            09-FEB-99  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 2160  110D  DDF039   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-APR-93  DNA                                      
 2161  111D  BDL014   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-JUL-93  DNA                                      
 2162  112D  BDL012   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-JUL-93  DNA                                      
 2163  113D  BDL009   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-JUL-93  DNA                                      
 2164  114D  BDLB10   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-JUL-93  DNA                                      
 2165  115D  ADHB11   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-JUL-93  DNA                                      
 2166  116D  ADL045   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-APR-93  DNA                                      
 2167  117D  ADL046   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-APR-93  DNA                                      
 2168  118D  ADH047   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    11-FEB-93  DNA                                      
 2169  119D  BDL042   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-OCT-93  DNA                                      
 2170  121D  GDL014   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-JAN-94  DNA                                      
 2171  122D  BDJB49   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-OCT-93  DNA                                      
 2172  123D  BDJB50   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-OCT-93  DNA                                      
 2173  126D  BDJ051   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-OCT-93  DNA                                      
 2174  127D  GDL022   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-JAN-94  DNA                                      
 2175  128D  GDLB19   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-JAN-94  DNA                                      
 2176  129D  GDL021   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-JAN-94  DNA                                      
 2177  130D  GDLB20   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-JAN-94  DNA                                      
 2178  131D  ZDF035   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-OCT-93  DNA                                      
 2179  133D  ZDFB36   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-JAN-94  DNA                                      
 2180  137D  ADJ050   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-JAN-94  DNA                                      
 2181  138D  ADJ051   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-JAN-94  DNA                                      
 2182  144D  GDLB24   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    30-MAY-95  DNA                                      
 2183  145D  ZDFB37   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-JAN-94  DNA                                      
 2184  150D  BDLB54   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    31-MAY-94  DNA                                      
 2185  151D  DDF044   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    04-MAY-94  DNA                                      
 2186  152D  DDF045   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    04-MAY-94  DNA                                      
 2187  153D  BDLB53   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-JAN-94  DNA                                      
 2188  154D  DDDB46   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    31-AUG-94  DNA                                      
 2189  157D  ARL048   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    31-MAY-94  RNA                                      
 2190  158D  BDJ052   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    31-MAY-94  DNA                                      
 2191  159D  GDHB25   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    07-FEB-95  DNA                                      
 2192  160D  ADJ049   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    18-MAY-94  DNA                                      
 2193  161D  AHJ052   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA                18-MAY-94  DNA-RNA HYBRID                           
 2194  165D  AHIB53   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA                31-AUG-94  DNA-RNA HYBRID                           
 2195  166D  GDL027   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-OCT-94  DNA                                      
 2196  167D  BDJ055   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    31-AUG-94  DNA                                      
 2197  168D  AHJS55   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA                31-AUG-94  DNA/RNA HYBRID                           
 2198  172D  ADH054   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-OCT-94  DNA                                      
 2199  173D  DDH048   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            15-OCT-94  DNA/ANTIBIOTIC                           
 2200  178D  BDLB56   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    04-OCT-94  DNA                                      
 2201  180D  ZDF038   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    19-JUL-95  DNA                                      
 2202  181D  ZDF039   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    19-JUL-95  DNA                                      
 2203  182D  DDF049   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    30-NOV-94  DNA                                      
 2204  183D  BDJB57   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    27-FEB-95  DNA                                      
 2205  184D  UDG028   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    10-JUL-95  DNA                                      
 2206  187D  ADH056   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    07-FEB-95  DNA                                      
 2207  188D  ADH057   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    07-FEB-95  DNA                                      
 2208  189D  ADH058   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    07-FEB-95  DNA                                      
 2209  190D  UDD024   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    07-FEB-95  DNA                                      
 2210  191D  UDD023   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    30-NOV-94  DNA                                      
 2211  192D  UDF025   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    07-FEB-95  DNA                                      
 2212  194D  BDL059   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    31-MAR-95  DNA                                      
 2213  195D  GDL030   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    07-FEB-95  DNA                                      
 2214  196D  BDJ060   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    27-FEB-95  DNA                                      
 2215  197D  ADH059   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    07-FEB-95  DNA                                      
 2216  198D  DDF050   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-MAR-95  DNA                                      
 2217  1A02  PDT050   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            27-MAY-98  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2218  1A0A  PDT046   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            18-MAR-98  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2219  1A1F  PDT055   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            10-JUN-98  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2220  1A1G  PDT056   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            10-JUN-98  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2221  1A1H  PDT057   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            10-JUN-98  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2222  1A1I  PDT059   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            17-JUN-98  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2223  1A1J  PDT060   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            17-JUN-98  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2224  1A1K  PDT058   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            10-JUN-98  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2225  1A1L  PDT061   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            17-JUN-98  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2226  1A2E  DDJ075   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    12-APR-99  DNA                                      
 2227  1A31  PDE0142  X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            28-AUG-98  ISOMERASE/DNA                            
 2228  1A34  PRV020   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            29-APR-98  VIRUS/RNA                                
 2229  1A35  PDE0143  X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            28-AUG-98  ISOMERASE/DNA                            
 2230  1A36  PDE0141  X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            12-AUG-98  ISOMERASE/DNA                            
 2231  1A3Q  PDR032   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            11-JUN-98  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2232  1A6Y  PD0008   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            21-OCT-98  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2233  1A73  PD0002   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            14-OCT-98  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 2234  1A74  PDE140   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            22-JUN-98  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 2235  1A9N  PTR016   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            23-SEP-98  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
 2236  1AAY  PDT039   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            21-APR-97  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2237  1AGL  DDF072   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    29-APR-97  DNA                                      
 2238  1AIO  DDLB73   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    24-APR-97  DNA                                      
 2239  1AIS  PDR031   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            07-JUL-97  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2240  1AKH  PDR049   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            20-MAY-98  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 2241  1AM9  PDT062   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            10-JUL-98  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2242  1AN2  PDT023   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            17-SEP-97  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2243  1AN4  PDT027   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            17-SEP-97  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2244  1ANA  ADDB01   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    29-JUL-82  DNA                                      
 2245  1AOI  PD0001   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            30-SEP-98  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 2246  1APL  PDT005   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            21-OCT-93  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 2247  1AQ3  PRV008   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            24-DEC-97  VIRUS/RNA                                
 2248  1AQ4  PRV009   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            24-DEC-97  VIRUS/RNA                                
 2249  1ASY  PTR005   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            08-MAY-95  COMPLEX (AMINOACYL-TRNA SYNTHASE/TRNA)   
 2250  1ASZ  PTR008   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            08-MAY-95  COMPLEX (AMINOACYL-TRNA SYNTHASE/TRNA)   
 2251  1AU7  PDR034   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            28-JAN-98  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2252  1AV6  PRV007   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            25-FEB-98  TRANSFERASE/RNA                          
 2253  1AWC  PDT048   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            18-MAR-98  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2254  1AZ0  PDE139   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            19-JUN-98  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 2255  1AZP  PDR047   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            13-JAN-99  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 2256  1AZQ  PDR048   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            13-JAN-99  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 2257  1B01  PD0091   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            19-NOV-99  GENE REGULATION/DNA                      
 2258  1B23  PR0004   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            07-DEC-98  GENE REGULATION/RNA                      
 2259  1B2M  PR0012   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            25-MAR-99  HYDROLASE/RNA                            
 2260  1B3T  PD0024   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            15-DEC-98  PROTEIN/DNA                              
 2261  1B72  PD0075   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            19-FEB-99  PROTEIN/DNA                              
 2262  1B7F  PR0011   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            03-MAY-99  RNA-BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
 2263  1B8I  PD0042   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            12-APR-99  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2264  1B94  PD0037   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            26-FEB-99  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 2265  1B95  PD0038   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            26-FEB-99  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 2266  1B96  PD0039   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            26-FEB-99  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 2267  1B97  PD0040   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            26-FEB-99  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 2268  1BC7  PD0027   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            21-JAN-99  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2269  1BC8  PD0020   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            01-DEC-98  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2270  1BD1  BDJ017   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-JAN-90  DNA                                      
 2271  1BDH  PDR028   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            21-APR-97  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2272  1BDI  PDR029   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            21-APR-97  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2273  1BDN  BDL015   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-APR-91  DNA                                      
 2274  1BDT  PD0035   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            16-FEB-99  GENE REGULATION/DNA                      
 2275  1BDV  PD0025   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            06-JAN-99  GENE REGULATION/DNA                      
 2276  1BDX  PD0098   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            24-NOV-99  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 2277  1BF4  PD0088   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            10-NOV-99  DNA-BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 2278  1BF5  PDR052   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            12-AUG-98  GENE REGULATION/DNA                      
 2279  1BG1  PD0028   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            13-JAN-99  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2280  1BGB  PD0010   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            28-OCT-98  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 2281  1BHM  PDE020   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            12-JUL-95  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 2282  1BL0  PDR056   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            02-SEP-98  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2283  1BMV  PRV001   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            09-OCT-89  VIRUS/RNA                                
 2284  1BNA  BDL001   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    21-MAY-81  DNA                                      
 2285  1BNK  PD0009   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            21-OCT-98  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 2286  1BNZ  PD0012   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            11-NOV-98  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 2287  1BP7  PD0026   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            06-JAN-99  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2288  1BPX  PDE0126  X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            16-JUN-97  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 2289  1BPY  PDE0125  X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            16-JUN-97  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 2290  1BPZ  PDE0124  X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            16-JUN-97  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 2291  1BQJ  UD0003   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    18-MAR-99  DNA                                      
 2292  1BR3  UH0001   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA                23-FEB-99  DNA/RNA HYBRID                           
 2293  1BRN  PDE010   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            31-JAN-94  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 2294  1BSS  PDE0139  X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            02-SEP-98  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 2295  1BSU  PDE0145  X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            09-SEP-98  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 2296  1BUA  PDE0146  X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            09-SEP-98  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 2297  1BVO           X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            12-JUL-99  COMPLEX (TRANSCRIPTION FACTOR/DNA)       
 2298  1BY4  PD0071   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            12-JAN-00  GENE REGULATION/DNA                      
 2299  1C04  RR0002   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            31-AUG-99  RIBOSOME                                 
 2300  1C0A  PR0019   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            23-NOV-99  LIGASE/RNA                               
 2301  1C0W  PD0069   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            22-JUL-00  GENE REGULATION/DNA                      
 2302  1C7Y  PD0136   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            21-JUL-00  RECOMBINATION/DNA                        
 2303  1C8C  PD0143   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            04-MAY-01  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 2304  1C9B  PD0112   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            10-JAN-00  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2305  1C9S  PR0009   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            15-SEP-99  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
 2306  1C9Z  DD0018   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    02-APR-00  DNA                                      
 2307  1CA5  PD0119   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            23-FEB-00  STRUCTURAL PROTEIN/DNA                   
 2308  1CA6  PD0120   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            23-FEB-00  STRUCTURAL PROTEIN/DNA                   
 2309  1CBV  PDA001   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            31-JAN-94  IMMUNE SYSTEM/DNA                        
 2310  1CDW  PDT034   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            23-DEC-96  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2311  1CEZ  PD0086   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            21-MAY-99  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 2312  1CF7  PD0045   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            02-APR-99  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2313  1CGC  BDJ039   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-APR-93  DNA                                      
 2314  1CGM           X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            30-APR-94  VIRUS                                    
 2315  1CGP  PDR006   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            31-JAN-94  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2316  1CIT  PD0046   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            03-MAY-99  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2317  1CKQ  PD0049   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            26-APR-99  PROTEIN/DNA                              
 2318  1CKT  PD0051   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            30-JUN-99  GENE REGULATION/DNA                      
 2319  1CL8  PD0054   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            19-MAY-99  PROTEIN/DNA                              
 2320  1CLQ  PD0079   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            28-OCT-99  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 2321  1CMA  PDR008   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            31-OCT-93  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2322  1CN0  UD0007   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    24-MAY-00  DNA                                      
 2323  1CQT  PD0092   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            15-NOV-99  GENE REGULATION/DNA                      
 2324  1CRX  PD0003   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            14-OCT-98  REPLICATION/DNA                          
 2325  1CS7  DD0019   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    19-OCT-01  DNA                                      
 2326  1CSL  AR0023   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    14-FEB-00  RNA                                      
 2327  1CVJ  PR0007   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            04-OCT-99  GENE REGULATION/RNA                      
 2328  1CVX  DD0020   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-JAN-00  DNA                                      
 2329  1CVY  DD0021   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-JAN-00  DNA                                      
 2330  1CW0  PD0100   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            12-DEC-99  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 2331  1CW9  BD0021   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    14-OCT-99  DNA                                      
 2332  1CWP  PRV005   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            22-MAY-95  VIRUS/RNA                                
 2333  1CYQ  PD0096   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            19-NOV-99  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 2334  1CZ0  PD0097   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            19-NOV-99  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 2335  1D02  PD0151   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            08-MAR-00  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 2336  1D0E  PD0135   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            04-APR-00  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 2337  1D10  DDF020   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-OCT-90  DNA                                      
 2338  1D11  DDF001   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-OCT-90  DNA                                      
 2339  1D12  DDF019   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-OCT-90  DNA                                      
 2340  1D13  ADJ022   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-OCT-90  DNA                                      
 2341  1D14  DDFP21   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-OCT-90  DNA                                      
 2342  1D15  DDF022   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-JUL-91  DNA                                      
 2343  1D16  UDP011   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    09-JAN-89  DNA                                      
 2344  1D17  DDFA16   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-JUL-91  DNA                                      
 2345  1D1U  PD0152   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            02-APR-00  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 2346  1D21  DDFA14   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-JUL-91  DNA                                      
 2347  1D22  DDFA15   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-JUL-91  DNA                                      
 2348  1D23  BDJ025   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-OCT-91  DNA                                      
 2349  1D24  ZDFB21   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    07-APR-92  DNA                                      
 2350  1D26  ADHP36   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    07-APR-92  DNA                                      
 2351  1D27  BDLB26   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    07-APR-92  DNA                                      
 2352  1D28  BDL028   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    07-APR-92  DNA                                      
 2353  1D29  BDL029   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-APR-92  DNA                                      
 2354  1D2I  PD0153   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            21-FEB-00  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 2355  1D30  GDL008   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-APR-92  DNA                                      
 2356  1D31  UDM010   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-APR-92  DNA                                      
 2357  1D32  DDD030   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-APR-92  DNA                                      
 2358  1D33  DDF023   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-APR-92  DNA                                      
 2359  1D35  DDFB25   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-APR-92  DNA                                      
 2360  1D36  DDF026   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-APR-92  DNA                                      
