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(-)Asym.Unit - manually
(-)Asymmetric Unit
(-)Biological Unit 1
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Image Asym.Unit - manually
Asym.Unit - manually  (Jmol Viewer)
Image Asymmetric Unit
Asymmetric Unit  (Jmol Viewer)
Image Biological Unit 1
Biological Unit 1  (Jmol Viewer)

(-) Description

Authors :  M. E. Cuff, X. Xu, A. Edwards, A. Savchenko, R. Sanishvili, A. Joachimia Center For Structural Genomics (Mcsg)
Date :  18 Dec 04  (Deposition) - 01 Feb 05  (Release) - 13 Jul 11  (Revision)
Resolution :  2.01
Chains :  Asym. Unit :  A
Biol. Unit 1:  A  (2x)
Keywords :  Structural Genomics, Methyltransferase, Thermoplasma Acidophilum, Midwest Center For Structural Genomics, Mcsg, Protein Structure Initiative, Psi, Unknown Function (Keyword Search: [Gene Ontology, PubMed, Web (Google))
Reference :  M. E. Cuff, X. Xu, A. Edwards, A. Savchenko, R. Sanishvili, A. Joachimiak
Structure Of A Putative Methyltransferase From Thermoplasma Acidophilum.
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(-) Compounds

    Expression SystemESCHERICHIA COLI
    Expression System PlasmidP11
    Expression System Taxid562
    Expression System Vector TypePLASMID
    Organism Taxid273075
    StrainDSM 1728

 Structural Features

(-) Chains, Units

Asymmetric Unit A
Biological Unit 1 (2x)A

Summary Information (see also Sequences/Alignments below)

(-) Ligands, Modified Residues, Ions  (1, 11)

Asymmetric Unit (1, 11)
No.NameCountTypeFull Name
Biological Unit 1 (1, 22)
No.NameCountTypeFull Name

(-) Sites  (0, 0)

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(-) SS Bonds  (0, 0)

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(-) Cis Peptide Bonds  (0, 0)

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 Sequence-Structure Mapping

(-) SAPs(SNPs)/Variants  (0, 0)

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(-) Exons   (0, 0)

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(-) Sequences/Alignments

Asymmetric Unit
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  UniProt sequence: complete  aligned part    
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SAPs(SNPs) PROSITE motifs Exons
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Chain A from PDB  Type:PROTEIN  Length:230
 aligned with Q9HJW1_THEAC | Q9HJW1 from UniProtKB/TrEMBL  Length:255

    Alignment length:250
                                    15        25        35        45        55        65        75        85        95       105       115       125       135       145       155       165       175       185       195       205       215       225       235       245       255
               SCOP domains d1yb2a1 A:6-255 Hypoth etical  protein Ta0852                                                                                                                                                                                                              SCOP domains
               CATH domains ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CATH domains
               Pfam domains ---------------------- ------- ---GCD14-1yb2A01 A:40-228                                                                                                                                                                       --------------------------- Pfam domains
         Sec.struct. author ..eee.....eeee....eee.-..eee..-........eeee..eeeeee..hhhhhhhhh------------------.......eeeee....hhhhhhhhhhhh...eeeee..hhhhhhhhhhhhhh......eeee............eeeeee...hhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeee.hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.eeeeeeeeeee...........hhhhhh.eeeeeeeeee....eeee Sec.struct. author
                 SAPs(SNPs) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SAPs(SNPs)
                    PROSITE ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PROSITE
                 Transcript ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Transcript
                                    15        25 | | |  35 |      45        55     |  65 |       -         -|     | 95       105       115       125      |135       145       155   |   165       175    || 185       195       205   |   215  |    225       235       245     | 255
                                                27 | |  35 |                      61-MSE67                 86     |         104-MSE                     132-MSE                    159-MSE              180-MSE                      209-MSE  218-MSE                          251-MSE
                                                  29 |    37                                                     92-MSE                                                                                  181-MSE                                                                      

   Legend:   → Mismatch (orange background)
  - → Gap (green background, '-', border residues have a numbering label)
    → Modified Residue (blue background, lower-case, 'x' indicates undefined single-letter code, labelled with number + name)
  x → Chemical Group (purple background, 'x', labelled with number + name, e.g. ACE or NH2)
  extra numbering lines below/above indicate numbering irregularities and modified residue names etc., number ends below/above '|'

 Classification and Annotation

(-) SCOP Domains  (1, 1)

Asymmetric Unit

(-) CATH Domains  (0, 0)

(no "CATH Domain" information available for 1YB2)

(-) Pfam Domains  (1, 1)

Asymmetric Unit

(-) Gene Ontology  (7, 7)

Asymmetric Unit(hide GO term definitions)
Chain A   (Q9HJW1_THEAC | Q9HJW1)
molecular function
    GO:0000179    rRNA (adenine-N6,N6-)-dimethyltransferase activity    Catalysis of the dimethylation two adjacent A residues in the loop closing the 3'-terminal stem of the 18S rRNA, using S-adenosyl-L-methionine as a methyl donor.
    GO:0008649    rRNA methyltransferase activity    Catalysis of the transfer of a methyl group from S-adenosyl-L-methionine to a nucleoside residue in an rRNA molecule.
    GO:0016429    tRNA (adenine-N1-)-methyltransferase activity    Catalysis of the reaction: S-adenosyl-L-methionine + tRNA = S-adenosyl-L-homocysteine + tRNA containing N1-methyladenine.
biological process
    GO:0031167    rRNA methylation    The posttranscriptional addition of methyl groups to specific residues in an rRNA molecule.
    GO:0000154    rRNA modification    The covalent alteration of one or more nucleotides within an rRNA molecule to produce an rRNA molecule with a sequence that differs from that coded genetically.
    GO:0030488    tRNA methylation    The posttranscriptional addition of methyl groups to specific residues in a tRNA molecule.
cellular component
    GO:0031515    tRNA (m1A) methyltransferase complex    A protein complex involved in the catalysis of the formation of the modified nucleotide 1-methyladenosine (m1A) in tRNA. In yeast, it is a heterotetramer of two subunits, Gcd10p and Gcd14p, while in bacteria and archaea it is a homotetramer.


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Asymmetric Unit
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Biological Unit
  Complete Structure
    Biological Unit 1  [ Jena3D ]

(-) Still Images

  protein: cartoon or spacefill or dots and stick; nucleic acid: cartoon and stick; ligands: spacefill; active site: stick
  protein, nucleic acid: cartoon; ligands: spacefill; active site: ball and stick

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