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Development and support for this website has been discontinued since 2015.

This database provides information on sites included in three-dimensional biopolymer structures deposited at the Protein Data Bank (PDB).

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Site IDAny valid PDB site ID consisting of up to three alphanumeric characters, e.g. ATP. Note, that sites with one and the same site ID may differ and that different site IDs may describe related (homologous) sites.
Site Component(s)
Specify one ore more site components. The frequency of occurrence of a particular component has to be indicated in parentheses, e.g. Cu Met(2). Note, that site components may have unexpected names, e.g. C2O stands for a Cu-O-Cu linkage occurring in the PDB entries 1bt1, 1bt2, 1bt3. Hence, these entries are not found when searching for Cu.
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Environment check box if you want to search for site components including the environment around the site. Site environment components have at least one atom located within a distance of 4.2 Å from any of the site atoms. In this way one also finds many central metal ions of metal sites not included in the site description.
Site Description
Use a part of the site description as given in the PDB header REMARK 800, e.g. nucleo.
Structure Title
Use a part of the title record of the PDB structure file, e.g. plastocyanin (only site-containing structures are displayed).
Site ID Site Component(s) Site Description Structure Title

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