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Sequence, Chains, Asymmetric and Biological Units

Keywords LIGASE
Experiment X-ray diffraction
Number of Models  1

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Asymmetric unit from PDB
 Unit     Type     Name   Chain ID   Residues   Atoms   Hetatoms 
1  Protein   UBIQUITIN-CONJUGATING ENZYME E2 D2  A 149 1184 0
2 Water     178 0 178
total       327 1184 178

Unit 1 GLY-1 ALA0 MET1 ALA2 LEU3 LYS4 ARG5 ILE6 HIS7 LYS8 GLU9 LEU10 ASN11 ASP12 LEU13 ALA14 ARG15 ASP16 PRO17 PRO18 ALA19 GLN20 CYS21 SER22 ALA23 GLY24 PRO25 VAL26 GLY27 ASP28 ASP29 MET30 PHE31 HIS32 TRP33 GLN34 ALA35 THR36 ALA37 MET38 GLY39 PRO40 ASN41 ASP42 SER43 PRO44 TYR45 GLN46 GLY47 GLY48 VAL49 PHE50 PHE51 LEU52 THR53 ILE54 HIS55 PHE56 PRO57 THR58 ASP59 TYR60 PRO61 PHE62 LYS63 PRO64 PRO65 LYS66 VAL67 ALA68 PHE69 THR70 THR71 ARG72 ILE73 TYR74 HIS75 PRO76 ASN77 ILE78 ASN79 SER80 ASN81 GLY82 SER83 ILE84 CYS85 LEU86 ASP87 ILE88 LEU89 ARG90 SER91 GLN92 TRP93 SER94 PRO95 ALA96 LEU97 THR98 ILE99 SER100 LYS101 VAL102 LEU103 LEU104 SER105 ILE106 CYS107 SER108 LEU109 LEU110 CYS111 ASP112 PRO113 ASN114 PRO115 ASP116 ASP117 PRO118 LEU119 VAL120 PRO121 GLU122 ILE123 ALA124 ARG125 ILE126 TYR127 LYS128 THR129 ASP130 ARG131 GLU132 LYS133 TYR134 ASN135 ARG136 ILE137 ALA138 ARG139 GLU140 TRP141 THR142 GLN143 LYS144 TYR145 ALA146 MET147

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