 2361  1D37  DDF028   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-APR-92  DNA                                      
 2362  1D38  DDF029   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-APR-92  DNA                                      
 2363  1D39  ZDF028   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-APR-92  DNA                                      
 2364  1D3R  BD0017   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    01-JAN-00  DNA                                      
 2365  1D3U  PD0070   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            15-NOV-99  GENE REGULATION/DNA                      
 2366  1D40  ZDFB10   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-APR-92  DNA                                      
 2367  1D41  ZDFB24   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-APR-92  DNA                                      
 2368  1D43  GDL010   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-APR-92  DNA                                      
 2369  1D44  GDL011   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-APR-92  DNA                                      
 2370  1D45  GDL012   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-APR-92  DNA                                      
 2371  1D46  GDL013   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-APR-92  DNA                                      
 2372  1D48  ZDF029   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-APR-92  DNA                                      
 2373  1D49  BDJ031   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-APR-92  DNA                                      
 2374  1D4R  AR0024   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA                02-DEC-99  RNA                                      
 2375  1D53  ZDH030   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    13-APR-93  DNA                                      
 2376  1D54  DDF035   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-APR-93  DNA                                      
 2377  1D56  BDJ036   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-SEP-92  DNA                                      
 2378  1D57  BDJ037   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-SEP-92  DNA                                      
 2379  1D58  DDF036   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-OCT-92  DNA                                      
 2380  1D59  UDL018   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-APR-93  DNA                                      
 2381  1D5Y  PD0078   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            24-APR-00  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2382  1D60  BDJB43   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-APR-93  DNA                                      
 2383  1D61  BDJB44   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-APR-93  DNA                                      
 2384  1D62  BD0055   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-JUL-93  DNA                                      
 2385  1D63  GDL016   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-JAN-93  DNA                                      
 2386  1D64  GDL015   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-JAN-93  DNA                                      
 2387  1D65  BDL038   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-JAN-93  DNA                                      
 2388  1D66  PDT003   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            06-MAR-92  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2389  1D67  DDF038   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-JUL-93  DNA                                      
 2390  1D75  BDLB33   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-JAN-93  DNA                                      
 2391  1D76  ZDFB31   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-SEP-92  DNA                                      
 2392  1D77  BDLB40   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-JUL-93  DNA                                      
 2393  1D78  ADH038   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-APR-93  DNA                                      
 2394  1D79  ADH039   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-APR-93  DNA                                      
 2395  1D7Z  HD0002   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    28-JUN-02  DNA                                      
 2396  1D80  BDL046   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-JUL-93  DNA                                      
 2397  1D81  BDLB41   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-OCT-92  DNA                                      
 2398  1D82  ADH041   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-OCT-92  DNA                                      
 2399  1D85  GDLB17   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-JUL-93  DNA                                      
 2400  1D86  GDL018   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-JUL-93  DNA                                      
 2401  1D87  AHJ043   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA                15-JUL-93  DNA/RNA HYBRID                           
 2402  1D88  AHJ044   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA                15-JUL-93  DNA/RNA HYBRID                           
 2403  1D89  BDL047   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-JUL-93  DNA                                      
 2404  1D8G  BD0023   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    21-FEB-00  DNA                                      
 2405  1D8X  BD0024   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    05-NOV-99  DNA                                      
 2406  1D8Y  PD0072   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            02-DEC-99  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 2407  1D90  ADHB17   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-JUL-93  DNA                                      
 2408  1D91  ADH018   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-JUL-93  DNA                                      
 2409  1D92  ADH019   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-JUL-93  DNA                                      
 2410  1D93  ADH020   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-JUL-93  DNA                                      
 2411  1D96  AHJ015   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA                15-JUL-93  DNA-RNA HYBRID                           
 2412  1D97  BDFP24   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-JUL-93  DNA                                      
 2413  1D98  BDL006   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-APR-93  DNA                                      
 2414  1D99  BDL011   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-JUL-93  DNA                                      
 2415  1D9D  PR0016   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA,protein        02-DEC-99  TRANSFERASE/DNA, RNA                     
 2416  1D9F  PD0080   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA,protein        02-DEC-99  TRANSFERASE/DNA, RNA                     
 2417  1D9H  AH0006   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA                02-DEC-99  DNA, RNA                                 
 2418  1D9R  BD0025   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    05-NOV-99  DNA                                      
 2419  1DA0  DDF018   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-JUL-93  DNA                                      
 2420  1DA1  ZDFB14   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-JUL-93  DNA                                      
 2421  1DA2  ZDFB25   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-JUL-93  DNA                                      
 2422  1DA3  BDJB48   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-APR-93  DNA                                      
 2423  1DA9  DDF040   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-APR-93  DNA                                      
 2424  1DC0  BD0026   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    06-MAR-00  DNA                                      
 2425  1DC1  PD0085   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            21-FEB-01  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 2426  1DCG  ZDF002   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    09-JAN-89  DNA                                      
 2427  1DCR  BD0027   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    19-NOV-99  DNA                                      
 2428  1DCT  PDEB19   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            15-SEP-95  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 2429  1DCV  BD0028   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    17-APR-00  DNA                                      
 2430  1DCW  UD0008   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    17-APR-00  DNA                                      
 2431  1DDL  PR0017   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            30-OCT-00  VIRUS/RNA                                
 2432  1DDN  PD0004   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            14-OCT-98  GENE REGULATION/DNA                      
 2433  1DDY  UR0008   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    01-JAN-00  RNA                                      
 2434  1DE8  PD0093   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            02-FEB-00  LYASE/DNA                                
 2435  1DE9  PD0094   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            02-FEB-00  LYASE/DNA                                
 2436  1DEW  PD0095   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            02-FEB-00  LYASE/DNA                                
 2437  1DFM  PD0101   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            21-FEB-00  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 2438  1DFU  PR0018   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            02-DEC-99  RIBOSOME                                 
 2439  1DGC  PDT007   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            22-JUN-94  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2440  1DH3  PD0102   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            27-NOV-00  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2441  1DI2  PR0020   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            02-DEC-99  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
 2442  1DIZ  PD0099   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            20-MAR-00  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 2443  1DJ6  ZD0003   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    18-DEC-99  DNA                                      
 2444  1DK1  RR0005   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            02-APR-00  RIBOSOME                                 
 2445  1DL8  DD0023   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    30-OCT-00  DNA                                      
 2446  1DMU  PD0108   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            18-DEC-99  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 2447  1DN4  ZDFB04   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    16-APR-87  DNA                                      
 2448  1DN5  ZDFB05   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    16-APR-87  DNA                                      
 2449  1DN6  ADI009   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    16-JAN-88  DNA                                      
 2450  1DN8  ZDJ018   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    16-APR-88  DNA                                      
 2451  1DN9  BDL007   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-APR-90  DNA                                      
 2452  1DNE  GDL004   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    09-JAN-89  DNA                                      
 2453  1DNF  ZDFB12   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-OCT-90  DNA                                      
 2454  1DNH  GDL002   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    09-JAN-89  DNA                                      
 2455  1DNK  PDE005   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            31-JAN-94  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 2456  1DNM  BDL022   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-JUL-91  DNA                                      
 2457  1DNO  AH0007   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA                10-APR-00  DNA/RNA HYBRID                           
 2458  1DNS  ADH014   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-APR-90  DNA                                      
 2459  1DNT  AH0008   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA                10-APR-00  DNA-RNA HYBRID                           
 2460  1DNX  AH0009   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA                10-APR-00  DNA-RNA HYBRID                           
 2461  1DNZ  AD0006   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    10-APR-00  DNA                                      
 2462  1DOU  BD0029   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    27-DEC-99  DNA                                      
 2463  1DP7  PD0111   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            06-MAR-00  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2464  1DPL  AD0007   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA                04-APR-00  DNA                                      
 2465  1DPN  BD0030   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    04-APR-00  DNA                                      
 2466  1DQF  AR0026   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    13-NOV-00  RNA                                      
 2467  1DQH  AR0027   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    13-NOV-00  RNA                                      
 2468  1DRG  PD0113   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            19-OCT-01  HYDROLASE, LIGASE/DNA                    
 2469  1DRZ  PR0005   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            16-FEB-99  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
 2470  1DSZ  PD0115   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            10-JUL-00  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2471  1DU0  PD0114   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            31-JUL-00  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2472  1DUH  UR0009   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    08-MAY-00  RNA                                      
 2473  1DUL  PR0021   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            28-FEB-00  SIGNALING PROTEIN/RNA                    
 2474  1DUQ  AR0028   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    16-MAY-00  RNA                                      
 2475  1DUX  PD0116   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            17-APR-00  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2476  1DVL  DD0024   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    29-MAR-02  DNA                                      
 2477  1E3M  PD0201   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            01-NOV-00  DNA BINDING                              
 2478  1E3O  PD0225   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            10-NOV-01  TRANSCRIPTION                            
 2479  1E7K  PR0055   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            19-FEB-01  RNA-BINDING PROTEIN                      
 2480  1E8O  PR0041   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            08-NOV-00  ALU RIBONUCLEOPROTEIN PARTICLE           
 2481  1E8S  PR0042   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            08-NOV-00  ALU RIBONUCLEOPROTEIN PARTICLE           
 2482  1EA4  PD0479   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            05-JUL-01  GENE REGULATION/DNA                      
 2483  1EBM  PD0117   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            20-MAR-00  LYASE/DNA                                
 2484  1EC6  PR0022   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            21-FEB-00  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
 2485  1ECR  PDTE01   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            05-SEP-97  REPLICATION/DNA                          
 2486  1EDR  BD0031   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    16-FEB-00  DNA                                      
 2487  1EEL  DD0025   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    09-FEB-00  DNA                                      
 2488  1EFA  PD0118   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            06-MAR-00  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2489  1EFO  AH0010   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA                29-MAY-00  DNA-RNA HYBRID                           
 2490  1EFW  PR0023   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            19-JUN-00  LIGASE/RNA                               
 2491  1EG6  DD0026   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    03-JAN-01  DNA                                      
 2492  1EGK  UH0002   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA                26-JUN-00  DNA-RNA HYBRID                           
 2493  1EGW  PD0121   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            20-MAR-00  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2494  1EHL  PD0550   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            21-FEB-01  IMMUNE SYSTEM                            
 2495  1EHV  BD0032   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    14-JUL-00  DNA                                      
 2496  1EHZ  TR0001   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    02-OCT-00  RNA                                      
 2497  1EI4  BD0038   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    27-MAR-00  DNA                                      
 2498  1EIY  PR0024   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            06-MAR-00  LIGASE/RNA                               
 2499  1EJ9  PD0125   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            03-AUG-00  ISOMERASE/DNA                            
 2500  1EM0  DD0027   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    21-AUG-00  DNA                                      
 2501  1EMH  PD0127   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            16-MAY-00  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 2502  1EMI  RR0008   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            12-JUN-00  RIBOSOME                                 
 2503  1EMJ  PD0128   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            16-MAY-00  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 2504  1EN3  BD0033   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    25-SEP-00  DNA                                      
 2505  1EN8  BD0034   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    25-SEP-00  DNA                                      
 2506  1EN9  BD0035   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    25-SEP-00  DNA                                      
 2507  1ENE  BD0036   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    25-SEP-00  DNA                                      
 2508  1ENN  BD0037   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    03-MAY-00  DNA                                      
 2509  1EO3  PD0129   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            04-APR-00  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 2510  1EO4  PD0130   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            04-APR-00  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 2511  1EON  PD0131   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            04-APR-00  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 2512  1EOO  PD0132   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            04-APR-00  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 2513  1EOP  PD0133   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            04-APR-00  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 2514  1EQQ  PR0048   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            23-SEP-03  REPLICATION/RNA                          
 2515  1EQZ  PD0137   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            17-APR-00  STRUCTURAL PROTEIN/DNA                   
 2516  1ERI  PDE001   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            07-FEB-95  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 2517  1ESG  PD0139   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            31-MAY-00  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 2518  1ET4  DR0004   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    13-NOV-00  RNA                                      
 2519  1EUQ  PR0025   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            04-JUN-00  LIGASE/RNA                               
 2520  1EUY  PR0026   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            04-JUN-00  LIGASE/RNA                               
 2521  1EVP  AH0011   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA                01-MAY-00  DNA-RNA HYBRID                           
 2522  1EVV  TR0002   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    01-MAY-00  RNA                                      
 2523  1EVW  PD0140   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            03-AUG-00  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 2524  1EWN  PD0141   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            11-DEC-00  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 2525  1EWQ  PD0142   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            23-OCT-00  REPLICATION/DNA                          
 2526  1EXD  PR0027   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            15-MAY-00  LIGASE/RNA                               
 2527  1EXI  PD0145   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            24-JAN-01  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2528  1EXJ  PD0146   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            24-JAN-01  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2529  1EYG  PD0144   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            01-AUG-00  REPLICATION/DNA                          
 2530  1EYU  PD0147   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            21-JUL-00  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 2531  1F0O  PD0149   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            06-NOV-00  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 2532  1F0V  PD0150   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            21-FEB-01  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 2533  1F1T  UR0011   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    04-SEP-00  RNA                                      
 2534  1F27  DR0005   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    12-JUN-00  RNA                                      
 2535  1F2I  PD0165   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            14-SEP-01  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2536  1F44  PD0166   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            12-OCT-01  HYDROLASE, LIGASE/DNA                    
 2537  1F4K  PD0167   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            08-JUN-01  REPLICATION/DNA                          
 2538  1F4R  PD0168   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            11-DEC-00  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 2539  1F5T  PD0170   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            25-SEP-00  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2540  1F66  PD0171   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            27-NOV-00  STRUCTURAL PROTEIN/DNA                   
 2541  1F69  BD0039   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    28-AUG-00  DNA                                      
 2542  1F6C  BD0040   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    28-AUG-00  DNA                                      
 2543  1F6E  AD0009   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    28-AUG-00  DNA                                      
 2544  1F6I  UD0010   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    28-AUG-00  DNA                                      
 2545  1F6J  UD0011   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    28-AUG-00  DNA                                      
 2546  1F6O  PD0172   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            11-DEC-00  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 2547  1F7U  PR0030   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            27-JUN-01  LIGASE/RNA                               
 2548  1F7V  PR0031   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            27-JUN-01  LIGASE/RNA                               
 2549  1F7Y  RR0010   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            22-NOV-00  RIBOSOME                                 
 2550  1F8V  PR0036   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            06-DEC-00  VIRUS/RNA                                
 2551  1FD5  DD0028   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    07-AUG-00  DNA                                      
 2552  1FDG  DD0029   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    07-AUG-00  DNA                                      
 2553  1FEU  RR0012   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            25-JUN-01  RIBOSOME                                 
 2554  1FFK  RR0011   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            14-AUG-00  RIBOSOME                                 
 2555  1FFY  PR0032   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            07-AUG-00  LIGASE/RNA                               
 2556  1FFZ  RR0013   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA                28-AUG-00  RIBOSOME                                 
 2557  1FG0  RR0014   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    28-AUG-00  RIBOSOME                                 
 2558  1FHY  DD0030   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    21-APR-01  DNA                                      
 2559  1FHZ  DD0031   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    21-APR-01  DNA                                      
 2560  1FIR  TR0003   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    17-JAN-01  RNA                                      
 2561  1FIU  PD0177   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            07-FEB-01  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 2562  1FIX  UHJ055   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA                11-DEC-96  DNA-RNA HYBRID                           
 2563  1FJG  RR0016   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            25-SEP-00  RIBOSOME                                 
 2564  1FJL  PDE025   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            20-JUN-96  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2565  1FJX  PD0194   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            15-DEC-00  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 2566  1FKA  RR0017   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            04-SEP-00  RIBOSOME                                 
