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Class: Alpha Beta (26913)
Architecture: 3-Layer(aba) Sandwich (12045)
Topology: Rossmann fold (7312)
Homologous Superfamily: [code=, no name defined] (308)
Escherichia coli. Organism_taxid: 562. Strain: gm1. (2)
1LBHA:162-290,A:321-337; A:62-161,A:291-320; B:62-161,B:291-320; C:62-161,C:291-320; D:62-161,D:291-320; B:162-290,B:321-337; C:162-290,C:321-337; D:162-290,D:321-337INTACT LACTOSE OPERON REPRESSOR WITH GRATUITOUS INDUCER IPTG
1LBIB:162-290,B:321-336; C:162-290,C:321-336; C:62-161,C:291-320; D:62-161,D:291-320; D:162-290,D:321-336; A:162-290,A:321-337; A:62-161,A:291-320; B:62-161,B:291-320LAC REPRESSOR