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(-)Asymmetric Unit
(-)Biological Unit 1
(-)Biological Unit 2
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Image Asymmetric Unit
Asymmetric Unit  (Jmol Viewer)
Image Biological Unit 1
Biological Unit 1  (Jmol Viewer)
Image Biological Unit 2
Biological Unit 2  (Jmol Viewer)

(-) Description

Authors :  G. Prag, S. Misra, E. Jones, R. Ghirlando, B. A. Davies, B. F. Horazdovsk J. H. Hurley
Date :  04 Sep 02  (Deposition) - 10 Jun 03  (Release) - 13 Jul 11  (Revision)
Resolution :  2.30
Chains :  Asym. Unit :  A
Biol. Unit 1:  A  (1x)
Biol. Unit 2:  A  (2x)
Keywords :  Ubiquitin, Protein Transport (Keyword Search: [Gene Ontology, PubMed, Web (Google))
Reference :  G. Prag, S. Misra, E. A. Jones, R. Ghirlando, B. A. Davies, B. F. Horazdovsky, J. H. Hurley
Mechanism Of Ubiquitin Recognition By The Cue Domain Of Vps9P
Cell(Cambridge, Mass. ) V. 113 609 2003
PubMed-ID: 12787502  |  Reference-DOI: 10.1016/S0092-8674(03)00364-7

(-) Compounds

    Expression SystemESCHERICHIA COLI
    Expression System PlasmidPHIS-PARALLEL2
    Expression System StrainBL21(DE3)-ROSETTA
    Expression System Taxid562
    Expression System Vector TypePLASMID
    FragmentCUE DOMAIN (RESIDUES 398-451)
    Organism CommonBAKER'S YEAST
    Organism Taxid4932

 Structural Features

(-) Chains, Units

Asymmetric Unit A
Biological Unit 1 (1x)A
Biological Unit 2 (2x)A

Summary Information (see also Sequences/Alignments below)

(-) Ligands, Modified Residues, Ions  (1, 2)

Asymmetric Unit (1, 2)
No.NameCountTypeFull Name
Biological Unit 1 (1, 2)
No.NameCountTypeFull Name
Biological Unit 2 (1, 4)
No.NameCountTypeFull Name

(-) Sites  (0, 0)

(no "Site" information available for 1MN3)

(-) SS Bonds  (1, 1)

Asymmetric Unit
1A:432 -A:442

(-) Cis Peptide Bonds  (0, 0)

(no "Cis Peptide Bond" information available for 1MN3)

 Sequence-Structure Mapping

(-) SAPs(SNPs)/Variants  (0, 0)

(no "SAP(SNP)/Variant" information available for 1MN3)

(-) PROSITE Motifs  (1, 1)

Asymmetric Unit (1, 1)
1CUEPS51140 CUE domain profile.VPS9_YEAST408-451  1A:408-451
Biological Unit 1 (1, 1)
1CUEPS51140 CUE domain profile.VPS9_YEAST408-451  1A:408-451
Biological Unit 2 (1, 2)
1CUEPS51140 CUE domain profile.VPS9_YEAST408-451  2A:408-451

(-) Exons   (1, 1)

Asymmetric Unit (1, 1)
No.Transcript IDExonExon IDGenome LocationLengthIDLocationLengthCountLocationLength

(-) Sequences/Alignments

Asymmetric Unit
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  UniProt sequence: complete  aligned part    
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SAPs(SNPs) PROSITE motifs Exons
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Chain A from PDB  Type:PROTEIN  Length:54
 aligned with VPS9_YEAST | P54787 from UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot  Length:451

    Alignment length:54
                                   407       417       427       437       447    
               SCOP domains d1mn3a_ A:                                             SCOP domains
               CATH domains 1mn3A00 A:398-451                                      CATH domains
               Pfam domains -----------CUE-1mn3A01 A:409-450                     - Pfam domains
         Sec.struct. author hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...hhhhhhhhhh....hhhhhhhhhhhhhh Sec.struct. author
                 SAPs(SNPs) ------------------------------------------------------ SAPs(SNPs)
                    PROSITE ----------CUE  PDB: A:408-451 UniProt: 408-451         PROSITE
               Transcript 1 Exon 1.1  PDB: A:398-451 UniProt: 1-451 [INCOMPLETE]   Transcript 1
                                   407       417 |   | 427       437       447    

   Legend:   → Mismatch (orange background)
  - → Gap (green background, '-', border residues have a numbering label)
    → Modified Residue (blue background, lower-case, 'x' indicates undefined single-letter code, labelled with number + name)
  x → Chemical Group (purple background, 'x', labelled with number + name, e.g. ACE or NH2)
  extra numbering lines below/above indicate numbering irregularities and modified residue names etc., number ends below/above '|'

 Classification and Annotation

(-) SCOP Domains  (1, 1)

Asymmetric Unit

(-) CATH Domains  (1, 1)

Asymmetric Unit

(-) Pfam Domains  (1, 1)

Asymmetric Unit
Clan: UBA (32)

(-) Gene Ontology  (10, 10)

Asymmetric Unit(hide GO term definitions)
Chain A   (VPS9_YEAST | P54787)
molecular function
    GO:0005085    guanyl-nucleotide exchange factor activity    Stimulates the exchange of guanyl nucleotides associated with a GTPase. Under normal cellular physiological conditions, the concentration of GTP is higher than that of GDP, favoring the replacement of GDP by GTP in association with the GTPase.
    GO:0043130    ubiquitin binding    Interacting selectively and non-covalently with ubiquitin, a protein that when covalently bound to other cellular proteins marks them for proteolytic degradation.
biological process
    GO:0006895    Golgi to endosome transport    The directed movement of substances from the Golgi to early sorting endosomes. Clathrin vesicles transport substances from the trans-Golgi to endosomes.
    GO:0032511    late endosome to vacuole transport via multivesicular body sorting pathway    The directed movement of substances from endosomes to vacuoles by a pathway in which molecules are sorted into multivesicular bodies, which then fuse with the vacuole.
    GO:0043547    positive regulation of GTPase activity    Any process that activates or increases the activity of a GTPase.
    GO:0036010    protein localization to endosome    A process in which a protein is transported to, or maintained in, a location within an endosome.
    GO:0006623    protein targeting to vacuole    The process of directing proteins towards the vacuole, usually using signals contained within the protein.
    GO:0000011    vacuole inheritance    The distribution of vacuoles into daughter cells after mitosis or meiosis, mediated by interactions between vacuoles and the cytoskeleton.
cellular component
    GO:0005737    cytoplasm    All of the contents of a cell excluding the plasma membrane and nucleus, but including other subcellular structures.
    GO:0005829    cytosol    The part of the cytoplasm that does not contain organelles but which does contain other particulate matter, such as protein complexes.


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Asymmetric Unit
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Biological Units
  Complete Structure
    Biological Unit 1  [ Jena3D ]
    Biological Unit 2  [ Jena3D ]

(-) Still Images

  protein: cartoon or spacefill or dots and stick; nucleic acid: cartoon and stick; ligands: spacefill; active site: stick
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 Related Entries

(-) Entries Sharing at Least One Protein Chain (UniProt ID)

        VPS9_YEAST | P547871p3q

(-) Related Entries Specified in the PDB File

(no "Related Entries Specified in the PDB File" available for 1MN3)