 2567  1FLO  PD0178   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            04-SEP-00  LIGASE, LYASE/DNA                        
 2568  1FMQ  DD0034   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    11-SEP-00  DNA                                      
 2569  1FMS  DD0035   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    11-SEP-00  DNA                                      
 2570  1FN1  DD0032   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    30-OCT-00  DNA                                      
 2571  1FN2  DD0033   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    30-OCT-00  DNA                                      
 2572  1FN7  PD0179   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            21-APR-01  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 2573  1FOK           X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            03-DEC-97  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 2574  1FOS  PDT014   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            10-JUL-95  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2575  1FQ2  BD0041   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    27-NOV-00  DNA                                      
 2576  1FTD  DD0036   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    26-FEB-01  DNA                                      
 2577  1FUF  AR0029   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA                09-NOV-01  RNA                                      
 2578  1FW6  PD0181   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            19-FEB-01  REPLICATION/DNA                          
 2579  1FXL  PR0033   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA,protein        05-FEB-01  TRANSCRIPTION/RNA                        
 2580  1FYL  PD0183   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            28-SEP-01  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2581  1FYM  PD0184   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            28-SEP-01  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2582  1FZP  PD0185   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            22-JAN-01  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2583  1G00  AD0010   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    05-FEB-01  DNA                                      
 2584  1G1X  RR0019   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            30-OCT-00  RIBOSOME                                 
 2585  1G2D  PD0186   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            07-SEP-01  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2586  1G2E  PR0034   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            05-FEB-01  TRANSCRIPTION/RNA                        
 2587  1G2F  PD0187   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            07-SEP-01  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2588  1G2J  AR0030   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    06-DEC-00  RNA                                      
 2589  1G38  PD0188   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            05-MAR-01  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 2590  1G3V  BD0042   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    11-JAN-02  DNA                                      
 2591  1G3X  DD0037   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            16-AUG-02  DNA                                      
 2592  1G4Q  AH0012   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA                08-JUL-03  DNA-RNA HYBRID                           
 2593  1G59  PR0035   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            01-SEP-01  LIGASE/RNA                               
 2594  1G6D  UD0012   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    19-APR-02  DNA                                      
 2595  1G75  BD0043   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    05-FEB-01  DNA                                      
 2596  1G8N  BD0044   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    05-FEB-01  DNA                                      
 2597  1G8U  BD0045   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    05-FEB-01  DNA                                      
 2598  1G8V  BD0046   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    05-FEB-01  DNA                                      
 2599  1G9Y  PD0189   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            02-APR-01  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 2600  1G9Z  PD0190   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            02-APR-01  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 2601  1GA5  PD0191   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            16-NOV-01  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2602  1GAX  PR0029   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            06-DEC-00  LIGASE/RNA                               
 2603  1GD2  PD0180   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            02-OCT-00  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2604  1GDT  PDE0115  X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            03-APR-96  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 2605  1GID  URX053   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    31-DEC-96  RIBOZYME                                 
 2606  1GJI  PD0222   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            30-MAY-02  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2607  1GLU  PDRC01   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            31-JAN-94  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2608  1GM5  PD0267   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            03-OCT-01  HELICASE                                 
 2609  1GQU  UD0035   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    05-DEC-02  DNA                                      
 2610  1GRZ  UR0003   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    24-NOV-98  RIBOZYME                                 
 2611  1GSG  PTR001   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            24-FEB-92  LIGASE/RNA                               
 2612  1GT0           X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            30-JAN-03  TRANSCRIPTION                            
 2613  1GTF  PR0071   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            05-APR-02  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
 2614  1GTN  PR0072   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            05-APR-02  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
 2615  1GTR  PTR003   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            07-FEB-95  COMPLEX (LIGASE/TRNA)                    
 2616  1GTS  PTR002   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            07-FEB-95  LIGASE/RNA                               
 2617  1GTW  PD0788   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            06-FEB-04  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2618  1GU4  PD0652   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            26-JUN-03  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2619  1GU5  PD0653   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            26-JUN-03  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2620  1GXP           X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            29-APR-02  TRANSCRIPTIONAL ACTIVATOR                
 2621  1H0M  PD0654   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            29-AUG-02  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2622  1H1K  UR0063   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    26-SEP-02  VIRUS/VIRAL PROTEIN/RNA                  
 2623  1H2C  PR0237   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            10-APR-03  VIRUS/VIRAL PROTEIN                      
 2624  1H2D  PR0238   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            10-APR-03  VIRUS/VIRAL PROTEIN                      
 2625  1H38  PH0018   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA,protein        20-NOV-02  TRANSFERASE                              
 2626  1H3E  PR0158   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA,protein        27-OCT-02  LIGASE                                   
 2627  1H4Q  PR0056   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            18-JUN-01  AMINOACYL-TRNA SYNTHETASE                
 2628  1H4S  PR0057   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            18-JUN-01  AMINOACYL-TRNA SYNTHETASE                
 2629  1H6F  PD0311   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            19-APR-02  TRANSCRIPTION FACTOR                     
 2630  1H88  PD0288   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            28-JAN-02  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2631  1H89  PD0289   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            28-JAN-02  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2632  1H8A  PD0290   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            28-JAN-02  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2633  1H9D  PD0210   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            31-MAR-01  TRANSCRIPTION FACTOR                     
 2634  1H9T  PD0232   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            04-APR-01  TRANSCRIPTIONAL REGULATION               
 2635  1HAO  PDE0119  X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            03-APR-96  HYDROLASE/HYDROLASE INHIBITOR/DNA        
 2636  1HAP  PDE0118  X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            03-APR-96  HYDROLASE/HYDROLASE INHIBITOR/DNA        
 2637  1HBX  PD0233   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            27-JUN-01  GENE REGULATION                          
 2638  1HC8  PR0159   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            23-MAY-02  RIBOSOME                                 
 2639  1HCQ  PDRC03   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            23-NOV-95  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2640  1HCR  PDE009   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            30-APR-94  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 2641  1HDD  PDT004   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            15-JAN-92  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2642  1HF0  PD0274   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            10-NOV-01  TRANSCRIPTION                            
 2643  1HHT  PD0216   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            27-MAR-01  RNA POLYMERASE                           
 2644  1HI0  PD0217   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            27-MAR-01  RNA POLYMERASE                           
 2645  1HJB  PD0204   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            09-MAR-01  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2646  1HJC  PD0205   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            09-MAR-01  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2647  1HLO  PDT042   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            27-OCT-97  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2648  1HLV  PD0192   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            11-JAN-02  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 2649  1HLZ  PD0193   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            16-NOV-01  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2650  1HMH  UHX026   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA                07-DEC-95  RIBOZYME                                 
 2651  1HNW  RR0020   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            21-FEB-01  RIBOSOME                                 
 2652  1HNX  RR0021   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            21-FEB-01  RIBOSOME                                 
 2653  1HNZ  RR0022   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            21-FEB-01  RIBOSOME                                 
 2654  1HQ1  PR0037   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            03-JAN-01  SIGNALING PROTEIN/RNA                    
 2655  1HQ7  BD0047   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    07-JUL-03  DNA                                      
 2656  1HR0  RR0023   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            24-JAN-01  RIBOSOME                                 
 2657  1HR2  UR0012   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    12-APR-01  RNA                                      
 2658  1HU0  PD0195   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            25-FEB-03  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 2659  1HUO  PD0196   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            23-APR-01  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 2660  1HUT  PDE013   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            22-JUN-94  HYDROLASE/HYDROLASE INHIBITOR/DNA        
 2661  1HUZ  PD0197   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            23-APR-01  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 2662  1HVU  PRV022   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            13-JAN-99  TRANSFERASE/RNA                          
 2663  1HW2  PD0199   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            22-JAN-01  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2664  1HWT  PD0089   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            10-NOV-99  GENE REGULATION/DNA                      
 2665  1HYS  PH0003   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA,protein        26-MAR-01  TRANSFERASE/DNA-RNA HYBRID               
 2666  1I0F  AD0011   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA                04-APR-01  DNA                                      
 2667  1I0G  AD0012   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA                04-APR-01  DNA                                      
 2668  1I0J  AD0013   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA                04-APR-01  DNA                                      
 2669  1I0K  AD0014   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA                04-APR-01  DNA                                      
 2670  1I0M  AD0015   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA                04-APR-01  DNA                                      
 2671  1I0N  AD0016   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA                04-APR-01  DNA                                      
 2672  1I0O  AD0017   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA                04-APR-01  DNA                                      
 2673  1I0P  AD0018   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA                04-APR-01  DNA                                      
 2674  1I0Q  AD0019   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA                04-APR-01  DNA                                      
 2675  1I0T  ZD0004   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    04-APR-01  DNA                                      
 2676  1I1P  DD0038   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    21-JUN-02  DNA                                      
 2677  1I2X  AH0013   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA                21-APR-01  DNA-RNA HYBRID                           
 2678  1I2Y  AH0014   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA                21-APR-01  DNA-RNA HYBRID                           
 2679  1I3J  PD0200   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            13-JUL-01  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 2680  1I3T  BD0048   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    14-SEP-01  DNA                                      
 2681  1I3W  DD0039   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            21-MAY-01  DNA/ANTIBIOTIC                           
 2682  1I47  BD0049   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    11-FEB-03  DNA                                      
 2683  1I5L  PR0046   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            28-AUG-01  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
 2684  1I5W  AD0020   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA                04-APR-01  DNA                                      
 2685  1I6H  PH0004   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA,protein        23-APR-01  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA-RNA HYBRID             
 2686  1I6J  PD0202   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            07-SEP-01  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 2687  1I6U  PR0047   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            03-AUG-01  RIBOSOME                                 
 2688  1I7D  PD0203   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            29-JUN-01  ISOMERASE/DNA                            
 2689  1I7J  AR0031   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    21-SEP-01  RNA                                      
 2690  1I8M  PD0206   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            07-DEC-01  IMMUNE SYSTEM/DNA                        
 2691  1I94  RR0024   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            12-APR-01  RIBOSOME                                 
 2692  1I95  RR0025   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            12-APR-01  RIBOSOME                                 
 2693  1I96  RR0026   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            12-APR-01  RIBOSOME                                 
 2694  1I97  RR0027   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            12-APR-01  RIBOSOME                                 
 2695  1I9V  TR0004   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    04-JUN-01  RNA                                      
 2696  1I9X  AR0032   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    05-SEP-01  RNA                                      
 2697  1IAW  PD0207   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            03-AUG-01  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 2698  1IBK  RR0028   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            04-MAY-01  RIBOSOME                                 
 2699  1IBL  RR0029   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            04-MAY-01  RIBOSOME                                 
 2700  1IBM  RR0030   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            04-MAY-01  RIBOSOME                                 
 2701  1IC8  PD0208   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            27-NOV-02  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2702  1ICG  AH0015   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA                09-APR-01  DNA/RNA                                  
 2703  1ICK  ZD0005   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    12-APR-01  DNA                                      
 2704  1ID3  PD0209   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            28-SEP-01  STRUCTURAL PROTEIN/DNA                   
 2705  1ID9  AH0016   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA                12-APR-01  DNA/RNA                                  
 2706  1IDW  AH0017   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA                12-APR-01  DNA/RNA                                  
 2707  1IF1  PDR035   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            25-FEB-98  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2708  1IG7  PD0211   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            23-APR-01  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2709  1IG9  PD0212   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            11-JUN-01  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 2710  1IGN  PDT035   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            27-JAN-97  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 2711  1IH1  BD0050   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    18-JUN-01  DNA                                      
 2712  1IH2  AD0021   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    18-JUN-01  DNA                                      
 2713  1IH3  AD0022   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    18-JUN-01  DNA                                      
 2714  1IH4  AD0023   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    18-JUN-01  DNA                                      
 2715  1IH6  AD0024   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    18-JUN-01  DNA                                      
 2716  1IHA  AH0018   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA                07-MAY-01  DNA/RNA                                  
 2717  1IHF  PDT040   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            12-FEB-97  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2718  1IHH  DD0040   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    26-OCT-01  DNA                                      
 2719  1IJS  PDV005   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            23-DEC-96  VIRUS/DNA                                
 2720  1IJW  PD0213   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            22-FEB-02  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 2721  1IK5  AR0033   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA                09-NOV-01  RNA                                      
 2722  1IKK  BD0051   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    05-OCT-01  DNA                                      
 2723  1IL2  PR0049   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            28-SEP-01  LIGASE/RNA                               
 2724  1ILC  BD0052   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    08-MAY-02  DNA                                      
 2725  1IMH  PD0214   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            01-FEB-02  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2726  1IMR  DDF061   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    04-APR-96  DNA                                      
 2727  1IMS  DDF062   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    04-APR-96  DNA                                      
 2728  1IO4  PD0198   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            12-MAR-01  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2729  1IPP  PDE0144  X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            02-SEP-98  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2730  1IU3  PD0297   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            17-JUN-03  REPLICATION INHIBITOR/DNA                
 2731  1IVS  PR0069   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            11-FEB-03  LIGASE/RNA                               
 2732  1IXJ  UD0020   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    11-DEC-02  DNA                                      
 2733  1IXY  PD0333   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            04-DEC-02  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 2734  1J1U  PR0092   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            03-JUN-03  LIGASE/RNA                               
 2735  1J1V  PD0371   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            22-APR-03  REPLICATION/DNA                          
 2736  1J2B  PR0093   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            27-MAY-03  TRANSFERASE/RNA                          
 2737  1J3E  PD0390   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            18-MAY-04  REPLICATION/DNA                          
 2738  1J59  PD0299   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            01-MAR-02  GENE REGULATION/DNA                      
 2739  1J5A  RR0051   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            08-MAR-02  RIBOSOME                                 
 2740  1J5E  RR0052   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            12-APR-02  RIBOSOME                                 
 2741  1J5O  PD0316   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            14-JUN-02  TRANSFERASE/IMMUNE SYSTEM/DNA            
 2742  1J6S  UR0023   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA                05-AUG-03  RNA                                      
 2743  1J75  PD0215   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            01-SEP-01  IMMUNE SYSTEM/DNA                        
 2744  1J7T  DR0006   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    18-MAY-02  RNA                                      
 2745  1J8G  UR0014   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    23-NOV-01  RNA                                      
 2746  1J8L  BD0053   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    28-SEP-01  DNA                                      
 2747  1J9H  AR0034   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA                26-OCT-01  RNA                                      
 2748  1JB7  PD0218   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            11-JUN-01  DNA-BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 2749  1JB8  AH0019   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA                01-JUL-03  DNA/RNA                                  
 2750  1JBR  PR0051   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            26-OCT-01  HYDROLASE/RNA                            
 2751  1JBS  PR0052   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA,protein        26-OCT-01  HYDROLASE/RNA                            
 2752  1JBT  PR0053   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            26-OCT-01  HYDROLASE/RNA                            
 2753  1JE8  PD0219   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            27-SEP-02  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2754  1JES  ZD0006   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    23-NOV-01  DNA                                      
 2755  1JEY  PD0220   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            10-AUG-01  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 2756  1JFI  PD0221   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            11-JUL-01  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2757  1JFS  PD0223   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            08-FEB-02  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2758  1JFT  PD0224   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            08-FEB-02  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2759  1JGG  PDT031   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            06-JUL-01  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2760  1JGO  RR0034   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            20-JUL-01  RIBOSOME                                 
 2761  1JGP  RR0035   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            20-JUL-01  RIBOSOME                                 
