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Development and support for this website has been discontinued since 2015.

The Jena Library of Biological Macromolecules (JenaLib) is aimed at a better dissemination of information on three-dimensional biopolymer structures with an emphasis on visualization and analysis.

It provides access to all structure entries deposited at the Protein Data Bank (PDB) or at the Nucleic Acid Database (NDB).

In addition, basic information on the architecture of biopolymer structures is available.

The JenaLib intends to fulfill both scientific and educational needs.


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 Basic Information on Biological Macromolecules

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Experimental Determination of Biopolymer Structures
Structural Biology Nobel Prizes
Molecules of "Life"
Molecules of "Light"
The Very First Three-dimensional Biopolymer Structures
Visualize Your Own Molecules with the Jena3D Viewer

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The Amino Acid Repository
Structural Elements: Helix, Beta Strand, Extended Conformation
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Nucleic Acid Model Conformations

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