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Structure Determination by NMR Spectroscopy (work in progress)

Oliver Ohlenschlaeger , Department of Molecular Biophysics - NMR Spectroscopy, IMB Jena

1. Spectroscopic Methods

2. Effects of Molecular Motion (PDF format: 0.01 Mbytes)

3. Computational Methods for NMR Structure Determination
3.1. Nomenclature of proteins and nucleic acids (PDF format, 3.38 Mbytes)
3.2. General data valid for all possible 3D structures (PDF format, 0.85 Mbytes)
3.3. Constraints available from NMR Spectroscopy (PDF format: 0.71 Mbytes)
3.4. Conformational analysis with geometric & experimental constraints (PDF format: 0.95 Mbytes)
3.5. Conformational analysis including energetic contributions (PDF format: 0.24 Mbytes)

X-ray Crystallography in 5041 Seconds

Manfred S. Weiss, Team Leader at EMBL Hamburg Outstation

See also

Determination of Secondary Structure in Proteins by Other Methods

Andreas Jabs, Biocomputing, IMB Jena (FTIR)
Enrico Bucci, currently in the Molecular Biophysics - NMR Spectroscopy Department of the IMB Jena (CD)

1. Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR)
2. Circular Dichroism (CD)
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