 2762  1JGQ  RR0036   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            20-JUL-01  RIBOSOME                                 
 2763  1JGR  BD0054   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    05-SEP-01  DNA                                      
 2764  1JH9  PD0226   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            08-FEB-02  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2765  1JID  PR0054   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            19-OCT-01  SIGNALING PROTEIN/RNA                    
 2766  1JJ2  RR0033   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            01-AUG-01  RIBOSOME                                 
 2767  1JJ4  PD0227   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            13-JUL-01  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2768  1JJ6  PD0228   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            22-FEB-02  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 2769  1JJ8  PD0229   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            22-FEB-02  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 2770  1JK1  PD0230   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            19-OCT-01  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2771  1JK2  PD0231   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            19-OCT-01  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2772  1JKO  PD0234   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            22-FEB-02  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 2773  1JKP  PD0235   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            22-FEB-02  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 2774  1JKQ  PD0236   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            22-FEB-02  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 2775  1JKR  PD0237   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            22-FEB-02  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 2776  1JMC  PDO001   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            16-OCT-97  REPLICATION/DNA                          
 2777  1JNM  PD0241   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            03-JUN-03  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2778  1JO2  DD0041   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA                29-JUL-03  DNA, RNA                                 
 2779  1JPQ  UD0013   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    28-JUN-02  DNA                                      
 2780  1JRN  UD0014   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    28-JUN-02  DNA                                      
 2781  1JT0  PD0249   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            08-MAR-02  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2782  1JTL  DD0042   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    09-AUG-02  DNA                                      
 2783  1JUC  UD0015   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    22-FEB-02  DNA                                      
 2784  1JUX           X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    27-JAN-04  DNA                                      
 2785  1JWL  PD0250   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            05-OCT-01  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2786  1JX4  PD0251   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            05-OCT-01  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 2787  1JXL  PD0252   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            05-OCT-01  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 2788  1JZV  AR0035   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA                11-NOV-03  RNA                                      
 2789  1JZX  RR0037   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            26-OCT-01  RIBOSOME                                 
 2790  1JZY  RR0038   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            26-OCT-01  RIBOSOME                                 
 2791  1JZZ  RR0039   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            26-OCT-01  RIBOSOME                                 
 2792  1K01  RR0041   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            26-OCT-01  RIBOSOME                                 
 2793  1K2L  DD0045   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    16-OCT-02  DNA                                      
 2794  1K2Z  DD0046   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    09-AUG-02  DNA                                      
 2795  1K3W  PD0253   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            04-OCT-02  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 2796  1K3X  PD0254   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            04-OCT-02  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 2797  1K4S  PD0255   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            04-DEC-02  ISOMERASE/DNA                            
 2798  1K4T  PD0256   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            04-DEC-02  ISOMERASE/DNA                            
 2799  1K61  PD0257   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            11-DEC-02  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2800  1K6O  PD0258   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            17-JAN-02  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2801  1K73  RR0042   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            22-JUL-03  RIBOSOME                                 
 2802  1K78  PD0259   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            04-JAN-02  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2803  1K79  PD0260   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            04-JAN-02  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2804  1K7A  PD0261   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            04-JAN-02  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2805  1K82  PD0264   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            14-JUN-02  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 2806  1K8A  RR0043   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            19-JUL-02  RIBOSOME                                 
 2807  1K8G  PD0266   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            20-DEC-01  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 2808  1K8P  UD0016   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    31-MAY-02  DNA                                      
 2809  1K8W  PR0060   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            31-DEC-01  LYASE/RNA                                
 2810  1K9G  DD0047   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    30-NOV-01  DNA                                      
 2811  1K9M  RR0044   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            19-JUL-02  RIBOSOME                                 
 2812  1K9W  UR0017   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    30-NOV-01  RNA                                      
 2813  1KB2  PD0268   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            03-MAY-02  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2814  1KB4  PD0269   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            03-MAY-02  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2815  1KB6  PD0270   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            03-MAY-02  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2816  1KBU  PD0271   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            07-JUN-02  HYDROLASE, LIGASE/DNA                    
 2817  1KC6  PD0272   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            07-DEC-01  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 2818  1KC8  RR0045   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            22-JUL-03  RIBOSOME                                 
 2819  1KCI  DD0048   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    01-FEB-02  DNA                                      
 2820  1KD1  RR0047   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            19-JUL-02  RIBOSOME                                 
 2821  1KD3  AR0036   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    04-MAR-03  RNA                                      
 2822  1KD4  AR0037   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    04-MAR-03  RNA                                      
 2823  1KD5  AR0038   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    04-MAR-03  RNA                                      
 2824  1KDH  PD0275   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            13-MAY-02  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 2825  1KEG  PD0276   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            15-NOV-02  IMMUNE SYSTEM/DNA                        
 2826  1KF1  UD0017   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    31-MAY-02  DNA                                      
 2827  1KFO  AR0039   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    07-DEC-01  RNA                                      
 2828  1KFS  PDE0137  X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            25-FEB-98  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 2829  1KFV  PD0277   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            14-JUN-02  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 2830  1KGK  AD0025   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    21-DEC-01  DNA                                      
 2831  1KH6  UR0018   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    26-APR-02  RNA                                      
 2832  1KIX  PD0278   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            22-FEB-02  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 2833  1KLN  PDE004   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            30-NOV-94  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 2834  1KNZ  PR0063   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            17-JAN-02  VIRAL PROTEIN/RNA                        
 2835  1KOG  PR0064   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            26-APR-02  LIGASE/RNA                               
 2836  1KQ2  PR0065   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            05-JUL-02  TRANSLATION/RNA                          
 2837  1KQS  RR0049   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            22-FEB-02  RIBOSOME                                 
 2838  1KRP  PDE0138  X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            25-FEB-98  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 2839  1KSP  PDE0136  X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            25-FEB-98  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 2840  1KSX  PD0282   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            15-MAR-02  REPLICATION/DNA                          
 2841  1KSY  PD0283   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            15-MAR-02  REPLICATION/DNA                          
 2842  1KU7  PD0284   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            29-MAR-02  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2843  1KUQ  RR0050   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            24-JUN-03  RIBOSOME                                 
 2844  1KX3  PD0285   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            25-DEC-02  STRUCTURAL PROTEIN/DNA                   
 2845  1KX4  PD0286   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            25-DEC-02  STRUCTURAL PROTEIN/DNA                   
 2846  1KX5  PD0287   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            25-DEC-02  STRUCTURAL PROTEIN/DNA                   
 2847  1KXK  UR0019   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    22-MAR-02  RNA                                      
 2848  1L1H  DD0049   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    11-FEB-03  DNA                                      
 2849  1L1T  PD0292   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            14-JUN-02  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 2850  1L1Z  PD0293   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            14-JUN-02  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 2851  1L2B  PD0294   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            14-JUN-02  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 2852  1L2C  PD0295   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            14-JUN-02  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 2853  1L2D  PD0296   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            14-JUN-02  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 2854  1L2X  UR0020   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    22-MAR-02  RNA                                      
 2855  1L3D  UR0021   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    22-MAR-02  RNA                                      
 2856  1L3L  PD0298   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            03-JUL-02  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2857  1L3S  PD0300   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            25-MAR-03  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 2858  1L3T  PD0301   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            25-MAR-03  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 2859  1L3U  PD0302   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            25-MAR-03  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 2860  1L3V  PD0303   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            25-MAR-03  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 2861  1L3Z  AR0040   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    25-FEB-03  RNA                                      
 2862  1L4J  UD0018   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    04-MAR-03  DNA                                      
 2863  1L5U  PD0304   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            25-MAR-03  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 2864  1L6B  UD0019   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    07-AUG-02  DNA                                      
 2865  1L8V  UR0022   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    23-AUG-02  RNA                                      
 2866  1L9A  PR0067   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            28-JUN-02  SIGNALING PROTEIN/RNA                    
 2867  1L9Z  PD0305   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            31-MAY-02  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2868  1LAJ  PR0068   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            27-NOV-02  VIRUS/RNA                                
 2869  1LAT  PDT030   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            03-APR-96  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2870  1LAU  PDE026   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            10-JUN-96  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 2871  1LB2  PD0306   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            06-SEP-02  GENE REGULATION/DNA                      
 2872  1LBG  PDR026   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            17-FEB-96  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2873  1LC4  DR0007   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    08-APR-03  RNA                                      
 2874  1LE5  PD0307   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            15-APR-03  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2875  1LE8  PD0308   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            03-MAY-02  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2876  1LE9  PD0309   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            15-APR-03  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2877  1LEI  PD0310   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            15-APR-03  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2878  1LEX  GDL037   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    03-APR-96  DNA                                      
 2879  1LEY  GDL038   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    03-APR-96  DNA                                      
 2880  1LJX  ZD0007   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    03-MAY-02  DNA                                      
 2881  1LLI  PDR016   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            31-AUG-94  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2882  1LLM  PD0312   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            30-SEP-03  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2883  1LMB  PDR010   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            05-NOV-91  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2884  1LNG  PR0073   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            07-JUN-02  SIGNALING PROTEIN/RNA                    
 2885  1LNT  AR0041   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA                03-JUN-03  RNA                                      
 2886  1LP7  BD0057   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    20-JAN-04  DNA                                      
 2887  1LPQ  PD0313   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            16-AUG-02  ISOMERASE/DNA                            
 2888  1LQ1  PD0314   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            23-AUG-02  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2889  1LRR  PD0315   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            11-DEC-02  REPLICATION INHIBITOR/DNA                
 2890  1LU5  DD0050   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    20-DEC-02  DNA                                      
 2891  1LV5  PD0317   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            25-MAR-03  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 2892  1LWS  PD0319   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            27-SEP-02  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 2893  1LWT  PD0320   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            27-SEP-02  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 2894  1LWV  PD0321   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            25-FEB-03  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 2895  1LWW  PD0322   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            25-FEB-03  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 2896  1LWY  PD0323   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            25-FEB-03  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 2897  1M07  PD0326   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            21-JAN-03  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 2898  1M0E  PD0327   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            18-SEP-02  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 2899  1M18  PD0328   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            18-FEB-03  STRUCTURAL PROTEIN/DNA                   
 2900  1M19  PD0329   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            18-FEB-03  STRUCTURAL PROTEIN/DNA                   
 2901  1M1A  PD0330   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            18-FEB-03  STRUCTURAL PROTEIN/DNA                   
 2902  1M1K  RR0054   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            19-JUL-02  RIBOSOME                                 
 2903  1M3H  PD0331   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            20-APR-04  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 2904  1M3Q  PD0332   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            17-FEB-04  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 2905  1M5K  PR0074   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            02-AUG-02  TRANSLATION/RNA                          
 2906  1M5O  PR0075   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            12-OCT-02  TRANSLATION/RNA                          
 2907  1M5P  PR0076   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            12-OCT-02  TRANSLATION/RNA                          
 2908  1M5R  PD0334   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            11-DEC-02  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 2909  1M5V  PR0077   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            12-OCT-02  TRANSLATION/RNA                          
 2910  1M5X  PD0335   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            03-JUN-03  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 2911  1M69  DD0051   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    19-AUG-03  DNA                                      
 2912  1M6F  DD0052   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-NOV-02  DNA                                      
 2913  1M6G  UD0021   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    06-MAY-03  DNA                                      
 2914  1M6R  ZD0008   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    25-FEB-03  DNA                                      
 2915  1M6X  PD0336   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            04-FEB-03  LIGASE, LYASE/DNA                        
 2916  1M77  AD0026   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    07-JAN-03  DNA                                      
 2917  1M8V  PR0078   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            11-FEB-03  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
 2918  1M8W  PR0079   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            25-SEP-02  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
 2919  1M8X  PR0080   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            25-SEP-02  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
 2920  1M8Y  PR0081   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            25-SEP-02  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
 2921  1M90  RR0055   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            06-SEP-02  RIBOSOME                                 
 2922  1MA7  PD0337   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            08-JUL-03  HYDROLASE, LIGASE/DNA                    
 2923  1MA8  AD0027   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    11-DEC-02  DNA                                      
 2924  1MDG  UR0024   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA                12-AUG-03  RNA                                      
 2925  1MDM  PD0338   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            11-DEC-02  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2926  1MDY  PDT016   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            31-AUG-94  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2927  1MEY  PDTB41   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            12-MAR-97  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 2928  1MF5  UD0022   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    11-FEB-03  DNA                                      
 2929  1MFQ  PR0082   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            20-SEP-02  SIGNALING PROTEIN/RNA                    
 2930  1MHD  PD0243   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            18-AUG-99  COMPLEX (TRANSCRIPTION ACTIVATOR/DNA)    
 2931  1MHK  UR0025   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    06-SEP-02  RNA                                      
 2932  1MHT  PDEB08   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            03-JUN-95  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 2933  1MJ2  PD0173   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            02-AUG-99  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2934  1MJE  PD0339   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            27-SEP-02  GENE REGULATION/ANTITUMOR PROTEIN/DNA    
 2935  1MJI  PR0083   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            21-JAN-03  RIBOSOME                                 
 2936  1MJM  PD0245   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            02-AUG-99  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2937  1MJO  PD0246   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            02-AUG-99  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2938  1MJP  PD0247   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            02-AUG-99  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2939  1MJQ  PD0248   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            02-AUG-99  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2940  1MLX  AD0028   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA                04-DEC-02  DNA                                      
 2941  1MM8  PD0340   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            13-DEC-02  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2942  1MME  URX035   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    06-FEB-96  RIBOZYME                                 
 2943  1MMS  RR0009   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            17-APR-00  RIBOSOME                                 
 2944  1MNM  PDR036   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            18-MAR-98  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2945  1MNN  PD0341   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            20-NOV-02  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2946  1MNV  DD0053   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            22-NOV-02  DNA/ANTIBIOTIC                           
 2947  1MOW  PD0342   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            29-NOV-02  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 2948  1MQ2  PD0343   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            28-JAN-03  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 2949  1MQ3  PD0344   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            28-JAN-03  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 2950  1MSW  PD0345   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA,protein        15-NOV-02  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA/RNA                    
 2951  1MSY  UR0026   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    25-FEB-03  RNA                                      
 2952  1MTL  PD0346   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            27-SEP-02  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 2953  1MUH  PD0347   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            27-SEP-02  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2954  1MUS  PD0350   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            27-SEP-02  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2955  1MVM  PDV007   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            25-FEB-98  VIRUS/DNA                                
 2956  1MW8  PD0352   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            14-OCT-03  ISOMERASE                                
