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Sequence, Chains, Asymmetric and Biological Units

Experiment X-ray diffraction
Number of Models  1

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Asymmetric unit from PDB
 Unit     Type     Name   Chain ID   Residues   Atoms   Hetatoms 
1  Protein   EPHRIN TYPE-A RECEPTOR 3  A 275 2174 0
2  Ligand   EPHRIN TYPE-A RECEPTOR 3  A 1 0 30
3 Water     263 0 263
total       539 2174 293

Unit 1 VAL609 HIS610 GLU611 PHE612 ALA613 LYS614 GLU615 LEU616 ASP617 ALA618 THR619 ASN620 ILE621 SER622 ILE623 ASP624 LYS625 VAL626 VAL627 GLY628 ALA629 GLY630 GLU631 PHE632 GLY633 GLU634 VAL635 CYS636 SER637 GLY638 ARG639 LEU640 LYS641 LEU642 PRO643 SER644 LYS645 LYS646 GLU647 ILE648 SER649 VAL650 ALA651 ILE652 LYS653 THR654 LEU655 LYS656 VAL657 GLY658 TYR659 THR660 GLU661 LYS662 GLN663 ARG664 ARG665 ASP666 PHE667 LEU668 GLY669 GLU670 ALA671 SER672 ILE673 MET674 GLY675 GLN676 PHE677 ASP678 HIS679 PRO680 ASN681 ILE682 ILE683 ARG684 LEU685 GLU686 GLY687 VAL688 VAL689 THR690 LYS691 SER692 LYS693 PRO694 VAL695 MET696 ILE697 VAL698 THR699 GLU700 TYR701 MET702 GLU703 ASN704 GLY705 SER706 LEU707 ASP708 SER709 PHE710 LEU711 ARG712 LYS713 HIS714 ASP715 ALA716 GLN717 PHE718 THR719 VAL720 ILE721 GLN722 LEU723 VAL724 GLY725 MET726 LEU727 ARG728 GLY729 ILE730 ALA731 SER732 GLY733 MET734 LYS735 TYR736 LEU737 SER738 ASP739 MET740 GLY741 TYR742 VAL743 HIS744 ARG745 ASP746 LEU747 ALA748 ALA749 ARG750 ASN751 ILE752 LEU753 ILE754 ASN755 SER756 ASN757 LEU758 VAL759 CYS760 LYS761 VAL762 SER763 ASP764 PHE765 GLY766 LEU767 SER768 ARG769 ILE786 PRO787 ILE788 ARG789 TRP790 THR791 SER792 PRO793 GLU794 ALA795 ILE796 ALA797 TYR798 ARG799 LYS800 PHE801 THR802 SER803 ALA804 SER805 ASP806 VAL807 TRP808 SER809 TYR810 GLY811 ILE812 VAL813 LEU814 TRP815 GLU816 VAL817 MET818 SER819 TYR820 GLY821 GLU822 ARG823 PRO824 TYR825 TRP826 GLU827 MET828 SER829 ASN830 GLN831 ASP832 VAL833 ILE834 LYS835 ALA836 VAL837 ASP838 GLU839 GLY840 TYR841 ARG842 LEU843 PRO844 PRO845 PRO846 MET847 ASP848 CYS849 PRO850 ALA851 ALA852 LEU853 TYR854 GLN855 LEU856 MET857 LEU858 ASP859 CYS860 TRP861 GLN862 LYS863 ASP864 ARG865 ASN866 ASN867 ARG868 PRO869 LYS870 PHE871 GLU872 GLN873 ILE874 VAL875 SER876 ILE877 LEU878 ASP879 LYS880 LEU881 ILE882 ARG883 ASN884 PRO885 GLY886 SER887 LEU888 LYS889 ILE890 ILE891 THR892 PRO898 SER899 ASN900 LEU901 LEU902 LEU903 ASP904

Unit 2 Q0B1001

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