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Class: Mainly Beta (13760)
Architecture: Roll (1513)
Topology: SH3 type barrels. (648)
Homologous Superfamily: [code=, no name defined] (40)
[unclassified] (3)
1I5LA:3-73; E:3-73; N:3-73; F:3-74; G:3-74; H:3-74; J:3-74; K:3-74; L:3-74; M:2-73; B:3-75; D:2-74; I:1-73; C:1-74CRYSTAL STRUCTURE OF AN SM-LIKE PROTEIN (AF-SM1) FROM ARCHAEOGLOBUS FULGIDUS COMPLEXED WITH SHORT POLY-U RNA
1KQ2H:5-66; B:6-66; K:6-66; M:6-66; A:6-65; I:6-65CRYSTAL STRUCTURE OF AN HFQ-RNA COMPLEX
1M8VB:203-273; F:603-673; G:703-773; H:103-173; I:203-273; J:303-373; K:403-473; L:503-573; M:603-673; N:703-773; A:102-173; C:303-373; D:403-473; E:503-573STRUCTURE OF PYROCOCCUS ABYSSII SM PROTEIN IN COMPLEX WITH A URIDINE HEPTAMER