 2957  1MWI  PD0353   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            04-OCT-02  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 2958  1MWJ  PD0354   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            11-OCT-02  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 2959  1MWL  DR0008   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    18-FEB-03  RNA                                      
 2960  1MZP  PR0085   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            21-JAN-03  RIBOSOME                                 
 2961  1N1H  PR0086   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            25-DEC-02  TRANSFERASE/RNA                          
 2962  1N1O  BD0060   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-NOV-02  DNA                                      
 2963  1N32  RR0056   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            29-NOV-02  RIBOSOME                                 
 2964  1N33  RR0057   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            29-NOV-02  RIBOSOME                                 
 2965  1N34  RR0058   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            29-NOV-02  RIBOSOME                                 
 2966  1N35  PR0087   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            25-DEC-02  TRANSFERASE/RNA                          
 2967  1N36  RR0059   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            29-NOV-02  RIBOSOME                                 
 2968  1N38  PR0088   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            25-DEC-02  TRANSFERASE/RNA                          
 2969  1N39  PD0357   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            04-MAR-03  HYDROLASE, LYASE/DNA                     
 2970  1N3A  PD0355   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            04-MAR-03  HYDROLASE, LYASE/DNA                     
 2971  1N3C  PD0356   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            04-MAR-03  HYDROLASE, LYASE/DNA                     
 2972  1N3E  PD0360   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            03-JUN-03  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 2973  1N3F  PD0361   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            03-JUN-03  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 2974  1N48  PD0358   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            24-FEB-04  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 2975  1N4E  BD0059   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    04-FEB-03  DNA                                      
 2976  1N4L  PD0359   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            24-JUN-03  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 2977  1N56  PD0362   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            24-FEB-04  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 2978  1N5C  BD0061   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    03-JUN-03  DNA                                      
 2979  1N5Y  PD0365   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            28-JAN-03  TRANSFERASE/IMMUNE SYSTEM/DNA            
 2980  1N6J  PD0363   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            11-NOV-03  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2981  1N6Q  PD0364   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            14-JAN-03  TRANSFERASE/IMMUNE SYSTEM/DNA            
 2982  1N77  PR0089   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            25-FEB-03  LIGASE/RNA                               
 2983  1N78  PR0090   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            25-FEB-03  LIGASE/RNA                               
 2984  1N7A  UH0003   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA                04-MAR-03  DNA, RNA                                 
 2985  1N7B  UH0004   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA                04-MAR-03  DNA, RNA                                 
 2986  1N8R  RR0060   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            22-JUL-03  RIBOSOME                                 
 2987  1NAB  DD0054   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    25-FEB-03  DNA                                      
 2988  1NB7  PR0091   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            25-MAR-03  TRANSFERASE/RNA                          
 2989  1NBS  UR0027   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    18-FEB-03  RNA                                      
 2990  1NDN  BDL032   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    14-JUL-92  DNA                                      
 2991  1NFK  PDT015   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            23-DEC-96  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2992  1NG9  PD0367   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            11-FEB-03  DNA BINDING PROTEIN                      
 2993  1NGM  PD0368   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            25-MAR-03  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2994  1NGT  BD0062   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    04-MAR-03  DNA                                      
 2995  1NH2  PD0369   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            21-OCT-03  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 2996  1NH3  PD0370   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA,protein        04-MAR-03  ISOMERASE/DNA                            
 2997  1NJI  RR0061   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            22-JUL-03  RIBOSOME                                 
 2998  1NJM  RR0063   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            11-FEB-03  RIBOSOME                                 
 2999  1NJN  RR0064   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    11-FEB-03  RIBOSOME                                 
 3000  1NJO  RR0065   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    11-FEB-03  RIBOSOME                                 
 3001  1NJP  RR0066   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            11-FEB-03  RIBOSOME                                 
 3002  1NJW  PD0372   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            30-MAR-04  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3003  1NJX  PD0373   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            30-MAR-04  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3004  1NJY  PD0374   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            30-MAR-04  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3005  1NJZ  PD0375   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            30-MAR-04  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3006  1NK0  PD0376   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            30-MAR-04  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3007  1NK4  PD0377   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            30-MAR-04  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3008  1NK5  PD0378   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            30-MAR-04  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3009  1NK6  PD0379   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            30-MAR-04  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3010  1NK7  PD0380   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            30-MAR-04  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3011  1NK8  PD0381   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            30-MAR-04  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3012  1NK9  PD0382   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            30-MAR-04  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3013  1NKB  PD0383   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            30-MAR-04  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3014  1NKC  PD0384   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            30-MAR-04  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3015  1NKE  PD0385   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            30-MAR-04  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3016  1NKP  PD0386   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            04-FEB-03  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 3017  1NKW  RR0067   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            11-FEB-03  RIBOSOME                                 
 3018  1NLC  AR0044   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    13-MAY-03  RNA                                      
 3019  1NLW  PD0387   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            04-FEB-03  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 3020  1NNE  PD0388   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            20-MAY-03  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 3021  1NNJ  PD0389   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            11-FEB-03  HYDROLASE                                
 3022  1NOP  PD0391   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            11-MAR-03  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 3023  1NOY  PDE090   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            14-OCT-96  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3024  1NQS  UD0023   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    04-FEB-03  DNA                                      
 3025  1NR8  UP0003   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,other              28-OCT-03  DNA/PEPTIDE NUCLEIC ACID                 
 3026  1NT8  UD0024   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    11-FEB-03  DNA                                      
 3027  1NTA  DR0009   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    13-MAY-03  RNA                                      
 3028  1NTB  DR0010   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    13-MAY-03  RNA                                      
 3029  1NUJ  UR0028   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    19-AUG-03  RNA                                      
 3030  1NUV  UR0030   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    19-AUG-03  RNA                                      
 3031  1NVN  UD0025   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    25-FEB-03  DNA                                      
 3032  1NVP  PD0393   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            21-OCT-03  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 3033  1NVY  UD0026   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    25-FEB-03  DNA                                      
 3034  1NWQ  PD0395   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            13-MAY-03  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 3035  1NWX  RR0068   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            18-MAR-03  RIBOSOME                                 
 3036  1NWY  RR0069   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            18-MAR-03  RIBOSOME                                 
 3037  1NYI  UR0029   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    24-FEB-04  RNA                                      
 3038  1NZB  PD0392   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            16-SEP-03  REPLICATION/DNA                          
 3039  1NZG  AD0029   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA                26-AUG-03  DNA                                      
 3040  1O0B  PR0095   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            15-APR-03  LIGASE/RNA                               
 3041  1O0C  PR0096   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            15-APR-03  LIGASE/RNA                               
 3042  1O0K  DD0055   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-APR-03  DNA                                      
 3043  1O3Q           X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            08-APR-03  GENE REGULATION/DNA                      
 3044  1O3R  PD0399   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            08-APR-03  GENE REGULATION/DNA                      
 3045  1O3S  PD0400   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            08-APR-03  GENE REGULATION/DNA                      
 3046  1O3T  PD0401   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            08-APR-03  GENE REGULATION/DNA                      
 3047  1O3Z  AR0046   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    27-MAY-03  RNA                                      
 3048  1O55  UD0038   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    26-AUG-03  DNA                                      
 3049  1O56  UD0039   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    26-AUG-03  DNA                                      
 3050  1O9M  DR0012   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    27-MAR-03  ANTIBIOTIC/RNA                           
 3051  1OB2  PR0199   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            27-MAY-04  HYDROLASE/NUCLEAR PROTEIN                
 3052  1OB5  PR0250   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            13-OCT-05  HYDROLASE                                
 3053  1OCT  PDT019   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            31-AUG-94  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 3054  1ODG           X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            13-MAR-03  HYDROLASE                                
 3055  1ODH  PD0660   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            08-APR-03  TRANSCRIPTION FACTOR/DNA                 
 3056  1OE4           X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            11-JUL-03  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 3057  1OE5           X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            11-JUL-03  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 3058  1OE6           X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            11-JUL-03  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 3059  1OFX  AHJ040   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA                15-APR-93  DNA-RNA HYBRID                           
 3060  1OH5  PD0661   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            08-AUG-03  DNA BINDING                              
 3061  1OH6  PD0662   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            08-AUG-03  DNA BINDING                              
 3062  1OH7  PD0663   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            08-AUG-03  DNA BINDING                              
 3063  1OH8  PD0664   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            08-AUG-03  DNA BINDING                              
 3064  1OJ8           X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            15-JUL-04  HYDROLASE                                
 3065  1OMH  PD0394   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            25-NOV-03  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3066  1OMK  ZD0010   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    04-NOV-03  DNA                                      
 3067  1OND  RR0070   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            15-APR-03  RIBOSOME                                 
 3068  1OOA  PR0094   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            22-JUL-03  TRANSCRIPTION/RNA                        
 3069  1ORN  PD0396   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            15-JUL-03  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 3070  1ORP  PD0397   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            15-JUL-03  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 3071  1OSB  PD0402   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            25-NOV-03  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3072  1OSU  URF042   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    04-APR-96  RNA                                      
 3073  1OTC  PD0074   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            12-APR-99  PROTEIN/DNA                              
 3074  1OUP  PD0403   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            05-AUG-03  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 3075  1OUQ  PD0404   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            16-SEP-03  REPLICATION/DNA                          
 3076  1OUZ  PD0405   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            15-JUL-03  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 3077  1OWF  PD0406   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            15-JUL-03  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 3078  1OWG  PD0407   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            15-JUL-03  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 3079  1OWR  PD0408   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            10-FEB-04  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 3080  1OZJ  PD0409   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            23-MAR-04  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 3081  1P1Y  UD0031   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    01-JUN-04  DNA                                      
 3082  1P20  DD0056   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    13-MAY-03  DNA                                      
 3083  1P24  BD0063   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    09-DEC-03  DNA                                      
 3084  1P25  BD0064   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    09-DEC-03  DNA                                      
 3085  1P26  BD0065   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    09-DEC-03  DNA                                      
 3086  1P34  PD0413   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            24-FEB-04  STRUCTURAL PROTEIN/DNA                   
 3087  1P3A  PD0414   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            24-FEB-04  STRUCTURAL PROTEIN/DNA                   
 3088  1P3B  PD0415   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            24-FEB-04  STRUCTURAL PROTEIN/DNA                   
 3089  1P3F  PD0416   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            24-FEB-04  STRUCTURAL PROTEIN/DNA                   
 3090  1P3G  PD0417   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            24-FEB-04  STRUCTURAL PROTEIN/DNA                   
 3091  1P3I  PD0418   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            24-FEB-04  STRUCTURAL PROTEIN/DNA                   
 3092  1P3K  PD0419   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            24-FEB-04  STRUCTURAL PROTEIN/DNA                   
 3093  1P3L  PD0420   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            24-FEB-04  STRUCTURAL PROTEIN/DNA                   
 3094  1P3M  PD0421   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            24-FEB-04  STRUCTURAL PROTEIN/DNA                   
 3095  1P3O  PD0422   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            24-FEB-04  STRUCTURAL PROTEIN/DNA                   
 3096  1P3P  PD0423   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            24-FEB-04  STRUCTURAL PROTEIN/DNA                   
 3097  1P47  PD0424   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            24-JUN-03  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 3098  1P4E  PD0425   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            20-MAY-03  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/RECOMBINATION/DNA    
 3099  1P4Y  UD0028   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    02-SEP-03  DNA                                      
 3100  1P4Z  UD0029   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    02-SEP-03  DNA                                      
 3101  1P51  PD0426   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            13-MAY-03  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 3102  1P54  UD0030   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    02-SEP-03  DNA                                      
 3103  1P59  PD0427   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            15-JUL-03  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 3104  1P5W  PD0432   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            26-AUG-03  VIRUS/DNA                                
 3105  1P6V  PR0098   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            12-AUG-03  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
 3106  1P71  PD0430   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            13-MAY-03  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 3107  1P78  PD0431   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            13-MAY-03  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 3108  1P79  UR0031   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA                04-NOV-03  RNA                                      
 3109  1P7D  PD0428   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            12-AUG-03  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 3110  1P7H  PD0429   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            23-SEP-03  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 3111  1P8K  PD0433   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            20-JAN-04  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 3112  1P9X  RR0071   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    05-AUG-03  RIBOSOME                                 
 3113  1PA6  PD0434   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            10-JUN-03  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 3114  1PAR  PDR012   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            31-JUL-94  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 3115  1PDN  PDR018   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            31-JUL-95  GENE REGULATION/DNA                      
 3116  1PER  PDR015   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            31-JAN-94  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 3117  1PFE  DD0057   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            08-JUN-04  DNA/ANTIBIOTIC                           
 3118  1PFI           X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            26-JAN-95  VIRUS                                    
 3119  1PGL  PR0099   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            18-NOV-03  VIRUS/RNA                                
 3120  1PGZ  PD0445   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            11-NOV-03  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 3121  1PH1  PD0435   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            17-JUN-03  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 3122  1PH2  PD0436   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            17-JUN-03  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 3123  1PH3  PD0437   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            17-JUN-03  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 3124  1PH4  PD0438   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            17-JUN-03  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 3125  1PH5  PD0439   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            17-JUN-03  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 3126  1PH6  PD0440   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            17-JUN-03  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 3127  1PH7  PD0441   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            17-JUN-03  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 3128  1PH8  PD0442   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            17-JUN-03  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 3129  1PH9  PD0443   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            17-JUN-03  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 3130  1PHJ  PD0444   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            17-JUN-03  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 3131  1PJG  UH0005   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA                09-DEC-03  DNA-RNA HYBRID                           
 3132  1PJI  PD0446   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            03-AUG-04  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 3133  1PJJ  PD0447   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            08-JUN-04  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 3134  1PJO  UH0006   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA                09-DEC-03  DNA-RNA HYBRID                           
 3135  1PLY           X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    03-JUN-95  DNA                                      
 3136  1PM5  PD0448   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            27-JUL-04  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 3137  1PNN  PNA001   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            08-MAR-96  PEPTIDE NUCLEIC ACID/DNA                 
 3138  1PNR  PDR020   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            20-NOV-95  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 3139  1PO6  PD0451   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            11-NOV-03  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 3140  1PP7  PD0452   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            18-NOV-03  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 3141  1PP8  PD0453   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            18-NOV-03  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 3142  1PRP  GDL023   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-JAN-94  DNA                                      
 3143  1PT3  PD0454   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            30-MAR-04  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 3144  1PUE  PDT033   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            12-FEB-97  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 3145  1PUF  PD0455   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            02-SEP-03  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 3146  1PUY  DD0058   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    14-OCT-03  DNA                                      
 3147  1PV4  PD0456   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            22-JUL-03  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 3148  1PVI  PDE017   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            14-FEB-95  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 3149  1PVO  PR0100   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            22-JUL-03  TRANSCRIPTION/RNA                        
 3150  1PVP  PD0457   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            17-FEB-04  RECOMBINATION/DNA                        
 3151  1PVQ  PD0458   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            17-FEB-04  RECOMBINATION/DNA                        
 3152  1PVR  PD0459   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            17-FEB-04  RECOMBINATION/DNA                        
