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Access to nucleic acid-containing entries of the JenaLib available in the Nucleic Acid Database (NDB) via the NDB Archives classification (X-ray structures only)
Entries with manually generated images from the FLI Jena Image Library are marked in blue. Note, that the NDB does not include NMR structures and theoretical models.



  • Plain A-RNA's
  • Mismatched A-RNA's
  • Modified A-RNA's
  • RNA double helices with special features
  • Single stranded RNA's
  • Parallel stranded RNA's
  • tRNA's
  • Ribozyme structures

  • RNA/drug complexes

  • Protein/RNA (Enzymes)
  • Protein/RNA(Regulatory)
  • Protein/RNA (Structural)

  • DNA/RNA - hybrids
  • Image Library Homepage


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