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(-)Asym./Biol. Unit
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Image Asym./Biol. Unit
Asym./Biol. Unit  (Jmol Viewer)

(-) Description

Authors :  A. A. Fedorov, E. V. Fedorov, W. S. Yew, J. A. Gerlt, S. C. Almo, S. K. Burle York Sgx Research Center For Structural Genomics (Nysgxrc)
Date :  05 Dec 04  (Deposition) - 21 Dec 04  (Release) - 24 Dec 14  (Revision)
Resolution :  2.10
Chains :  Asym./Biol. Unit :  A,B
Keywords :  Structural Genomics, Unknown Function, Nysgxrc Target T2185, Enolase Superfamily, New York Sgx Research Center For Structural Genomics (Keyword Search: [Gene Ontology, PubMed, Web (Google))
Reference :  D. Odokonyero, A. Sakai, Y. Patskovsky, V. N. Malashkevich, A. A. Fedorov, J. B. Bonanno, E. V. Fedorov, R. Toro, R. Agarwal, C. Wang N. D. Ozerova, W. S. Yew, J. M. Sauder, S. Swaminathan, S. K. Burley, S. C. Almo, M. E. Glasner
Loss Of Quaternary Structure Is Associated With Rapid Sequence Divergence In The Osbs Family
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. Usa V. 111 8535 2014
PubMed-ID: 24872444  |  Reference-DOI: 10.1073/PNAS.1318703111

(-) Compounds

    ChainsA, B
    Expression SystemESCHERICHIA COLI
    Expression System Taxid562
    Organism ScientificENTEROCOCCUS FAECALIS
    Organism Taxid226185

 Structural Features

(-) Chains, Units

Asymmetric/Biological Unit AB

Summary Information (see also Sequences/Alignments below)

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 Sequence-Structure Mapping

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(-) Sequences/Alignments

Asymmetric/Biological Unit
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SAPs(SNPs) PROSITE motifs Exons
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Chain A from PDB  Type:PROTEIN  Length:370
 aligned with Q838J7_ENTFA | Q838J7 from UniProtKB/TrEMBL  Length:367

    Alignment length:370
                               |     7        17        27        37        47        57        67        77        87        97       107       117       127       137       147       157       167       177       187       197       207       217       227       237       247       257       267       277       287       297       307       317       327       337       347       357       367
               SCOP domains ---d1wuea2 A:1001-1126 N-acylamino acid racemase                                                                                 d1wuea1 A:1127-1367 N-acylamino acid racemase                                                                                                                                                                                                     SCOP domains
               CATH domains -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1wueA02 A:1125-1332,A:1333-1344 Enolase superfamily                                                                                                                                                             1wueA02     ----------------------- CATH domains
               Pfam domains ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pfam domains
         Sec.struct. author Sec.struct. author
                 SAPs(SNPs) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SAPs(SNPs)
                    PROSITE ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PROSITE
                 Transcript ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Transcript
                                  1007      1017      1027      1037      1047      1057      1067      1077      1087      1097      1107      1117      1127      1137      1147      1157      1167      1177      1187      1197      1207      1217      1227      1237      1247      1257      1267      1277      1287      1297      1307      1317      1327      1337      1347      1357      1367

Chain B from PDB  Type:PROTEIN  Length:369
 aligned with Q838J7_ENTFA | Q838J7 from UniProtKB/TrEMBL  Length:367

    Alignment length:369
                              |      8        18        28        38        48        58        68        78        88        98       108       118       128       138       148       158       168       178       188       198       208       218       228       238       248       258       268       278       288       298       308       318       328       338       348       358         
               SCOP domains --d1wueb2 B:2001-2126 N-acylamino acid racemase                                                                                 d1wueb1 B:2127-2367 N-acylamino acid racemase                                                                                                                                                                                                     SCOP domains
               CATH domains ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1wueB02 B:2125-2332,B:2333-2344 Enolase superfamily                                                                                                                                                             1wueB02     ----------------------- CATH domains
           Pfam domains (1) ----MR_MLE_N-1wueB01 B:2003-2125                                                                                               -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------MR_MLE_C-1wueB03 B:2239-2351                                                                                     ---------------- Pfam domains (1)
           Pfam domains (2) ----MR_MLE_N-1wueB02 B:2003-2125                                                                                               -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------MR_MLE_C-1wueB04 B:2239-2351                                                                                     ---------------- Pfam domains (2)
         Sec.struct. author ....eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..eeeeeeeeeeeeeee....eeeeee...........hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Sec.struct. author
                 SAPs(SNPs) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SAPs(SNPs)
                    PROSITE --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PROSITE
                 Transcript --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Transcript
                                  2008      2018      2028      2038      2048      2058      2068      2078      2088      2098      2108      2118      2128      2138      2148      2158      2168      2178      2188      2198      2208      2218      2228      2238      2248      2258      2268      2278      2288      2298      2308      2318      2328      2338      2348      2358         

   Legend:   → Mismatch (orange background)
  - → Gap (green background, '-', border residues have a numbering label)
    → Modified Residue (blue background, lower-case, 'x' indicates undefined single-letter code, labelled with number + name)
  x → Chemical Group (purple background, 'x', labelled with number + name, e.g. ACE or NH2)
  extra numbering lines below/above indicate numbering irregularities and modified residue names etc., number ends below/above '|'

 Classification and Annotation

(-) SCOP Domains  (2, 4)

Asymmetric/Biological Unit

(-) CATH Domains  (1, 2)

Asymmetric/Biological Unit
Class: Alpha Beta (26913)

(-) Pfam Domains  (2, 4)

Asymmetric/Biological Unit

(-) Gene Ontology  (7, 7)

Asymmetric/Biological Unit(hide GO term definitions)
Chain A,B   (Q838J7_ENTFA | Q838J7)
molecular function
    GO:0003824    catalytic activity    Catalysis of a biochemical reaction at physiological temperatures. In biologically catalyzed reactions, the reactants are known as substrates, and the catalysts are naturally occurring macromolecular substances known as enzymes. Enzymes possess specific binding sites for substrates, and are usually composed wholly or largely of protein, but RNA that has catalytic activity (ribozyme) is often also regarded as enzymatic.
    GO:0016836    hydro-lyase activity    Catalysis of the cleavage of a carbon-oxygen bond by elimination of water.
    GO:0016829    lyase activity    Catalysis of the cleavage of C-C, C-O, C-N and other bonds by other means than by hydrolysis or oxidation, or conversely adding a group to a double bond. They differ from other enzymes in that two substrates are involved in one reaction direction, but only one in the other direction. When acting on the single substrate, a molecule is eliminated and this generates either a new double bond or a new ring.
    GO:0000287    magnesium ion binding    Interacting selectively and non-covalently with magnesium (Mg) ions.
    GO:0046872    metal ion binding    Interacting selectively and non-covalently with any metal ion.
biological process
    GO:0009234    menaquinone biosynthetic process    The chemical reactions and pathways resulting in the formation of any of the menaquinones. Structurally, menaquinones consist of a methylated naphthoquinone ring structure and side chains composed of a variable number of unsaturated isoprenoid residues. Menaquinones that have vitamin K activity and are known as vitamin K2.
    GO:0008152    metabolic process    The chemical reactions and pathways, including anabolism and catabolism, by which living organisms transform chemical substances. Metabolic processes typically transform small molecules, but also include macromolecular processes such as DNA repair and replication, and protein synthesis and degradation.


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Asymmetric/Biological Unit
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(-) Still Images

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  protein, nucleic acid: cartoon; ligands: spacefill; active site: ball and stick

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