 3153  1PWF  AD0030   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA                13-JUL-04  DNA                                      
 3154  1PYI  PDT017   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            27-FEB-95  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 3155  1PZU  PD0464   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            09-SEP-03  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 3156  1Q0T  PD0460   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            23-SEP-03  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3157  1Q29  UR0032   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    24-FEB-04  RNA                                      
 3158  1Q2R  PR0101   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            09-SEP-03  TRANSFERASE/RNA                          
 3159  1Q2S  PR0102   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            09-SEP-03  TRANSFERASE/RNA                          
 3160  1Q3F  PD0461   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            23-MAR-04  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 3161  1Q3U  PD0462   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            16-SEP-03  REPLICATION/DNA                          
 3162  1Q3V  PD0463   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            16-SEP-03  REPLICATION/DNA                          
 3163  1Q7Y  RR0076   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA,protein        07-OCT-03  RIBOSOME                                 
 3164  1Q81  RR0077   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            07-OCT-03  RIBOSOME                                 
 3165  1Q82  RR0078   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            07-OCT-03  RIBOSOME                                 
 3166  1Q86  RR0079   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            07-OCT-03  RIBOSOME                                 
 3167  1Q93  UR0033   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    25-NOV-03  RNA                                      
 3168  1Q96  UR0034   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    25-NOV-03  RNA                                      
 3169  1Q9A  UR0035   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    25-NOV-03  RNA                                      
 3170  1Q9X  PD0465   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            27-APR-04  TRANSFERASE,REPLICATION/DNA              
 3171  1Q9Y  PD0466   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            27-APR-04  TRANSFERASE, REPLICATION/DNA             
 3172  1QA6  PR0015   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            25-MAY-99  RIBOSOME                                 
 3173  1QAI  PD0126   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            20-MAR-00  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3174  1QAJ  PD0134   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            02-APR-00  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3175  1QBJ  PH0001   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            02-JUL-99  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 3176  1QBP  AR0025   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA                26-NOV-99  RNA                                      
 3177  1QC0  AR0021   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    11-NOV-99  RNA                                      
 3178  1QC1  BD0015   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    28-MAY-99  DNA                                      
 3179  1QCU  AR0020   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    11-NOV-99  RNA                                      
 3180  1QDA  DD0022   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-SEP-99  DNA                                      
 3181  1QF6  PR0006   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            06-MAY-99  LIGASE/RNA                               
 3182  1QLN  PH0002   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA,protein        04-FEB-00  NUCLEOTIDYLTRANSFERASE                   
 3183  1QN3  PD0164   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            06-FEB-00  TATA BOX-BINDING PROTEIN (TBP)           
 3184  1QN4  PD0154   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            06-FEB-00  TATA BOX-BINDING PROTEIN (TBP)           
 3185  1QN5  PD0155   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            07-FEB-00  TATA BOX-BINDING PROTEIN (TBP)           
 3186  1QN6  PD0156   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            07-FEB-00  TATA BOX-BINDING PROTEIN (TBP)           
 3187  1QN7  PD0157   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            07-FEB-00  TATA BOX-BINDING PROTEIN (TBP)           
 3188  1QN8  PD0158   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            07-FEB-00  TATA BOX-BINDING PROTEIN (TBP)           
 3189  1QN9  PD0159   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            07-FEB-00  TATA BOX-BINDING PROTEIN (TBP)           
 3190  1QNA  PD0160   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            07-FEB-00  TATA BOX-BINDING PROTEIN (TBP)           
 3191  1QNB  PD0161   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            07-FEB-00  TATA BOX-BINDING PROTEIN (TBP)           
 3192  1QNC  PD0162   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            07-FEB-00  TATA BOX-BINDING PROTEIN (TBP)           
 3193  1QNE  PD0163   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            07-FEB-00  TATA BOX-BINDING PROTEIN (TBP)           
 3194  1QP0  PD0057   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            07-JUN-99  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 3195  1QP4  PD0058   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            07-JUN-99  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 3196  1QP5  BD0022   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    14-JUN-99  DNA                                      
 3197  1QP7  PD0059   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            04-JUN-99  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 3198  1QP9  PD0148   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            09-OCT-00  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 3199  1QPH  AD0005   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    27-MAY-99  DNA                                      
 3200  1QPI  PD0122   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            28-FEB-00  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 3201  1QPS  PD0055   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            14-JUN-99  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 3202  1QPZ  PD0056   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            07-JUN-99  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 3203  1QQA  PD0060   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            09-JUN-99  GENE REGULATION/DNA                      
 3204  1QQB  PD0061   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            09-JUN-99  GENE REGULATION/DNA                      
 3205  1QRH  PD0062   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            23-JUN-99  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 3206  1QRI  PD0063   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            23-JUN-99  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 3207  1QRS  PTR009   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            07-DEC-96  LIGASE/RNA                               
 3208  1QRT  PTR010   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            07-DEC-96  LIGASE/RNA                               
 3209  1QRU  PTR011   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            07-DEC-96  LIGASE/RNA                               
 3210  1QRV  PD0110   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            18-DEC-99  GENE REGULATION/DNA                      
 3211  1QSL  PD0064   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            30-JUN-99  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3212  1QSS  PD0066   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            16-AUG-99  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3213  1QSY  PD0065   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            16-AUG-99  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3214  1QTM  PD0067   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            16-AUG-99  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3215  1QTQ  PTE003   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            27-MAY-98  LIGASE/RNA                               
 3216  1QU2  PR0014   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            31-AUG-99  LIGASE/RNA                               
 3217  1QU3  PR0013   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            31-AUG-99  LIGASE/RNA                               
 3218  1QUM  PD0068   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            31-AUG-99  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 3219  1QV4  DD0059   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    07-SEP-04  DNA                                      
 3220  1QV8  DD0060   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    07-SEP-04  DNA                                      
 3221  1QVF  RR0080   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            11-NOV-03  RIBOSOME                                 
 3222  1QVG  RR0081   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            11-NOV-03  RIBOSOME                                 
 3223  1QX0  PD0467   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            25-NOV-03  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3224  1QYK  UD0040   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    21-OCT-03  DNA                                      
 3225  1QYL  UD0041   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    21-OCT-03  DNA                                      
 3226  1QZG  PD0468   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            18-NOV-03  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 3227  1QZH  PD0469   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            25-NOV-03  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 3228  1QZL  UD0042   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    21-OCT-03  DNA                                      
 3229  1QZW  PR0104   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            18-NOV-03  SIGNALING PROTEIN/RNA                    
 3230  1R0A  PD0472   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            03-AUG-04  TRANSFERASE/IMMUNE SYSTEM/DNA            
 3231  1R0N  PD0470   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            21-OCT-03  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 3232  1R0O  PD0471   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            21-OCT-03  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 3233  1R2O  UD0043   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    21-OCT-03  DNA                                      
 3234  1R2Y  PD0473   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            14-OCT-03  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 3235  1R2Z  PD0474   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            14-OCT-03  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 3236  1R3E  PR0105   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            04-NOV-03  LYASE/RNA                                
 3237  1R3G  AD0031   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA                21-OCT-03  DNA                                      
 3238  1R3Z  UD0044   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    23-DEC-03  DNA                                      
 3239  1R41  UD0045   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    23-DEC-03  DNA                                      
 3240  1R49  PD0477   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            16-DEC-03  ISOMERASE/DNA                            
 3241  1R4I  PD0478   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            29-JUN-04  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 3242  1R4O  PD0475   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            21-OCT-03  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 3243  1R4R  PD0476   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            28-OCT-03  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 3244  1R68  DD0061   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    22-FEB-05  DNA                                      
 3245  1R71  PD0480   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            01-JUN-04  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 3246  1R7M  PD0481   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            26-OCT-04  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 3247  1R8D  PD0482   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            17-AUG-04  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 3248  1R8E  PD0483   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            17-AUG-04  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 3249  1R9F  PR0106   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA,protein        27-JAN-04  VIRAL PROTEIN/RNA                        
 3250  1R9S  PH0006   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA,protein        16-NOV-04  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA-RNA HYBRID             
 3251  1R9T  PH0007   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA,protein        16-NOV-04  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA-RNA HYBRID             
 3252  1RAM  PDR050   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            27-MAY-98  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 3253  1RB8  PD0484   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            13-APR-04  VIRUS/DNA                                
 3254  1RBJ  PDE023   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            07-DEC-95  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 3255  1RC7  PR0107   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            30-MAR-04  HYDROLASE/RNA                            
 3256  1RC8  PD0493   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            17-FEB-04  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3257  1RCN  PDE0117  X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            30-SEP-94  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 3258  1REP  PD0107   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            09-FEB-00  REPLICATION/DNA                          
 3259  1RFF  PD0485   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            02-MAR-04  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 3260  1RFI  PD0486   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            02-MAR-04  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 3261  1RG1  PD0487   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            02-MAR-04  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 3262  1RG2  PD0488   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            02-MAR-04  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 3263  1RGT  PD0489   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            02-MAR-04  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 3264  1RGU  PD0490   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            02-MAR-04  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 3265  1RH0  PD0491   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            02-MAR-04  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 3266  1RH6  PD0494   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            29-JUN-04  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 3267  1RIO  PD0492   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            27-JAN-04  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 3268  1RLG  PR0108   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            01-JUN-04  STRUCTURAL PROTEIN/RNA                   
 3269  1RM1  PD0559   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            26-JUL-05  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 3270  1RMV           X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            15-MAY-97  VIRUS/RNA                                
 3271  1RNA  ARN035   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    15-APR-91  RNA                                      
 3272  1RNB  PD0242   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            15-JUL-92  ENDONUCLEASE                             
 3273  1RPE  PDR011   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            31-JAN-94  GENE REGULATION/DNA                      
 3274  1RPU  PR0109   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            13-JAN-04  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
 3275  1RPZ  PD0499   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            17-FEB-04  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3276  1RQY  DD0062   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    11-MAY-04  DNA                                      
 3277  1RR8  PD0498   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            06-JUL-04  ISOMERASE/DNA                            
 3278  1RRC  PD0500   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            17-FEB-04  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3279  1RRJ  PD0512   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            06-JUL-04  ISOMERASE/DNA                            
 3280  1RRQ  PD0495   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            17-FEB-04  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 3281  1RRS  PD0496   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            17-FEB-04  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 3282  1RSB  UD0049   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    25-MAY-04  DNA                                      
 3283  1RTA  PDE0116  X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            31-OCT-93  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 3284  1RTD  PD0023   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            09-DEC-98  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3285  1RUN  PDR024   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            10-JAN-97  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 3286  1RUO  PDR025   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            10-JAN-97  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 3287  1RV5  PD0013   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            11-NOV-98  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 3288  1RVA  PDE014   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            26-JAN-95  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 3289  1RVB  PDE015   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            26-JAN-95  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 3290  1RVC  PDE016   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            26-JAN-95  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 3291  1RXA  ARH063   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    20-OCT-96  RNA                                      
 3292  1RXB  ARH064   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    26-AUG-96  RNA                                      
 3293  1RXV  PD0501   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            27-JAN-04  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 3294  1RXW  PD0502   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            27-JAN-04  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 3295  1RYR  PD0504   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            10-FEB-04  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3296  1RYS  PD0505   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            10-FEB-04  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3297  1RZ9  PD0506   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            17-FEB-04  VIRAL PROTEIN/DNA                        
 3298  1RZR  PD0507   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            12-OCT-04  TRANSCRIPTION/TRANSPORT PROTEIN/DNA      
 3299  1RZT  PD0503   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            02-MAR-04  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3300  1S03  PR0111   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            25-MAY-04  TRANSCRIPTION/RNA                        
 3301  1S0M  PD0508   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            30-MAR-04  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3302  1S0N  PD0509   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            30-MAR-04  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3303  1S0O  PD0510   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            30-MAR-04  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3304  1S0V  PH0008   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA,protein        24-FEB-04  TRANSFERASE/DNA-RNA HYBRID               
 3305  1S10  PD0511   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            30-MAR-04  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3306  1S1K  BD0068   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    31-AUG-04  DNA                                      
 3307  1S1L  UD0052   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    31-AUG-04  DNA                                      
 3308  1S23  BD0066   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    06-APR-04  DNA                                      
 3309  1S2R  BD0067   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    04-JAN-05  DNA                                      
 3310  1S32  PD0514   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            11-MAY-04  STRUCTURAL PROTEIN/DNA                   
 3311  1S45  UD0050   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    24-FEB-04  DNA                                      
 3312  1S47  UD0051   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    24-FEB-04  DNA                                      
 3313  1S6M  PD0517   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            14-JUN-05  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 3314  1S72  RR0082   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            15-JUN-04  RIBOSOME                                 
 3315  1S76  PH0009   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA,protein        23-MAR-04  TRANSFERASE                              
 3316  1S77  PH0010   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA,protein        23-MAR-04  TRANSFERASE                              
 3317  1S97  PD0516   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            27-APR-04  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3318  1S9B  BD0069   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    07-SEP-04  DNA                                      
 3319  1S9F  PD0535   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            15-FEB-05  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3320  1S9K  PD0519   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            14-JUN-05  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 3321  1SA3  PD0515   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            07-SEP-04  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 3322  1SA9  AR0048   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    18-MAY-04  RNA                                      
 3323  1SAQ  AR0049   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    18-MAY-04  RNA                                      
 3324  1SAX  PD0518   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            27-APR-04  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 3325  1SC7  PD0521   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            19-APR-05  ISOMERASE/DNA                            
 3326  1SDR  ARL062   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    27-FEB-95  RNA                                      
 3327  1SDS  PR0113   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            18-MAY-04  PROTEIN/RNA COMPLEX                      
 3328  1SER  PTR004   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA,protein        30-APR-94  LIGASE/RNA                               
 3329  1SEU  PD0539   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            19-APR-05  ISOMERASE/DNA                            
 3330  1SFO  PH0011   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA,protein        02-MAR-04  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA-RNA HYBRID             
 3331  1SFU  PD0520   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            17-AUG-04  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 3332  1SGS  BD0070   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    23-MAR-04  DNA                                      
 3333  1SI2  PH0012   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA,protein        25-MAY-04  GENE REGULATION/RNA/DNA                  
 3334  1SI3  PR0112   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            25-MAY-04  GENE REGULATION/RNA                      
 3335  1SJ3  PR0122   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            18-MAY-04  TRANSLATION/RNA                          
 3336  1SJ4  PR0123   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            18-MAY-04  TRANSLATION/RNA                          
 3337  1SJF  PR0118   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            18-MAY-04  TRANSLATION/RNA                          
 3338  1SK5  BD0071   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    21-JUN-05  DNA                                      
 3339  1SKM  PD0528   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            24-AUG-04  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3340  1SKN  PDT064   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            24-JUN-98  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 3341  1SKR  PD0522   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            06-JUL-04  TRANSFERASE/ELECTRON TRANSPORT/DNA       
 3342  1SKS  PD0523   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            06-JUL-04  TRANSFERASE/ELECTRON TRANSPORT/DNA       
 3343  1SKW  PD0524   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            06-JUL-04  TRANSFERASE/ELECTRON TRANSPORT/DNA       
 3344  1SL0  PD0525   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            06-JUL-04  TRANSFERASE/ELECTRON TRANSPORT/DNA       
 3345  1SL1  PD0526   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            06-JUL-04  TRANSFERASE/ELECTRON TRANSPORT/DNA       
 3346  1SL2  PD0527   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            06-JUL-04  TRANSFERASE/ELECTRON TRANSPORT/DNA       
 3347  1SM1  RR0083   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            03-AUG-04  RIBOSOME/ANTIBIOTIC                      
