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Here you see a subgraph of the complete GO graph, with your query GO:0016811 as the highest hiearchical level and all levels of lower hierarchy. The number of PDB entries, for which a UniProt entry annotated with the corresponding GO term is available, is shown in square brackets for all hiearchical levels of the subgraph.


Click on the GO accession number to get a tree view of the GO hierarchy without information on PDB entries. In this case your query level and all levels of higher hierarchy up to the root level Gene_Ontology (GO:0003673) are displayed.

If you enter the GO tree somewhere and if you want to get a view of the whole tree first click on the GO name. This yields the low-hierarchy part. Then click on the GO accession number of the lowest hierarchical level. This gives a view of the complete tree. Note, that certain GO terms belong to more than one path.

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