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(-)Asym./Biol. Unit
(-)Asym./Biol. Unit - sites
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Image Asym./Biol. Unit
Asym./Biol. Unit  (Jmol Viewer)
Image Asym./Biol. Unit - sites
Asym./Biol. Unit - sites  (Jmol Viewer)

(-) Description

Authors :  M. S. Choy, W. Peti, R. Page
Date :  01 Jun 16  (Deposition) - 08 Mar 17  (Release) - 08 Mar 17  (Revision)
Resolution :  2.06
Chains :  Asym./Biol. Unit :  A
Keywords :  Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase, Hydrolase (Keyword Search: [Gene Ontology, PubMed, Web (Google))
Reference :  M. S. Choy, Y. Li, L. E. Machado, M. B. Kunze, C. R. Connors, X. Wei, K. Lindorff-Larsen, R. Page, W. Peti
Conformational Rigidity And Protein Dynamics At Distinct Timescales Regulate Ptp1B Activity And Allostery.
Mol. Cell V. 65 644 2017
PubMed-ID: 28212750  |  Reference-DOI: 10.1016/J.MOLCEL.2017.01.014

(-) Compounds

    EC Number3.1.3.48
    Expression SystemESCHERICHIA COLI
    Expression System StrainBL21 (DE3)
    Expression System Taxid469008
    GenePTPN1, PTP1B
    Organism CommonHUMAN
    Organism ScientificHOMO SAPIENS
    Organism Taxid9606

 Structural Features

(-) Chains, Units

Asymmetric/Biological Unit A

Summary Information (see also Sequences/Alignments below)

(-) Ligands, Modified Residues, Ions  (4, 8)

Asymmetric/Biological Unit (4, 8)
No.NameCountTypeFull Name

(-) Sites  (8, 8)

Asymmetric Unit (8, 8)
1AC1SOFTWAREHIS A:54 , LYS A:128 , GLU A:129 , GLU A:130 , HOH A:489binding site for residue TRS A 301
2AC2SOFTWAREPRO A:89 , MET A:133 , PHE A:135 , HOH A:430binding site for residue GOL A 302
3AC3SOFTWARETYR A:46 , ASP A:48 , VAL A:49 , LYS A:120 , ASP A:181 , PHE A:182 , CYS A:215 , SER A:216 , ALA A:217 , ILE A:219 , GLY A:220 , ARG A:221 , GLN A:262 , SER A:285 , HOH A:413 , HOH A:454 , HOH A:479binding site for residue OTA A 303
4AC4SOFTWAREPRO A:38 , LYS A:39binding site for residue CL A 304
5AC5SOFTWAREARG A:45 , PRO A:89 , CYS A:121 , ALA A:122 , LYS A:239 , HOH A:495binding site for residue CL A 305
6AC6SOFTWAREARG A:112 , VAL A:113 , HIS A:175binding site for residue CL A 306
7AC7SOFTWAREGLY A:117 , SER A:205binding site for residue CL A 307
8AC8SOFTWAREARG A:24 , ARG A:254 , GLY A:259 , GLN A:262binding site for residue CL A 308

(-) SS Bonds  (0, 0)

(no "SS Bond" information available for 5KA7)

(-) Cis Peptide Bonds  (0, 0)

(no "Cis Peptide Bond" information available for 5KA7)

 Sequence-Structure Mapping

(-) SAPs(SNPs)/Variants  (0, 0)

(no "SAP(SNP)/Variant" information available for 5KA7)

(-) PROSITE Motifs  (0, 0)

(no "PROSITE Motif" information available for 5KA7)

(-) Exons   (0, 0)

(no "Exon" information available for 5KA7)

(-) Sequences/Alignments

Asymmetric/Biological Unit
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  UniProt sequence: complete  aligned part    
   Show mapping: SCOP domains CATH domains Pfam domains Secondary structure (by author)
SAPs(SNPs) PROSITE motifs Exons
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Chain A from PDB  Type:PROTEIN  Length:298
               SCOP domains ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SCOP domains
               CATH domains ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CATH domains
               Pfam domains ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pfam domains
         Sec.struct. author Sec.struct. author
                 SAPs(SNPs) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SAPs(SNPs)
                    PROSITE ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PROSITE
                 Transcript ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Transcript
                                     9        19        29        39        49        59        69        79        89        99       109       119       129       139       149       159       169       179       189       199       209       219       229       239       249       259       269       279       289        

   Legend:   → Mismatch (orange background)
  - → Gap (green background, '-', border residues have a numbering label)
    → Modified Residue (blue background, lower-case, 'x' indicates undefined single-letter code, labelled with number + name)
  x → Chemical Group (purple background, 'x', labelled with number + name, e.g. ACE or NH2)
  extra numbering lines below/above indicate numbering irregularities and modified residue names etc., number ends below/above '|'

 Classification and Annotation

(-) SCOP Domains  (0, 0)

(no "SCOP Domain" information available for 5KA7)

(-) CATH Domains  (0, 0)

(no "CATH Domain" information available for 5KA7)

(-) Pfam Domains  (0, 0)

(no "Pfam Domain" information available for 5KA7)

(-) Gene Ontology  (51, 51)

Asymmetric/Biological Unit(hide GO term definitions)


(-) Interactive Views

Asymmetric/Biological Unit
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    GOL  [ RasMol | Jena3D ]  +environment [ RasMol | Jena3D ]
    OTA  [ RasMol | Jena3D ]  +environment [ RasMol | Jena3D ]
    TRS  [ RasMol | Jena3D ]  +environment [ RasMol | Jena3D ]
    AC1  [ RasMol ]  +environment [ RasMol ]
    AC2  [ RasMol ]  +environment [ RasMol ]
    AC3  [ RasMol ]  +environment [ RasMol ]
    AC4  [ RasMol ]  +environment [ RasMol ]
    AC5  [ RasMol ]  +environment [ RasMol ]
    AC6  [ RasMol ]  +environment [ RasMol ]
    AC7  [ RasMol ]  +environment [ RasMol ]
    AC8  [ RasMol ]  +environment [ RasMol ]
  Cis Peptide Bonds
(no "Cis Peptide Bonds" information available for 5ka7)

(-) Still Images

  protein: cartoon or spacefill or dots and stick; nucleic acid: cartoon and stick; ligands: spacefill; active site: stick
  protein, nucleic acid: cartoon; ligands: spacefill; active site: ball and stick

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(-) Related Entries Specified in the PDB File

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