 3348  1SM5  UD0053   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    25-MAY-04  DNA                                      
 3349  1SRS  PDT021   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            28-JUL-95  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 3350  1SSP  PD0052   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            06-MAY-99  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 3351  1STX  PD0529   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            06-APR-04  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 3352  1SUZ  PD0530   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            06-APR-04  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 3353  1SVC  PDT022   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            10-JUN-96  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 3354  1SX5  PD0531   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            06-APR-04  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 3355  1SX8  PD0532   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            06-APR-04  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 3356  1SXP  PD0533   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            22-JUN-04  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3357  1SXQ  PD0534   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            22-JUN-04  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3358  1SZ1  PR0126   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            10-AUG-04  TRANSFERASE/RNA                          
 3359  1T03  PD0536   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            11-MAY-04  TRANSFERASE/ANTIBODY/DNA                 
 3360  1T05  PD0537   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            11-MAY-04  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3361  1T0D  UR0037   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    15-JUN-04  RNA                                      
 3362  1T0E  UR0038   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    15-JUN-04  RNA                                      
 3363  1T0K  PR0125   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            20-JUL-04  RIBOSOME                                 
 3364  1T2K  PD0540   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            16-NOV-04  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 3365  1T2T  PD0538   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            07-SEP-04  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 3366  1T38  PD0541   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            13-JUL-04  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3367  1T39  PD0542   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            13-JUL-04  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3368  1T3N  PD0543   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            20-JUL-04  REPLICATION/DNA                          
 3369  1T4I  UD0055   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    25-MAY-04  DNA                                      
 3370  1T7P  PDE0135  X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            25-FEB-98  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3371  1T8E  PD0546   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            12-OCT-04  TRANSFERASE/ELECTRON TRANSPORT/DNA       
 3372  1T8I  PD0549   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            31-MAY-05  ISOMERASE/DNA                            
 3373  1T9I  PD0547   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            16-NOV-04  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 3374  1T9J  PD0548   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            16-NOV-04  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 3375  1TAU  PDE024   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            18-APR-97  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3376  1TC3  PDE0128  X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            21-NOV-97  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 3377  1TDZ  PD0551   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            07-SEP-04  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 3378  1TEZ  PD0552   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            14-DEC-04  LYASE/DNA                                
 3379  1TF6  PDT065   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            10-JUL-98  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 3380  1TFW  PR0128   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            10-AUG-04  TRANSFERASE/RNA                          
 3381  1TFY  PR0129   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            10-AUG-04  TRANSFERASE/RNA                          
 3382  1TGH  PDT024   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            01-AUG-96  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 3383  1TK0  PD0554   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            31-AUG-04  TRANSFERASE/ELECTRON TRANSPORT/DNA       
 3384  1TK5  PD0555   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            31-AUG-04  TRANSFERASE/ELECTRON TRANSPORT/DNA       
 3385  1TK8  PD0556   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            31-AUG-04  TRANSFERASE/ELECTRON TRANSPORT/DNA       
 3386  1TKD  PD0557   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            31-AUG-04  TRANSFERASE/ELECTRON TRANSPORT/DNA       
 3387  1TL8  PD0560   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            21-JUN-05  ISOMERASE/DNA                            
 3388  1TN1           X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    15-JAN-87  RNA                                      
 3389  1TN2  TRNA03   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    24-OCT-86  T-RNA                                    
 3390  1TQE  PD0558   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            21-DEC-04  TRANSCRIPTION/PROTEIN BINDING/DNA        
 3391  1TRA  TRNA06   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    14-JUL-86  T-RNA                                    
 3392  1TRO           X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            31-JAN-94  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 3393  1TRR  PDR013   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            21-OCT-93  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 3394  1TSR  PDR022   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            29-JAN-96  ANTITUMOR PROTEIN/DNA                    
 3395  1TTT  PTR012   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            23-DEC-96  COMPLEX (ELONGATION FACTOR/TRNA)         
 3396  1TTU  PD0553   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            31-AUG-04  TRANSCRIPTION                            
 3397  1TUP  PDR027   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            11-JUL-95  ANTITUMOR PROTEIN/DNA                    
 3398  1TV9  PD0563   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            23-NOV-04  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3399  1TVA  PD0564   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            23-NOV-04  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3400  1TW8  PD0565   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            10-AUG-04  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 3401  1TX3  PD0577   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            15-FEB-05  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 3402  1U0B  PR0135   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            23-NOV-04  LIGASE/RNA                               
 3403  1U0C  PD0561   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            02-NOV-04  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 3404  1U0D  PD0562   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            02-NOV-04  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 3405  1U1K  PD0567   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            21-SEP-04  TRANSPORT PROTEIN/DNA                    
 3406  1U1L  PD0568   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            21-SEP-04  TRANSPORT PROTEIN/DNA                    
 3407  1U1M  PD0569   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            21-SEP-04  TRANSPORT PROTEIN/DNA                    
 3408  1U1N  PD0570   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            21-SEP-04  TRANSPORT PROTEIN/DNA                    
 3409  1U1O  PD0571   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            21-SEP-04  TRANSPORT PROTEIN/DNA                    
 3410  1U1P  PD0572   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            21-SEP-04  TRANSPORT PROTEIN/DNA                    
 3411  1U1Q  PD0573   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            21-SEP-04  TRANSPORT PROTEIN/DNA                    
 3412  1U1R  PD0574   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            21-SEP-04  TRANSPORT PROTEIN/DNA                    
 3413  1U1Y  PR0132   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA,protein        07-DEC-04  VIRUS/RNA                                
 3414  1U35  PD0566   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            27-SEP-05  STRUCTURAL PROTEIN/DNA                   
 3415  1U3E  PD0575   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            31-AUG-04  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 3416  1U45  PD0579   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            14-SEP-04  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3417  1U47  PD0580   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            14-SEP-04  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3418  1U48  PD0581   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            14-SEP-04  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3419  1U49  PD0582   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            14-SEP-04  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3420  1U4B  PD0583   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            14-SEP-04  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3421  1U63           X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            12-APR-05  TRANSCRIPTION/RNA                        
 3422  1U6B  PR0133   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            10-AUG-04  STRUCTURAL PROTEIN/RNA                   
 3423  1U78  PD0576   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            31-AUG-04  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 3424  1U8B  PD0584   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            11-OCT-05  METAL BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                
 3425  1U8R  PD0578   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            05-OCT-04  METAL-BINDING PROTEIN,TRANSCRIPTION/DNA  
 3426  1U9S  UR0040   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    26-OCT-04  RNA                                      
 3427  1UA0  PD0585   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            28-SEP-04  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3428  1UA1  PD0586   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            28-SEP-04  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3429  1UAA  PDE0129  X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            09-JUL-98  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 3430  1UB8  UD0027   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    09-MAR-04  DNA                                      
 3431  1UBD  PDT038   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            23-DEC-96  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 3432  1UE2  UD0032   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    13-JAN-04  DNA                                      
 3433  1UE3  UD0033   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    13-JAN-04  DNA                                      
 3434  1UE4  UD0034   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    09-MAR-04  DNA                                      
 3435  1UHX  UD0036   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    03-FEB-04  DNA                                      
 3436  1UHY  UD0037   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    03-FEB-04  DNA                                      
 3437  1UN6  PR0205   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            20-NOV-03  RNA-BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
 3438  1UNJ  DD0089   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            16-DEC-04  DNA/ANTIBIOTIC                           
 3439  1UNM  DD0080   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            24-SEP-04  DNA/ANTIBIOTIC                           
 3440  1URN  PRV002   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA,protein        08-MAR-96  TRANSCRIPTION/RNA                        
 3441  1UTD           X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA,protein        15-JAN-04  RNA BINDING PROTEIN                      
 3442  1UUT  PD0640   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            19-FEB-04  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 3443  1UVI           X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            19-FEB-04  POLYMERASE                               
 3444  1UVJ           X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            19-FEB-04  POLYMERASE                               
 3445  1UVL           X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            26-FEB-04  TRANSFERASE                              
 3446  1UVM           X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            19-FEB-04  TRANSFERASE                              
 3447  1UVN           X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            26-FEB-04  POLYMERASE                               
 3448  1V14           X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            23-JUN-04  HYDROLASE                                
 3449  1V15           X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            23-JUN-04  HYDROLASE                                
 3450  1V3N  UD0046   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    08-JUN-04  DNA                                      
 3451  1V3O  UD0047   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    08-JUN-04  DNA                                      
 3452  1V3P  UD0048   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    08-JUN-04  DNA                                      
 3453  1V9G           X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    26-JAN-05  DNA                                      
 3454  1VAQ  DD0063   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    22-JUN-04  DNA                                      
 3455  1VAS  PDE022   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            31-JAN-96  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 3456  1VBX  PR0114   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            18-MAY-04  TRANSLATION/RNA                          
 3457  1VBY  PR0115   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            18-MAY-04  TRANSLATION/RNA                          
 3458  1VBZ  PR0116   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            18-MAY-04  TRANSLATION/RNA                          
 3459  1VC0  PR0117   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            18-MAY-04  TRANSLATION/RNA                          
 3460  1VC5  PR0119   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            18-MAY-04  TRANSLATION/RNA                          
 3461  1VC6  PR0120   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            18-MAY-04  TRANSLATION/RNA                          
 3462  1VE8  BD0072   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    28-JUN-05  DNA                                      
 3463  1VFG  PR0124   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            10-AUG-04  TRANSFERASE/RNA                          
 3464  1VJ4  ADH010   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    11-JAN-89  DNA                                      
 3465  1VKX  PDR033   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            09-DEC-98  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 3466  1VOL  PDT032   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            08-NOV-96  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 3467  1VPW  PDT063   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            17-JUN-98  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 3468  1VQ4  RR0100   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA,protein        29-NOV-05  RIBOSOME                                 
 3469  1VQ5  RR0101   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA,protein        29-NOV-05  RIBOSOME                                 
 3470  1VQ6  RR0102   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA,other,protein  29-NOV-05  RIBOSOME                                 
 3471  1VQ7  RR0103   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA,protein        29-NOV-05  RIBOSOME                                 
 3472  1VQ8  RR0104   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA,other,protein  29-NOV-05  RIBOSOME                                 
 3473  1VQ9  RR0105   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,other,protein      29-NOV-05  RIBOSOME                                 
 3474  1VQK  RR0106   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA,other,protein  29-NOV-05  RIBOSOME                                 
 3475  1VQL  RR0107   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA,protein        29-NOV-05  RIBOSOME                                 
 3476  1VQM  RR0108   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA,protein        29-NOV-05  RIBOSOME                                 
 3477  1VQN  RR0109   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA,other,protein  29-NOV-05  RIBOSOME                                 
 3478  1VQO  RR0110   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            29-NOV-05  RIBOSOME                                 
 3479  1VQP  RR0111   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA,protein        29-NOV-05  RIBOSOME                                 
 3480  1VRL  PD0634   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            22-MAR-05  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 3481  1VRO  ZD0015   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    19-APR-05  DNA                                      
 3482  1VRR  PD0677   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            07-JUN-05  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 3483  1VS2  DDH010   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            27-JUN-06  DNA/ANTIBIOTIC                           
 3484  1VT5           X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    13-JUL-11  DNA                                      
 3485  1VT6           X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    13-JUL-11  DNA                                      
 3486  1VT7           X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    13-JUL-11  DNA                                      
 3487  1VT8           X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    13-JUL-11  DNA                                      
 3488  1VT9           X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    13-JUL-11  DNA                                      
 3489  1VTA           X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    13-JUL-11  DNA                                      
 3490  1VTB           X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    13-JUL-11  DNA                                      
 3491  1VTC           X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    13-JUL-11  DNA                                      
 3492  1VTD           X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    13-JUL-11  DNA                                      
 3493  1VTE           X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    13-JUL-11  DNA                                      
 3494  1VTF           X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    13-JUL-11  DNA                                      
 3495  1VTG           X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            13-JUL-11  DNA/ANTIBIOTIC                           
 3496  1VTH           X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    13-JUL-11  DNA                                      
 3497  1VTI           X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    13-JUL-11  DNA                                      
 3498  1VTJ           X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    13-JUL-11  DNA                                      
 3499  1VTL           X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            13-JUL-11  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 3500  1VTM           X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            31-JUL-94  VIRUS/RNA                                
 3501  1VTN           X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            13-JUL-11  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 3502  1VTO           X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            13-JUL-11  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 3503  1VTQ           X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    13-JUL-11  RNA                                      
 3504  1VTR           X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    13-JUL-11  DNA                                      
 3505  1VTT           X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    13-JUL-11  DNA                                      
 3506  1VTU           X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    13-JUL-11  DNA                                      
 3507  1VTV           X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    13-JUL-11  DNA                                      
 3508  1VTW           X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    13-JUL-11  DNA                                      
 3509  1VTY           X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    13-JUL-11  DNA                                      
 3510  1VZK  DD0069   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    25-OCT-04  NUCLEIC ACID                             
 3511  1W0T  PD0801   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            22-DEC-04  DNA-BINDING PROTEIN                      
 3512  1W0U  PD0802   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            22-DEC-04  DNA-BINDING PROTEIN                      
 3513  1W2B  RR0135   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            02-SEP-04  RIBOSOME                                 
 3514  1W36  PD0920   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            04-NOV-04  RECOMBINATION                            
 3515  1W7A  PD0800   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            10-SEP-04  DNA BINDING                              
 3516  1WB9  PD0835   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            18-JAN-06  DNA-BINDING                              
 3517  1WBB  PD0832   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            18-JAN-06  DNA-BINDING                              
 3518  1WBD  PD0834   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            18-JAN-06  DNA-BINDING                              
 3519  1WD0  PD0544   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            03-AUG-04  STRUCTURAL PROTEIN/DNA                   
 3520  1WD1  PD0545   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            03-AUG-04  STRUCTURAL PROTEIN/DNA                   
 3521  1WET  PDR030   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            21-NOV-97  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 3522  1WMQ  PR0131   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            15-MAR-05  TRANSCRIPTION/RNA                        
 3523  1WNE  PR0134   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            31-AUG-04  TRANSFERASE/RNA                          
 3524  1WOE  ZD0012   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    26-JUL-05  DNA                                      
 3525  1WPU  PR0137   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            30-AUG-05  TRANSCRIPTION/RNA                        
 3526  1WQY  BD0073   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    21-JUN-05  DNA                                      
 3527  1WQZ           X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    21-JUN-05  DNA                                      
 3528  1WRQ  PR0142   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            30-AUG-05  TRANSCRIPTION/RNA                        
 3529  1WSU  PR0143   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            25-JAN-05  TRANSLATION/RNA                          
 3530  1WTE  PD0608   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            14-DEC-04  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 3531  1WTO  PD0609   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            22-FEB-05  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 3532  1WTP  PD0610   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            22-FEB-05  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 3533  1WTQ  PD0611   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            22-FEB-05  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 3534  1WTR  PD0612   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            22-FEB-05  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 3535  1WTV  PD0613   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            22-FEB-05  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 3536  1WTW  PD0614   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            22-FEB-05  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 3537  1WTX  PD0615   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            22-FEB-05  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 3538  1WV5  AD0035   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA                28-JUN-05  DNA                                      
 3539  1WV6  AD0036   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA                28-JUN-05  DNA                                      
 3540  1WVD  AR0055   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    21-DEC-04  RNA                                      
 3541  1WVL  PD0619   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            02-AUG-05  STRUCTURAL PROTEIN/DNA                   
 3542  1WZ2  PR0145   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            06-SEP-05  LIGASE/RNA                               
 3543  1X8W  UR0041   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    09-NOV-04  RNA                                      
 3544  1X9C  UR0042   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    22-NOV-05  RNA                                      
 3545  1X9K  UR0043   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    22-NOV-05  RNA                                      
 3546  1X9M  PD0589   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            26-OCT-04  TRANSFERASE/ELECTRON TRANSPORT/DNA       
 3547  1X9N  PD0587   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            30-NOV-04  LIGASE/DNA                               
 3548  1X9S  PD0590   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            26-OCT-04  TRANSFERASE/ELECTRON TRANSPORT/DNA       
 3549  1X9W  PD0591   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            26-OCT-04  TRANSFERASE/ELECTRON TRANSPORT/DNA       
 3550  1XA2  ZD0013   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    16-NOV-04  DNA                                      
 3551  1XAM  ZD0014   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    16-NOV-04  DNA                                      
 3552  1XBP  RR0084   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            01-MAR-05  RIBOSOME                                 
 3553  1XBR  PDT045   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            16-JAN-98  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 3554  1XC8  PD0592   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            06-SEP-05  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 3555  1XC9  PD0593   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            14-DEC-04  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3556  1XCS  DD0064   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    19-JUL-05  DNA                                      
 3557  1XCU  DD0065   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    19-JUL-05  DNA                                      
 3558  1XF2           X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            12-APR-05  IMMUNE SYSTEM/DNA                        
 3559  1XHU  PD0594   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            28-SEP-04  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 3560  1XHV  PD0595   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            28-SEP-04  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 3561  1XHZ  PD0599   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            07-DEC-04  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3562  1XI1  PD0603   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            07-DEC-04  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3563  1XJR  UR0044   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    01-FEB-05  RNA                                      
 3564  1XJV  PD0597   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            14-DEC-04  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 3565  1XJX  AD0032   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-MAR-05  DNA                                      
 3566  1XJY  AD0033   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    15-MAR-05  DNA                                      
 3567  1XMO  RR0095   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            14-DEC-04  RIBOSOME                                 
 3568  1XMQ  RR0096   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            14-DEC-04  RIBOSOME                                 
 3569  1XNQ  RR0097   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            14-DEC-04  RIBOSOME                                 
 3570  1XNR  RR0098   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            14-DEC-04  RIBOSOME                                 
 3571  1XNS  PD0600   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            14-DEC-04  HYDROLASE, LIGASE/DNA                    
 3572  1XO0  PD0601   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            14-DEC-04  HYDROLASE, LIGASE/DNA                    
 3573  1XOK  PR0141   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            04-JAN-05  VIRAL PROTEIN/RNA                        
 3574  1XP7  UR0045   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    18-OCT-05  RNA                                      
 3575  1XPE  UR0046   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    18-OCT-05  RNA                                      
 3576  1XPF  UR0047   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    18-OCT-05  RNA                                      
 3577  1XPO  PR0138   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            08-FEB-05  TRANSCRIPTION/RNA                        
 3578  1XPR  PR0139   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            02-NOV-04  TRANSCRIPTION/RNA                        
 3579  1XPU  PR0140   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            02-NOV-04  TRANSCRIPTION/RNA                        
 3580  1XPX  PD0602   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            03-MAY-05  TRANSCRIPTION REGULATION/DNA             
 3581  1XSD  PD0598   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            29-MAR-05  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 3582  1XSL  PD0604   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            18-JAN-05  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3583  1XSN  PD0605   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            18-JAN-05  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3584  1XSP  PD0606   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            18-JAN-05  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3585  1XUW  UD0056   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    14-DEC-04  DNA                                      
 3586  1XUX  UD0057   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    14-DEC-04  DNA                                      
 3587  1XVK           X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            12-APR-05  DNA/ANTIBIOTIC                           
 3588  1XVN           X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            12-APR-05  DNA/ANTIBIOTIC                           
 3589  1XVR           X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            12-APR-05  DNA/ANTIBIOTIC                           
 3590  1XYI  PD0607   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            08-FEB-05  STRUCTURAL PROTEIN/DNA                   
 3591  1Y0Q  UR0048   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    21-DEC-04  RNA                                      
 3592  1Y1W  PH0014   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA,protein        04-JAN-05  TRANSCRIPTION,TRANSFERASE/DNA-RNA HYBRID 
 3593  1Y1Y  PH0013   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            28-DEC-04  TRANSFERASE/TRANSCRIPTION/DNA-RNA HYBRID 
 3594  1Y26  UR0051   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    28-DEC-04  RNA                                      
 3595  1Y27  UR0052   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA                28-DEC-04  RNA                                      
 3596  1Y39  PR0144   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            22-MAR-05  STRUCTURAL PROTEIN/RNA                   
 3597  1Y3O  UR0049   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    08-NOV-05  RNA                                      
 3598  1Y3S  UR0050   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    08-NOV-05  RNA                                      
 3599  1Y69  RR0099   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            01-MAR-05  RIBOSOME                                 
 3600  1Y6F  PD0616   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            30-AUG-05  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3601  1Y6G  PD0617   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            30-AUG-05  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3602  1Y6S  AR0052   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    21-DEC-04  RNA                                      
 3603  1Y6T  AR0050   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    21-DEC-04  RNA                                      
 3604  1Y73  AR0051   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    21-DEC-04  RNA                                      
 3605  1Y77  PH0015   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA,protein        04-JAN-05  TRANSCRIPTION,TRANSFERASE/DNA-RNA HYBRID 
 3606  1Y7F  AD0034   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA                28-JUN-05  DNA                                      
 3607  1Y84  AD0037   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA                28-JUN-05  DNA                                      
 3608  1Y86  AD0038   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA                28-JUN-05  DNA                                      
 3609  1Y8L  AD0041   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA                28-JUN-05  DNA                                      
 3610  1Y8V  AD0042   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA                28-JUN-05  DNA                                      
 3611  1Y8Z  PD0618   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            30-AUG-05  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3612  1Y90  AR0053   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    21-DEC-04  RNA                                      
 3613  1Y95  AR0054   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    21-DEC-04  RNA                                      
 3614  1Y99  AR0056   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    21-DEC-04  RNA                                      
 3615  1Y9F  AD0039   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA                28-JUN-05  DNA                                      
 3616  1Y9S  AD0040   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA                28-JUN-05  DNA                                      
 3617  1YA6  PD0620   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            30-AUG-05  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3618  1YB9  AD0043   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA                28-JUN-05  DNA                                      
 3619  1YBC  AD0044   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA                28-JUN-05  DNA                                      
 3620  1YF3  PD0622   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            17-MAY-05  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3621  1YFG  TRNA12   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    03-SEP-97  T-RNA                                    
 3622  1YFH  PD0625   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            13-DEC-05  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3623  1YFI  PD0621   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            10-JAN-06  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 3624  1YFJ  PD0623   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            17-MAY-05  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3625  1YFL  PD0624   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            17-MAY-05  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3626  1YHQ  RR0112   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            26-APR-05  RIBOSOME                                 
 3627  1YI2  RR0113   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            26-APR-05  RIBOSOME                                 
 3628  1YIJ  RR0114   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            26-APR-05  RIBOSOME                                 
 3629  1YIT  RR0115   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            26-APR-05  RIBOSOME/ANTIBIOTIC                      
 3630  1YJ9  RR0116   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            26-APR-05  RIBOSOME                                 
 3631  1YJN  RR0117   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            26-APR-05  RIBOSOME                                 
 3632  1YJW  RR0118   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            26-APR-05  RIBOSOME/ANTIBIOTIC                      
 3633  1YKQ  UR0053   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA                22-FEB-05  RNA                                      
 3634  1YKV  UR0054   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    22-FEB-05  RNA                                      
 3635  1YLS  UR0055   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA                22-FEB-05  RNA                                      
 3636  1YNW  PD0626   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            15-FEB-05  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 3637  1YO5  PD0627   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            17-MAY-05  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 3638  1YQK  PD0629   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            05-APR-05  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 3639  1YQL  PD0630   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            05-APR-05  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 3640  1YQM  PD0631   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            05-APR-05  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 3641  1YQR  PD0632   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            05-APR-05  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 3642  1YRJ  DR0011   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    07-JUN-05  RNA                                      
 3643  1YRM  AR0057   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA                18-OCT-05  RNA                                      
 3644  1YRN  PDT028   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            29-JAN-96  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 3645  1YSA  PDT002   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            31-OCT-93  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 3646  1YTB  PDT012   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            26-JAN-95  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 3647  1YTF  PDT036   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            20-JUN-96  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 3648  1YTU  PR0146   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            05-APR-05  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
 3649  1YTY  PR0152   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            17-JAN-06  TRANSCRIPTION/RNA                        
 3650  1YVP  PR0151   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            07-JUN-05  RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNA                  
 3651  1YXP  UR0057   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    31-JAN-06  RNA                                      
 3652  1YY0  AR0058   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA                18-OCT-05  RNA                                      
 3653  1YYK  PR0147   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            22-NOV-05  HYDROLASE/RNA                            
 3654  1YYO  PR0148   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            22-NOV-05  HYDROLASE/RNA                            
 3655  1YYW  PR0149   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            22-NOV-05  HYDROLASE/RNA                            
 3656  1YZ9  PR0150   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            22-NOV-05  HYDROLASE/RNA                            
 3657  1YZD  AR0059   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA                18-OCT-05  RNA                                      
 3658  1Z19  PD0635   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            28-JUN-05  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 3659  1Z1B  PD0636   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            28-JUN-05  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 3660  1Z1C  PD0633   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            06-SEP-05  VIRUS/DNA                                
 3661  1Z1G  PD0637   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            28-JUN-05  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 3662  1Z3F  DD0070   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    19-JUL-05  DNA                                      
 3663  1Z43  UR0056   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    14-JUN-05  RNA                                      
 3664  1Z58  RR0121   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    28-JUN-05  RIBOSOME                                 
 3665  1Z5T  BD0075   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    26-JUL-05  DNA                                      
 3666  1Z63  PD0638   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            17-MAY-05  HYDROLASE/DNA COMPLEX                    
 3667  1Z79  AR0060   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA                18-OCT-05  RNA                                      
 3668  1Z7F  AR0061   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    18-OCT-05  RNA                                      
 3669  1Z7I  AD0045   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    05-APR-05  DNA                                      
 3670  1Z8V  BD0078   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    14-MAR-06  DNA                                      
 3671  1Z9C  PD0644   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            25-OCT-05  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 3672  1ZAA  PDT006   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            31-OCT-93  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 3673  1ZAY  PD0109   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            16-DEC-99  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 3674  1ZBB  PD0639   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            12-JUL-05  STRUCTURAL PROTEIN/DNA                   
 3675  1ZBH  PR0153   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            26-SEP-06  HYDROLASE/RNA                            
 3676  1ZBI  PH0016   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA,protein        12-JUL-05  HYDROLASE/RNA/DNA                        
 3677  1ZBL  PH0017   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA,protein        12-JUL-05  HYDROLASE/RNA/DNA                        
 3678  1ZCI  UR0058   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    31-JAN-06  RNA                                      
 3679  1ZDH  PRV003   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            21-APR-97  VIRUS/RNA                                
 3680  1ZDI  PRV006   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            21-APR-97  VIRUS/RNA                                
 3681  1ZDJ  PRV021   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            08-JUL-98  VIRUS/RNA                                
 3682  1ZDK  PR0003   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            07-DEC-98  VIRUS/RNA                                
 3683  1ZE2  PR0154   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            26-APR-05  LYASE/RNA                                
 3684  1ZET  PD0647   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            19-JUL-05  REPLICATION/DNA                          
 3685  1ZEV  AR0062   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    25-OCT-05  RNA                                      
 3686  1ZEW  BD0076   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    10-MAY-05  DNA                                      
 3687  1ZEX  AD0046   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    10-MAY-05  DNA                                      
 3688  1ZEY  AD0047   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    10-MAY-05  DNA                                      
 3689  1ZEZ  UD0058   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    10-MAY-05  DNA                                      
 3690  1ZF0  BD0077   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    10-MAY-05  DNA                                      
 3691  1ZF1  AD0048   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    10-MAY-05  DNA                                      
 3692  1ZF2  UD0059   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    10-MAY-05  DNA                                      
 3693  1ZF3  UD0060   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    10-MAY-05  DNA                                      
 3694  1ZF4  UD0061   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    10-MAY-05  DNA                                      
 3695  1ZF5  BD0079   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    10-MAY-05  DNA                                      
 3696  1ZF6  AD0049   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    10-MAY-05  DNA                                      
 3697  1ZF7  BD0080   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    10-MAY-05  DNA                                      
 3698  1ZF8  AD0050   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    10-MAY-05  DNA                                      
 3699  1ZF9  AD0051   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    10-MAY-05  DNA                                      
 3700  1ZFA  AD0052   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    10-MAY-05  DNA                                      
 3701  1ZFB  BD0081   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    10-MAY-05  DNA                                      
 3702  1ZFC  BD0082   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    10-MAY-05  DNA                                      
 3703  1ZFE  BD0083   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    10-MAY-05  DNA                                      
 3704  1ZFF  BD0087   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    10-MAY-05  DNA                                      
 3705  1ZFG  BD0084   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    10-MAY-05  DNA                                      
 3706  1ZFH  BD0085   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    10-MAY-05  DNA                                      
 3707  1ZFM  BD0086   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    10-MAY-05  DNA                                      
 3708  1ZFT  UR0060   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    14-FEB-06  RNA                                      
 3709  1ZFV  UR0061   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    14-FEB-06  RNA                                      
 3710  1ZFX  UR0062   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA                    14-FEB-06  RNA                                      
 3711  1ZG1  PD0645   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            22-NOV-05  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 3712  1ZG5  PD0646   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            22-NOV-05  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 3713  1ZH5  PR0156   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            17-JAN-06  TRANSCRIPTION/RNA                        
 3714  1ZHO  PR0157   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            09-MAY-06  STRUCTURAL PROTEIN/RNA                   
 3715  1ZJE  AD0053   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    10-MAY-05  DNA                                      
 3716  1ZJF  AD0054   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    10-MAY-05  DNA                                      
 3717  1ZJG  AD0055   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    10-MAY-05  DNA                                      
 3718  1ZJM  PD0666   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            16-AUG-05  DNA/LYASE/TRANSFERASE                    
 3719  1ZJN  PD0667   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            16-AUG-05  DNA/LYASE/TRANSFERASE                    
 3720  1ZJW  PR0155   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,RNA,protein        07-JUN-05  LIGASE/RNA                               
 3721  1ZL3  PR0160   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  RNA,protein            09-AUG-05  LYASE/RNA                                
 3722  1ZLA  PD0668   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            28-FEB-06  PROTEIN BINDING/VIRUS/DNA                
 3723  1ZLK  PD0651   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            31-JAN-06  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 3724  1ZM5  PD0669   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            25-APR-06  DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNA                  
 3725  1ZME  PDT044   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            16-SEP-98  TRANSCRIPTION/DNA                        
 3726  1ZNA  ZDD015   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    18-MAR-81  DNA                                      
 3727  1ZNS  PD0657   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            14-MAR-06  HYDROLASE/DNA                            
 3728  1ZPH  DD0071   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    11-OCT-05  DNA                                      
 3729  1ZPI  DD0072   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA                    11-OCT-05  DNA                                      
 3730  1ZQA  PDE027   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            15-NOV-96  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3731  1ZQB  PDE028   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            15-NOV-96  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3732  1ZQC  PDE029   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            15-NOV-96  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3733  1ZQD  PDE030   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            15-NOV-96  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3734  1ZQE  PDE031   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            12-APR-96  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3735  1ZQF  PDE032   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            15-NOV-96  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3736  1ZQG  PDE033   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            15-NOV-96  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3737  1ZQH  PDE034   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            15-NOV-96  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3738  1ZQI  PDE035   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            15-NOV-96  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3739  1ZQJ  PDE036   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            15-NOV-96  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3740  1ZQK  PDE037   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            15-NOV-96  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3741  1ZQL  PDE038   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            15-NOV-96  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3742  1ZQM  PDE039   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  DNA,protein            15-NOV-96  TRANSFERASE/DNA                          
 3743  1ZQN  PDE040   X-Ray/Neutron/Synchrotron  D